August 20, 1886 – Indianola, Texas Wiped Off The Map

On August 20, 1886 the city of Indianola, Texas was wiped off the map by a hurricane.

That year was the most active hurricane season in US history, with seven hurricanes making landfall.

26 Aug 1886, Page 1 – The Austin Weekly Statesman at

More hurricanes hit the US in 1886 than during Obama’s entire presidency.

Hurricanes are just one of many climate topics which experts have gotten wrong.

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One Response to August 20, 1886 – Indianola, Texas Wiped Off The Map

  1. Doug says:

    Few people have heard of Indianola today, but it once rivaled Galveston as a port city. The 1886 Hurricane struck Indianola only eleven years after it had been destroyed by another.

    My family is from that part of the state, and my grandfather had an old book about the Indianola hurricane and its aftermath. The survivors went through hardships that we can’t even imagine today.

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