Today’s Featured Climate Fraudster – Zeke Hausfather

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Zeke Hausfather of Berkeley Earth has become the go to guy for disinformation about the temperature record, for climate fraud publications like the Guardian and New York Times. Zeke parrots over and over again that NOAA/NASA temperature adjustments warm the past.

Historical data shows the exact opposite. NASA has massively adjusted the past downwards since 1981 via station selection. Zeke ignores that as part of his “correction” calculation, even though it dominates the adjustments.

1981        2017

In the case of US temperatures, Zeke’s claim is an outright lie. NOAA massively adjusts US temperatures downwards.

Measured   Reported

This US temperature record is critical, because it is the only legitimate long-term historical temperature record covering a large area. The so called global temperature record is a farce.


And global temperature record data tampering didn’t happen all at once. Almost every year, NASA and NOAA progressively cool the past, in order to prove their fake global warming theory.

1981   1997  2017


The situation is equivalent to having the same people act as player, coach, cheerleader, referee and scorekeeper. They are guaranteed to get the result they want.  The biggest scientific fraud in history.

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33 Responses to Today’s Featured Climate Fraudster – Zeke Hausfather

  1. TA says:

    “This US temperature record is critical, because it is the only legitimate long-term historical temperature record covering a large area. The so called global temperature record is a farce.”

    My sentiments exactly, and the unmodified U.S. surface temperature record is mirrored around the world by other unmodified surface temperature records, so the U.S. surface temperature profile *does* represent the global temperature profile.

    Thanks to Tony, and other skeptics, the alarmists have been caught in a Big Lie. It’s not getting “hotter and hotter” it’s getting “milder and milder”.

  2. gator69 says:

    This station deletion is what first opened my eyes to the fraud. At about the 3:50 (roughly 1988/89) mark we see the stations at higher latitudes dropping first.

    My own research prior to this video revealed that rural stations, and stations at higher latitudes and elevations, had been dropped in favor of urban and marine influenced staions. The ultimate cherry pick of warm biased stations.

    • Advocatus Diaboli says:

      Pretty impressive, thanks.

      The stations in Canada drop out just around the time the AGW scare really gets rolling in the late ’80s. Hmmm.

  3. Kris J says:

    Apparently, Science – like Art – is “what you can get away with”. (modified Warhol quote)

    When you trade your integrity for peer approval and short term gain you are impoverished

  4. arn says:

    Why is it that all those “good” philantrophic guys who wants to save us all(from ourselves)
    always have this sociophantic yes-man smile?

    They always remind me of old pedophile geezers giving bonbons to little children.

    • Kris J says:

      Are you saying he has a creepy-McNightmare, humble-yet all knowing smile?

    • +1
      Thanks for saying exactly what I think…I was afraid to say anything because I thought it was just me.

    • gator69 says:

      I question why they wear eye glasses for their head shot. Can they not see the camera? Are they attempting to hide a disfigurment or lazy eye? Or could it be that they want us to think they are smarter than us?

      • Kris J says:

        Not even a photo. It’s a much-shopped image designed to depict a caring all-knowing Priest. To be honest, his website is really a top-notch example of entrepreneurship, whoever designed it for him… It should be studied and copied by anyone concerned with brand-imaging, product positioning, targeting, etc etc

        • AndyG55 says:

          That is Mosher’s field… salesman propaganda.

          And the both work for Muller, who’s group is paid with grants from a whole bunch of “socialist globalists” and one “anonymous”, which is probably Soros or Steyer.

          • Kris J says:

            They’re not the first to sell their integrity for short term gain. Often these types have professional jealousies and actually can’t stand one another. Their peers don’t respect them and history forgets them

  5. Garyh845 says:

    Happy to see this – was hoping that you’d pursue this one. Thanks Tony.

  6. John F. Hultquist says:

    The government programs do do some neat things. For example, the NASA Terra images.
    Yesterday, Scott Sistek of KOMO News – Seattle, posted a photo and story of WA State’s smokey and hot end of July. Nice lead photo from NASA Modis satellite. Link
    The image is from Aug. 4.
    I find the contrast with earlier images informative: Link

    These images show smoke in the valleys, snow on the mountain ridges, and a few clouds. We noticed the “valley smoke” views a couple of years ago when fires were closer and the smoke came and went with the wind shifts.

    Temperatures have been high – it is summer – but it is the combination of smoke and temperature and lack of wind that make for an uncomfortable period. Got some wind last night, Friday. Still the smoke keeps coming. The moon – approaching ‘full’ – was a wonderful orange, like Kubota tractors.

    You can check the region’s temperature records at this site: Link to KYKM

    [Link is to Yakima, WA (KYKM). Dropdown menu has other locations.]

    These charts show that temperatures in eastern Oregon and eastern Washington are within the historic numbers.

    • sunsettommy says:

      I live in Kennewick,tolerating the heavy smoke better than I expected,thought I would by now break out in allergies. It has been around 100-102 F, for the last 5 days now.

      Going out of town soon,hoping there is less smoke by Sun Harbor,when I have my picnic fun on the Snake river.

  7. From looking in at the characters in Berkeley Earth from the outside don’t they all refer to themselves as “Luke-Warmers”? And if I understand them correctly they believe that Man-Made CO2 warms the planet through the greenhouse effect. They believe that the warming will be mild. They believe the warming is bad. They believe we must take actions like taxing CO2.

    I could go on with what I perceive as their belief-system; but I won’t because 1) I’m not an expert in their secular religion. Yes. It appears to me as a secular religion, and it has a kind of religious creed – just like the creed I recite every Sunday in church, but my religion is a transcendent religion (Christian) compared to their secular and thus non-transcendent religion.

