The Bush Family – Destroying America For Over 30 Years

In 1961, General Eisenhower warned America about the dangers of the Military Industrial Complex.

In 1988/1989/1990 I was dating Oscar Wyatt’s legal secretary. Oscar Wyatt was CEO of the Coastal Corporation, and is the real life person whom J.R. Ewing was modeled after in the TV show “Dallas.” So I was privy to the daily inner workings of (the very dirty) Texas politics. There were four powerful groups in Texas : the Bushes, Oscar Wyatt, John Connally and Ross Perot. John Connally was a narrow survivor of the deep state coup which killed JFK in 1963 (in Texas and put a Texan in the White House.)

Like Ronald Reagan, Wyatt, Connally and Perot hated the Bushes, though Wyatt and Connally bailed GHWB out when he wanted to bomb Iraq – and Saddam took thousands of western hostages as human shields. Wyatt and Connally traveled to Baghdad and convinced Saddam to release the hostages.  This allowed GHWB to have the Middle East war the Military Industrial Complex (MIC) always wanted (and Reagan wouldn’t give them.) Remember that Reagan bailed out of the Middle East after the Beirut attacks, which was not the result the MIC was looking for.

GHWB got elected in 1988 by repeating his “read my lips, no new taxes” lie over and over again. When GHWB ran for re-election in 1992, Ross Perot hated Bush so much he decided to sabotage his campaign. Perot ran as a third party candidate, for no reason other than to keep Bush from getting re-elected. Perot succeeded, took 18% of the vote, and put Bill Clinton in the White House.

The Bush family came back in 2000, and GWB decided to take out Iraq because of mean things Saddam had said about his daddy. (Bushes love bombing Iraq anyway.) This led to 9/11, and ultimately Obama and ISIS.

Fast forward to 2016. Donald Trump said mean things about Jeb Bush. so the Bush family went nuclear again. GHWB was long-time director of the CIA, supported Hillary, and is a hard core Military Industrial Complex deep-stater (i.e. “the swamp.”) The deep state then started the Russian hacking scam, to bring down Trump. (Remember that Mueller was appointed by GHWB, and Comey was Mueller’s protege.)

The coup wasn’t making much progress, so they got Rosenstein to write a memo to Trump telling him to fire Comey. Once Trump took Rosenstein’s bait, Rosenstein appointed GHWB’s man Mueller as a special prosecutor in a boundless investigation – to find some way to bring Trump down, thus protecting the swamp while avenging the mean things Trump said about little Jeb. (Nothing suspicious about Rosenstein’s behavior.- ROFL)

Mueller will definitely find something in his boundless witch hunt, and thus keep Trump from damaging the deep state Military Industrial Complex (aka “the swamp.”) The old saying is “a grand jury could indict a ham sandwich.”

Four of the ten richest counties in America surround DC, because of Military Industrial Complex spending. That is why I was living there, working for defense contractors – who are the swamp which Trump threatens.  You can either fall for their fake news, or you can fight back against the deep state coup against Trump and the will of the American people.

Our country is at risk. Don’t make any mistake about what is going on. It has nothing to do with Putin or Russia. It is about protecting the Military Industrial Complex, which Eisenhower warned us about almost 60 years ago. The very last thing the MIC wants is good relations with Russia. The cold war is worth trillions of dollars to them.

90% of the people living in the swamp are Democrats.

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48 Responses to The Bush Family – Destroying America For Over 30 Years

  1. Mentor says:

    Is there any hope?

  2. richard verney says:

    The free world is under attack.

    Democracy stands on a knife edge on both sides of the Atlantic with the deep state in the US trying to oust Trump, and the deep state in the UK trying to put aside Brexit.

    The next few years will be telling as to whether democracy can survive.

    One can only hope that there are some true Americans on the Grand Jury who can see through all of this and who can see the political game being played out by the swamp/deep state and who will vote to not indict Trump.

    I suspect that it will all be down to Jury Selection.

    • tonyheller says:

      Grand Juries are secret, and the target has no representation. It is a slam dunk for the prosecutor.

      • Patrick says:

        It will be up to Sessions to prosecute. Trump didn’t help himself by verbally beating Sessions up in the media.

        If Sessions refuses to prosecute, then Congress (along with rogue Republicans) will surely impeach rendering Trump useless.

