The Incomprehensible Heat And Drought Of August, 1936

The heatwave of August, 1936 was beyond the comprehension of any American under the age of 80 years old.

20 Aug 1936, Page 32 – The Chillicothe Constitution-Tribune

The Kansas City area finished the year with 59 days over 100°F, compared to zero days over 100°F in 2016 – the official NOAA Hottest Year Ever™. In fact, they haven’t had a 100 degree day in five years.

The Midwestern states of Missouri, Illinois, Iowa, Arkansas and Indiana averaged 100 degrees for the two week period from August 12 to August 26, 1936, but since 1983 they have rarely reached 100 degrees.

During that heatwave, 92% of days in those states were over 90°F, compared to less than 9% last year – the official NOAA Hottest Year Ever™

Summers are getting much cooler in the US and hot days are becoming much less common, but because there are people depending on tens of billions of dollars in climate scam funding, the big lie is being ramped up to spectacular levels. The level of fraud by scientists and journalists is off-scale.

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8 Responses to The Incomprehensible Heat And Drought Of August, 1936

  1. Eric Simpson says:

    Imagine the leftists had started their global warming fear-mongering 50 years earlier like in 1930.

    Wow. They would have just had a field day after the 1936 heat talking about our imminent melting. And probably they would have succeeded in de-industrializing us, and the Soviet Union and China would now rule the world.

  2. Eric Simpson says:

    Btw, let’s compare the hellacious 1930s heat to the tepid coolness of Southern California right now with an update on the 10 day forecast for Pasadena.

    Normally half or so of the summer days in Pasadena reach into the upper 90s or over 100. Yet there’s only been a few days like that this year, with most of time the temp being around 90, which is considered cool. And now, for the middle of August, the hottest time of the year, for as far as you can see we won’t even be reaching the upper 80s. It’s virtually frigid:

  3. Buck Turgidson says:

    In Wash DC we typically have several +90 days in this stretch. August 17, 1997 was 105 degrees–86 forecast high for 8/17/17. No 100 degrees this summer, or last summer. Almost needed a jacket on some mornings last week. In Wash DC in AUGUST.

  4. Buck Turgidson says:

    Is this better, sorry not entirely familiar w the imagery/saving process!

  5. Stewart Pid says:

    Excellent post Tony. That the drought and heat of the dirty thirties doesn’t register with the loons of the left is a tragedy. What is even more tragic is that the heat of the thirties is something to be erased from the records like it never happened.
    I remember talking to my mom about what it was like on their farm and the stories will stay with me for ever.

  6. Andy DC says:

    I remember as a kid that Kansas City had a very hot reputation. The local weatherman
    used to refer the middle of the US as the “frying pan of the Nation.”

  7. TA says:

    Some scientists were actually advocating evacuating people from the middle of the U.S. because of the severe weather in the 1930’s.

    The 1930’s had the “hottest years evah, not 2016! This year of 2017 is the “Best Summer Evah!

    I don’t think a summer can get much better than the one we have just experienced. If this is CAGW, give me more!

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