    Hope I’m not getting too deep here, but that’s just what it looks like to me from the outside. I am a religious person myself; they appear to me as religious people too – just a different religion.

    So. The temperature records have to be corrected to match their belief system. They already know CO2 is warming the planet. They not only know it, they believe it, and publicly proclaim their beliefs, in fact they came up with the term Luke-Warmer and they proclaim it with a particular kind of pride; like a football fan.

    Now. The temperature numbers need only be tilted just a little bit to turn cooling to warming. And since this crew (the Lukewarmers) already know CO2 is warming the planet, fudging will be done to “reveal” the truth of Man-Made CO2 warming. Science this is not. This is confirmation bias. This is groupthink. This is religion.

    Also when it comes to Berkeley Earth, I think they also make some nice money from their little operation; others may be more familiar with those details.

    • Michael Davis says:

      Berkley Earth was lying even before they became Berkley Earth.
      They are full fledged members of the Chicken Little Brigade!
      They produce Catastrophic Anthropogenic Climate Alarmism/ AKA, CACA.

    • AndyG55 says:

      “don’t they all refer to themselves as “Luke-Warmers””

      Which is a load of absolute cobblers.

      They are very much a part of the AGW priestdom.

      Money , all “donated” as grants from the ultra-globalists, especially “anonymous. …. Soros?

      • Kris J says:

        Safe to assume that everything on this list is underreported and ‘anonymous foundation’ is offshore, or some kind of tax-evasion real estate transaction involving BOOT

  8. Michael Davis says:

    Here id the GISS location that confirms their belief the records are fiction:

    • Mark Luhman says:

      I love this quote! “Q. What SAT do the local media report?
      A. The media report the reading of 1 particular thermometer of a nearby weather station. This temperature may be very different from the true SAT even at that location and has certainly nothing to do with the true regional SAT. To measure the true regional SAT, we would have to use many 50 ft stacks of thermometers distributed evenly over the whole region, an obvious practical impossibility.”

      My answer to this “we would have to use many 50 ft stacks of thermometers distributed evenly over the whole region, an obvious practical impossibility.” Pure BS we have the ability to do that without spending that much money. The money spent on their super computer would have paid for that nicely.

      Funny NASA still in the dark ages. as if one has to do everything with pen and pencil all but their computer games.

  9. Michael Davis says:

    Measured could be off by 2C +/- and nobody actually reports “Measured” They report what they want you to think is measured.
    Measured only counts within 2 meters of the measuring device and is subject to numerous faults.
    Every measurement has to be adjusted to get the “Right” result.

    • Kris J says:

      “….and nobody actually reports “Measured” They report what they want you to think is measured…

      This is just human nature, isn’t it. This is true in ANY QUANTITATIVE FIELD on the face of the earth. DO NOT TRUST any measurement, whether it be a critical piece of lumber on a construction site, or a high school kid making a measurement in a chemistry lab. EVERY measurement is subjective

    • Mark Luhman says:

      Measure could be automated with thee sensor and measuring recorders at each site the two that are close to each other are kept the outlier keep but discarded in the climate calculations. All original collect data keep and never altered. Somehow NOAA and NASA cannot even do this!

  10. Andy DC says:

    Just think, with a few “adjustments” of the data, Hillary would now be President and Atlanta would be Super Bowl champs. What better way to change the results!

  11. Kris J says:

    Typical summer morning here in Southern California. Atmospheric CO2 running in the 350’s and 360’s parts per million. It takes 3x that level of CO2 to grow vegetables commercially, and the Cal-OSHA permissible limit is 5,000 ppm, which means an employee can safely work all day in 5,000 ppm weighted average.

    So your fake CO2 apocalypse isn’t working, sorry. Take your immoral, grubbing, global tax-and-control scheme and shove it. BWAH BWYE d– heads. F– off

    My kids are at a track meet, so I can say what I really think

  12. CheshireRed says:

    The cynic in me can’t help question why Zeke has banned and ostracised a critic? The right reaction is soooo achingly easy a child of 10 could do it. Just invite Tony around for a brew and a private explanation, showing him all your workings and methodology. Then agree to Tony publishing the discussion. Result! What could be fairer? Everyone wins, reputations intact, scientific process exonerated, smiles and pats on the back all round.

    But instead we see blockings, bannings, demonization, professional attacks, ad homs, denial of proper explanations and everything else. Gee, I wonder why that is? Zeke…why is this your reaction?

    Unless, unless…..oh my, surely not THAT?! Am I being too suspicious? Oh Zeke, say it ain’t so.

  13. Brian D says:

    I created this gif animation to show the average temp departures(1981-2010 baseline) by decade. This another way to show how much warmer, and even how much warmer the eastern half (or so) of the country has been compared to recent decades.

    These so-called scientists should be ashamed of themselves for denigrating the dedication of thousands (probably tens of thousands) of coop observers. To say that what they did wasn’t good enough, and to bring such corrections to their work for the egotistical aims of an agenda with a false premise, is heartless, and utterly shameful.

  14. Jl says:

    I must be missing something-Tony says NASA adjusts temps via station selection in today’s post. On July 4th, (again Zeke), Zeke says Tony’s US temperature statistics are skewed by “changing station composition”. Sounds like they’re both accusing the other of the same thing. Inquiring minds want to know…

    • AndyG55 says:

      Zeke and his mob take out the cold temperatures to CREATE a warming trend.

      Tony puts them back in, to show a cooling trend. :-)

    • RAH says:

      Perhaps you should ask why would one take ANY of them out unless they were proven to be spurious? And why has the number of stations been reduced drastically over the years?

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