Eclipse Dry Runs

Don’t try this without eclipse glasses!

Looks like I can get about three minutes of good video before I have to move the tripod azimuths. I unfortunately have to be very zoomed in to get the electronic focus to work, and my Nikon doesn’t have a real manual focus.

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11 Responses to Eclipse Dry Runs

  1. Steve case says:

    Our viewing spot is about 4 miles north of Chester, IL.
    Fort Kaskaskia historical site and Mississippi overlook.
    Weather report has deteriorated since yesterday )-:

    • gator69 says:

      That was one of my favorite resting spots on my drive south to the Shawnee Forest. I used to jump off the main roads at Columbia to take Bluff Road past Prairie Du Rocher, and across the Kaskaskia River on Roots Road, then back down the bluff to Kaskaskia Street (in front of the prison) to avoid downtown Chester.

      Expecting a large crowd?

      • Steve case says:

        We were there earlier today and we got an $8 first come first serve camping spot. Out on hwy 3 going into town there were parking $20 signs. Weather is iffy for tomorrow.

  2. Rah says:

    I’m parked at the Pilot/Huck’s truck stop in Kuttawa, KY. The traffic has been heavy from Louisville to here. Driven the Western Kentucky Parkway many times and have never seen so much traffic on it. Tomorrow at 06:00 I deliver in Dyersberg, TN. Then I drive 75 mi west to pick up my back haul in Paragould, AR. Don’t know if I will make it back to the path of totality in time but should be close.

  3. Steve Parker says:

    I’m having a tooth pulled at 8am tomorrow morning. If I survive that, I’ll be packing up the family and driving 10 miles south to get in to the path of totality. May only get 30 seconds or so, but I don’t plan to try to get nearer the center line. Traffic on country back roads shouldn’t be a problem for where we are headed (SE of Portland in rural Clackamas County).

  4. Rah says:

    Along I-24 near the land between the lakes in KY there are portable flashing signs warning of heavy traffic and reminding people it is illegal to park on the shoulder of the Interstate. Heavy police presence.

    Going to be heavy traffic along the major routes to locations along the path of totality. Heard some motels charged up to $400.00 to stay last night. This morning there were a number of cars and campers parked in the truck parking area where I took my break. Car parking area was full.

  5. sunsettommy says:

    I am just north of the eclipse path,expect to see a 96% cover. Perfect weather with ZERO clouds.

    I used to have a large telescope with a large Mylar mask on the front end of the 11″ F10 Celestron scope. Then see rare eclipses, and sunspots on any clear day.

    Alas that was 15 years ago,then I sold off my 25″ F5 Obsession scope just 5 years ago.

    But I did keep my old playing card size Mylar solar screen for this very event!

    • Gator69 says:

      I am standing smack dab in the center of 100% coverage as I type. Just me and about a dozen other lucky folks.

      • cdquarles says:


        I took a little trip up to Oak Ridge, TN. Oak Ridge was a bit north of the center of the path. Totality lasted about 90 to 100 seconds. Quite the view and the temps dropped (5 F, my estimate, 10 F, my nephew’s) as totality approached. It got dusky dark, yet not dark enough for the stars to be seen. The corona was beautiful. We made a pinhole camera and filmed it with a small electronic unit.

        Traffic to TN wasn’t bad. Traffic out, from just outside Knoxville through Chattanooga, though, was bad. About as bad as an SEC football game.

  6. Rah says:

    We’ll I’m sitting in a truck stop off I-81 just north of Winchester, VA. Parking is tight here. For the last hour I’ve been watching rookies try and back in. If the saying that a sign of insanity is to keep trying the same thing even though it didn’t work before is true then there are a lot of insane truck drivers out here right now. Glad I’m centered deep in my hole with trucks already parked on each side. Really I think hell for who ever laid out this lot would be to spend eternity trying to back into the spaces they marked.

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