        I always knew that the Bush Family were looking towards Globalism. Both GHWB and GWB didn’t do much to curtail the Global Warming movement and actually pushed for more funding.

        DEEP STATE ACTIVISM? That’s why people don’t like talking politics. It’s hard to know the REAL truth behind what 10,000 U.S. Government department leaders are doing behind closed doors.

  3. Eric Simpson says:

    It’s certainly good that the climate change pushing amnesty shi-l Jeb Bush was not nominated by the GOP.

    Just so we don’t forget:

    Despite later attempts at equivocation in April 2015 Jeb Bush said this: “The climate is changing, and I’m concerned about that. We need to work with the rest of the world to negotiate a way to reduce carbon emissions.”

    Of course we also know that GHWB was from the start hoodwinked by the left on global warming, and he was a supporter of the insidious Agenda 21 idea. And, as we know, GW also turned out to be pushover on global warming, just as he was on so many other issues I guess.

  4. Chauncey Chapman III says:

    Thank you for this analysis. Where does the progressive movement fit in?

    • tonyheller says:

      The Bush “New World Order” was the progressive movement.

    • arn says:

      The progressive movement?

      in 1990,9/11!!!
      GH Bush held a speech called :” Toward a NEW WORLD ORDER”

      The biggest supporters/tools of this NWO centralisation/globalisation process
      are the progressives.
      They are the new bolshewiks.

      No matter wether it is about the fascist EU which a country cannot leave,
      mass immigration,
      world wide tax (=co2 tax),
      islam=religion of peace

      Progressives are the ones pushing and defending this fascist crap.
      Progressives(so good,so cute,so smart,and morally so superior)
      had never the slightest problems with Obama giving hundreds od billions to the banksters,
      massivly increasing military spending to insane levels,
      being at war with 7 countries,
      dropping 120.000 bombs in the orient,
      refusing to persecute banksters
      giving automatic weapons to mexican drug cartells
      and hundreds of millions to militant muslim terrorists(oops rebels)
      in Syria
      world wide mass spying
      and dozens of other scandals
      but they protested by the millions against trump on day 1 just because trump
      got voted.

      The father of GH Bush,Prescott Bush was one of the main banksters(besides jp morgan&rockefellers) to finance Hitler.
      Hitler in return created the central bank of all central banks=BiS in the swiss
      (that’s why he never invaded the small but super rich and easy to conquer swiss)
      with the help of Norman Montague.(his background is pretty interressting)

      Today there are only very few countries left which are NOT members of
      the BiS ,
      Among them
      Cuba,Iran,North Korea,Syria –
      all of them “enemies” of the USA/targeted by the USA.

      A few years ago there had been three more countries
      which were not part of the BiS=

      All of them are members of the BiS now.

      Amazing coincidence :)

      • Kris J says:

        Yes, isn’t it creepy 25 years ago we used to read books on the new world order and throw in the garbage when finished. Now we see the whole thing unfolding under the guise of global climate change crap

  5. frederik wisse says:

    This Mueller-story was almost certainly not the first trap designed by the Bushes in concert with Hillary, but probably the most devious . How about the bait put in front of Trump by a conglomerate of Russian-English secret services with the most idiotic stories and a false statement to hand compromising information about Hillary ?
    Who is playing here ? Certainly not Trump ! This falseness then will be covered by a secret grand- jury , a play in the hands of Mueller ? My God , how deep can the US fall ?
    This worse than Inquisition , where at least certain things were played in the open . Mr Mueller should at least be forced to report every minute of his time to the government and lay open the proof he has now for his stories . And when he cannot come up with anything substantial , be relieved from witch-hunting .

    • DD More says:

      But Fred, who is the Trap being Set For? Little Brain-Twister to think about.

      See –

      Brain-Twist – In a notable twist, after President Trump fired James Comey, Mueller was actually interviewed again for the role of FBI director by President Trump himself in a little-reported meeting literally the day before he was appointed as Special Counsel. There is a question to be asked about why exactly Trump was bringing Mueller into an interview for a job that he had already served the full term plus a few years for, especially since Trump had fired his protégé Comey. But again, this article will not contain speculation, only information.

