Plummeting August 11 Temperatures In The US

August 11 US temperatures peaked in 1935, and have been plummeting ever since. Note that the graph below looks different. This is an automatically generated graph from my GHCN 2.0 software which I plan to release this weekend.

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9 Responses to Plummeting August 11 Temperatures In The US

  1. Brad says:

    Trend line for the graph?

  2. Bernal says:

    “August 11 US temperatures peaked in 1935, and have been plummeting ever since.”

    Check out the big brain on Brad. (First Pulp Fiction reference of the day, no snark intended. Can’t help myself when it comes to PF quotes.) Check out what Tony wrote and I think you can kind of scrawl it in yer own bad sef.

    True, if Tony was an actual climate scientist he would not have included the early section that is against the point he is making about ’35 being freaking hot.

  3. RAH says:

    Well Football season will soon be upon us. I used to look forward to it but no more. Now all it means to me is that it portends Fall which means winter will be here far sooner than I like. For me these days, Football is a poor substitute for racing.

    • Kris Johanson says:

      American football as we know it is very possibly on the way out. The liability to owners and the League will bring about big changes to the way the game is played, at the very least, in my opinion

  4. Andy DC says:

    1935 was an “off year”, a relatively mild summer for the 1930’s, as 1930, 1934 and 1936 were considered the “main events”, extreme drought coupled with extreme heat. 1933 to a lesser extent. But even with decent rainfall, 1935 was still able to produce a heat wave far worse than anything during these past few recent summers.

  5. Gerald Machnee says:

    Griffy, please comment.

  6. RAH says:

    My yard here in central Indiana is still green. Usually by this time of year we don’t have to mow every week because large portions of the grass are brown and dried out and the growth of the grass and even the weeds have slowed down. This year it has been so cool and wet that we’ve had to mow every week or it gets out of hand quickly. It has been very much like spring time most of June and July. Has kind of reminded me of a typical summer at Bad Tolz, Germany in the Bavarian Alps. Now things are finally starting to dry out and there are a few spots just starting to brown a little but we still haven’t been able to skip a week of mowing. My two willow trees which drop early have already started losing leaves and the large Cottonwood is also losing a few. But the maples, oaks, and Chinese Elm trees are all still green. All of the trees, even the older ones, have grown noticeably this summer. Enough that I had to pull out the pruners and limb saw and do some trimming on the Elms and Maples yesterday. Poison Ivy has been particularly bad this year.

  7. RAH says:

    Check out Joe Bastardi’s Saturday Summary. It’s a good one. He’s on a roll.

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