Today’s Featured Climate Fraudster – Zeke Hausfather

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Zeke Hausfather of Berkeley Earth has become the go to guy for disinformation about the temperature record, for climate fraud publications like the Guardian and New York Times. Zeke parrots over and over again that NOAA/NASA temperature adjustments warm the past.

Historical data shows the exact opposite. NASA has massively adjusted the past downwards since 1981 via station selection. Zeke ignores that as part of his “correction” calculation, even though it dominates the adjustments.

1981        2017

In the case of US temperatures, Zeke’s claim is an outright lie. NOAA massively adjusts US temperatures downwards.

Measured   Reported

This US temperature record is critical, because it is the only legitimate long-term historical temperature record covering a large area. The so called global temperature record is a farce.


And global temperature record data tampering didn’t happen all at once. Almost every year, NASA and NOAA progressively cool the past, in order to prove their fake global warming theory.

1981   1997  2017


The situation is equivalent to having the same people act as player, coach, cheerleader, referee and scorekeeper. They are guaranteed to get the result they want.  The biggest scientific fraud in history.

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