Finally – Proof That CO2 Causes Aging

Incredible correlation of time vs. CO2. As CO2 levels increase, people get older. Time to end the denial.

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  1. RAH says:

    And we’re still here with no climate refugees, no climate disasters, the Maldives are still about water and inhabited. The surface mass balance of the Greenland ice sheet is still growing as is that of Antarctica. No spike in tornado incidence or severity.

    And then there are the tropical storms:
    After the record Atlantic Hurricane season of 2005 and Hurricane Katrina Al Gore said to expect that to be “the new normal”. 
    The UN IPCC has said this about Tropical cyclones in their annual reports:

    AR4 2007
    “Results from embedded high-resolution models and global models, ranging in grid spacing from 100 km to 9 km, project a likely increase of peak wind intensities and notably, where analysed, increased near-storm precipitation in future tropical cyclones. Most recent published modelling studies investigating tropical storm frequency simulate a decrease in the overall number of storms, though there is less confidence in these projections and in the projected decrease of relatively weak storms in most basins, with an increase in the numbers of the most intense tropical cyclones.

    AR5 2013
    ‘On hurricanes, climate models predict it is more likely than not meaning that there is over a 50 per cent chance that the number of the most intense storms will increase in certain parts of the world. Globally, however, the IPCC says its likely the number of tropical cyclones will “either decrease or remain essentially unchanged” ‘.
    (By the end of the 21st century)

    Now lets look at the record of what has happened since 2005

    “On average, 10.1 named storms occur each season, with an average of 5.9 becoming hurricanes and 2.5 becoming major hurricanes (Category 3 or greater). The most active season was 2005, during which 28 tropical cyclones formed, of which a record 15 became hurricanes.”

                Atlantic Hurricanes            Majors (CAT III or higher)

    2006 – 5                                          2
    2007 – 6                                          2
    2008 – 8                                          5
    2009 – 3                                          2
    2010 – 12                                        5
    2011 –  7                                         4
    2012 – 10                                        2
    2013 – 2                                          0
    2014 – 6                                          2
    2015 – 4                                          2
    2016 – 7                                          4
    Total  70                                        28
    Avg:   6.36                                      2.55

    So NOTHING unusual about this eleven year period except that it has been a record breaking 4,300+ days since the lower 48 has been struck a major hurricane (Though Sandy caused a lot of damage it was no longer a hurricane when it came ashore in NJ.  It was an “extratropical storm” according to the National Hurricane Center.) Everyone claiming there would be a significant change in frequency or intensity in Atlantic hurricanes after 2005 were Wrong!  

    Everyone is projecting the 2017 season to be above average.  We shall see.  It almost certainly will be so in the number of named storms since there have already been 6 so far this year though two of those would never have received names three years ago.  So far we have had one minor hurricane named Franklin. is the last 2 weeks of August through the month of September.  So the meat of a typical season is upon us.  There are currently no named storms in the Atlantic, Caribbean, or Gulf though conditions for development in the western Atlantic are generally favorable. 

    But what about Pacific Typhoons? Well according to JMA (Japans Meteorological Agency) the incidence of Pacific Typhoons has declined since 1951.

    • AndyG55 says:

      “And we’re still here with no climate refugees”

      Excuse me??

      People are regularly leaving Melbourne to move to Brisbane.

      Trying to get away from Melbourne…….. and its climate. ;-)

    • Andy DC says:

      I could not copy and paste the Wikipedia source, but the number of the most typhoons (under 900 mb) has dropped markedly since the 1980’s.

  2. arn says:

    The older you get
    the more energy your body needs
    More energy= more heat=warmer

    The more people live and the longer they live the warmer it gets.
    For a living people need food.
    Food is produced by plants(either directly or indirectly by eating plant eating animals)
    Plants can only grow with Carbon.

    Once again carbon is to blame for warming
    (and for the debts- the more man made co2 there is
    the huger the debts).

    that’s some real evil molecule.
    There is even a consensus among Climate Scientists that Hitler
    consisted of 97% co2.
    (Now imagine a world without Hitler:
    Leftist would have to reduce 97% of their name callings and fears)

    We really need a carbon tax.

  3. AndyG55 says:

    I know for a fact that oxygen levels are getting much lower.

    I only do a few laps of the pool and it gets way more difficult to breath than when I was younger and churning out 20-30 laps a day.

    This can ONLY be because of lack of atmospheric oxygen.

    That’s just it, isn’t it.. CO2 comes from carbon and oxygen, so as CO2 increases out of control, oxygen must decrease as it all gets used up making CO2.

    • RAH says:

      It’s got to be true. It takes everything I’ve got to keep up with my 33 month old Granddaughter. I used to be able to do hard physical work all day with my neighbor and then go drink several Jack & Cokes around the fire at night and stay up until the wee hours solving the worlds problems and then get up 5 hours later and do it all again. Last night I came home from my mothers birthday party and noticed my neighbor had a fire going. I was too tired. Went to bed at 20:30 and was dead to the world until 05:30 this morning. CO2 is bad.

  4. Colorado Wellington says:

    It’s not just people. I noticed that with rising CO2 even my old things are getting older.

  5. If we don’t do something now, we’ll all be dead in 100 years!

  6. gator69 says:

    OMG! Two thirds of all deaths worldwide are due to CO2!!! Everybody stop breathing immediately!

  7. Anon says:

    It is a pretty good correlation, but if you plot the log of the data, you will get an even better correlation. lol.

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