August 6, 1918 – Hottest Day In Washington DC History

Over the past century, August 6 afternoon temperatures have plummeted in the US.

On August 6, 1918 one third of the US was over 100F, about ten times the area of last year – the official “hottest year ever.”

August 6, 1918 tied for the hottest day on record in Washington DC, at 106 degrees, and Maryland tied for their hottest day at 109 degrees. Mt. Pleasant, Michigan was 108 degrees, thirty degrees hotter than today’s forecast.

August 6, 1930 had even more widespread heat than 1918, but not as intense.

Climate experts continue to push claims of record heat this week, even as half of the US is facing near record cold. On August 5, 1961 Burbank, Washington was 118 degrees. That was 16 degrees hotter than they got during this week’s fake news record heat.

Climate experts are paid to lie about the climate, so that is what they do.

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3 Responses to August 6, 1918 – Hottest Day In Washington DC History

  1. Kris Johanson says:

    “Heatwave Lucifer” is all over Facebook today. The EU needs to do a little work on their “tourism and promotion” messaging

  2. Layne says:

    Tony, is this information making its way to into the Trump Administration?

    They’ve been doing a lot of good things. It would be nice to see sanity brought to bear at NOAA.

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