      Then after listing the BIO’s of Mueller’s team comes –

      The important question is why does a team assembled under the mandate to investigate foreign influence in the 2016 elections seem to be less of a panel of election law experts and more of a legal hit team assembled to tear to pieces an international crime ring stuffed to the brim with expertise in financial, corruption, terrorism, and white collar crimes?

      Why would Trump even talk to this Swamp Dweller for a possible Job Opening? Possible answer.
      Cnt-F nz+Wpl5j – for all the comments, here are 2

      Anonymous ID: nz+Wpl5j 07/25/17(Tue)12:25:50 True I can confirm. Can’t say more than Sessions is a distraction and Mueller/Manafort have already been pardoned. All formal indictments and arrests will be done by next Wed. No later. This was all strategically planned and seamlessly orchestrated. Please remember that while we’ve endured a horrific 8 years, there ARE more “good guys” than bad ones and yes, even in DC.

      (ID: szA0FDf7) Why the f__k would Mueller get a pardon idiot?

      Anonymous ID: nz+Wpl5j 07/25/17(Tue)12:43:26 Fine. One more. He’s been pardoned because he’s elbow deep w/ Clinton’s, Obama and both “establishment” parties. He ran a lot of back door channels w/ lots of missing money to account for (personal money too) that he’d never avoid serving time for, if ever investigated. He was trapped a long time ago, like so many, against his will. His vengeance has been earned and his pardon is retribution to decades of corruption. Trump was VERY CAREFUL who he selected to pull from the Obama trenches.

      Mueller being the one to bring this home is the absolute best retaliatory ass f__k to the establishment. I will also say this, it’s intended as a sign and smoke signal for those in the establishment, still unwillingly riding the coat tails of McCain, Pelosi, Graham, Schumer, etc. because they’re living in fear. Mueller proves Trump know who the real criminals are. You’re going to watch congress unite and rally behind Teump with the establishment’s collapse because they will see the swamp can’t threaten them or blackmail anymore. I really can’t say anything else. Just have faith.

      May 16, 2017 – Trump interviewed Robert Mueller as a potential FBI director
      May 17, 2017 – Mueller Named Special Counsel
      Trump lawyers explore pardons

  6. gnome says:

    Only in the US could a pollie say “read my lips”. everywhere else in the world we know how to tell when a pollie is lying.

  7. BG says:

    “This led to 9/11, and ultimately Obama and ISIS.” Love the website and don’t disagree entirely with the MIC premise, but timing if off here considering GWB invaded Iraq in 2003 after 9/11 of course.

    • tonyheller says:

      GWB used 9/11 as an excuse to invade Iraq. The timing is exactly as I said.

    • I distinctly recall sitting in a booth surrounded by hundreds of military officers in January 1991, when there was a Call To Arms for a Holy War on the opposite side of the planet. One backward dictatorship had invaded a medieval monarchic shiekdom. The following day we toured an inflatable hospital and marvelled at the implements used for retrieving chunks of jagged steel from inside our troops. But if none of that ever happened, perhaps the Saracen Berserkers ought to be brought up to speed so they can resume attacks on each other without our entanglement.

  8. None of this sounds surprising or even implausible. But though hard to verify, I observe that the nexus about which the danger orbits is the initiation of deadly force. By voting libertarian I am consistently exerting thrust away from the glorification of coercion that leads econazis to want to ban electricity and mystical prohibitionists to want to ban everything else but electricity. Just as the Prohibition party made light beer a constitutional felony with only 1.4% of the vote, the seeks to reverse that trend, now with twice the percentage of votes. Thrust–even a small thrust–exerted over time makes a huge difference in things like direction and velocity. It’s the Libertarian momentum.

    • Kris J says:

      Libertarian party in the U.S. = makin’ pot legal and as ubiquitous as possible.

      Your last candidate, anyway, couldn’t articulate anything beyond that. And it’s mostly legal, anyway. So where do you go from here?

    • Advocatus Diaboli says:

      I was going to vote for Gary Johnson until he showed he had no idea what “Aleppo” was. Sorry, but as President of the United States you would be expected to know something about current events and the rest of the world.
      Then I voted for Trump and so far he’s turned out to be the most libertarian president since, probably, Grover Cleveland. Not perfect, of course, but reportedly his appointees have ended more regulations than they’ve imposed.

