Climate Community Responds To My Charges Of Fraud

I uncover rock solid proof of fraud, so the climate community responds on Breitbart with their predictable anonymous non-sequitur ad hom attack.

I’ve never taken any money from Heartland. I am spent several thousand dollars of my own money for the Heartland events I have attended. They pre-paid for my hotel when I spoke at the Heartland Conference in 2014. I paid for the plane ticket. They offered to pay for my plane travel and hotel when I spoke at the Washington State Senate and at a recent meeting in Washington D.C.  I have not billed them for either.

Climate alarmists steal billions of dollars every year from taxpayers, and then they attack anyone who calls them out on their fraud. Anyone who wants to make money lying about the climate is on their side,

The only funding I get is from small donations on this blog, which works out to much less than minimum wage for the time I put in.

Climate alarmists are the very filth of the earth. They have no interest in science, honesty or integrity. It is all about money and power and attacking anyone who threatens their scam.

My net loss for blogging, including lost time and opportunity cost, is probably close to  one million dollars. And then they accuse me of being on the take.

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