The Global Temperature Record Is A Farce

NASA says  97% of scientists agree that their temperature graphs are accurate, and NASA, NOAA, CRU and JMA all independently agree very precisely about global temperature going back to 1880.

Climate Change: Vital Signs of the Planet: Scientific Consensus

This is quite remarkable, considering that NASA doesn’t agree with their own data, having doubled 1880-2000 warming over the past 15 years.

2001    2016

NOAA doesn’t have much meaningful historical temperature data outside the US, so where are they getting their historical data from?

And their graphs look nothing like temperature graphs from the 1970s, which showed no net warming from 1870 to 1970.

14 Jul 1974, Page 1 – Lincoln Evening Journal

They have completely erased the 1940-1970 cooling.

Our top climate scientists at the time said global cooling was going to kill us all.

12 Jun 1974, Page 20 – at

NASA and NOAA  showed the world red hot in December, 2016 – with record hot temperatures across much of central Africa.

Global Climate Report – December 2016 | State of the Climate | National Centers for Environmental Information (NCEI)

This is quite remarkable, given that they didn’t have any meaningful thermometer readings in the central Africa in December. “Gray areas represent missing data.”

201612.gif (990×765)

The fact that they don’t have data didn’t stop them from drawing very detailed maps of their fake data.

Climate at a Glance | National Centers for Environmental Information (NCEI)

During the 1950’s, NOAA stations in Central Africa reported every day. Now they report about one day per week.

Not surprisingly, temperatures have gone up, as data has disappeared. Same story in the US.

Here is the NOAA GHCN data for Central Africa from the first 12 days of December, 2016. -9999 represents missing data.

Satellites showed that December was slightly above average in December. NOAA and NASA are propagating fake data.


NASA brags about how four independent agencies come up with the same graphs, but when cornered about obviously fraudulent data, they say it isn’t actually their data and blame it on NOAA.


The global warming scam is based on fake data being managed by fake scientists doing fake science. It is the biggest science scam in history.

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