    • Kris J says:

      Low Energy Jeb and that weird Karl Rove guy were destroyed. They didn’t even get out of the gates, numerically speaking. They were ground into powder. If Jeb Bush had won the nomination, Hillary would have used him to mop the floor

  9. Jeff Jones says:

    As I said right after the election, Mr. Trump’s biggest obstacle would be the Republican party. The only hope is for grass-roots campaigns to primary-out all the incumbent Progressives and replace them with non-career conservative patriots. As long as Ryan, McConnell, McCarthy, and the bunch are there, America suffers while they prosper.

    • Andy DC says:

      Yes, Trump needs to stay in a semi-campaign mode, as his only real hope is to go over the heads of the media and directly to the people. We need to eliminate the RINO’s in the 2018 primaries and elect overwhelming majorities of real Republicans in both houses.

      I don’t believe that is an impossible dream, because people are fed up with gridlock and all of this incessant badgering of Trump. As far as the Democrats go, they are increasingly being perceived, even by long time supporters, as a lunatic fringe party whose views have absolutely nothing in common with most people.

      If the people in real America are given a chance to express their outrage in 2018, Trump can then start actually draining the swamp. I am surrounded by the swamp and know it very well. It stinks to high heaven and it needs to go.

  10. Edmonton Al says:

    After reading this, it seems as if Trump doesn’t have a big enough wrench to drain this enormous swamp [or time].

    • annieoakley says:

      I have a really bad feeling about all of this. I have no TV and the internet is very gloomy.

      • Kris J says:

        Annie O… don’t let yourself get too gloomy. I recently ditched cable TV as well because neither me, my wife, or the kids were watching it any more.

        If you need to cheer up watch the Trumpster’s speeches in West Virginia and at the Boy Scout Convention! Right Side Broadcasting on the Internet is the place to do it. I have never heard speeches like this in my lifetime, that connect with the American people like this. They are full of hope and common sense. Obama connected with crowds, for sure, but it was immature and “victim-grievance” oriented all the time. There’s still lots to be grateful for in America

      • Kris J says:

        …and don’t listen to Michael Savage and Alex Jones all day long like my mother in law does. That’ll make anyone gloomy

      • Colorado Wellington says:

        Cheerful skepticism is my way, Annie. I can’t swear it will work out in the end but I don’t know any better. Don’t let it pull you down. That’s what they want.

        “My whole life is unsustainable. In fact, I’m quite certain it will end badly.”

        Layne Blanchard

        • annieoakley says:

          I listen to every rally President Trump has and Rightside is a favorite. I am happy to see others have found them too.
          I really felt optimistic after the WV rally, then woke to read about Mueller and his anti-Trump Cabal. Thanks for the encouragement it helps to know that others see what I see too and are opposed to the New World Order.

  11. AndyB says:

    You need to write a post on what you think the “deep state is”. It can mean many different things to many people. Some of it a bit over the top.

    I don’t think Trump has the skills to drain the swamp and he has not hired the right people to help him

    • BobW in NC says:

      “I don’t think Trump has the skills to drain the swamp and he has not hired the right people to help him…”

      Absolutely agree. I think he woefully underestimated to entirety of the task he set out to accomplish. He needs to strategize carefully. God help him.

  12. Rah says:

    It’s not a swamp. It’s a sewer! Can’t you tell by the smell?

  13. gregole says:

    I’m a life-long Republican (after a very short stint as a Libertarian in my wild youth) and I never like the Bushes. Either one. And when Jeb went live when he was still running saying how he would see to it that Muslim immigrants would be “carefully vetted” I just about lost it. This ignorant, wealthy, sheltered, weak, fool. No idea about whom he planned to “vet”. No knowledge of their language. Culture. Beliefs. Intelligence or lack thereof. I wanted to spit. Thank God for Trump.

  14. Welcome to your own real life “Truman Show”. Unfortunately, the main character isn’t Jim Carrey, it’s YOU.

  15. Advocatus Diaboli says:

    “Perot ran as a third party candidate, for no reason other than to keep Bush from getting re-elected. Perot succeeded, took 18% of the vote, and put Bill Clinton in the White House.”
    Great, so we have ol’ H. Ross to thank for the Clinton barnacles that have clung to the ship of state for the last quarter-century. Nice job.

  16. Bruce says:

    Since assassinating John F. Kennedy on November 22, 1963; at least, to Be PRECISE !

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