70 Years Ago Today – New Orleans Hit By A Hurricane

On this date in 1947, New Orleans was hit by a hurricane which killed more than 50 people. The storm passed over Fort Lauderdale two days earlier as a major hurricane..

19 Sep 1947, Page 1 – Delphos Daily Herald at Newspapers.com

At the same time, thousands of people died in floods in Japan.

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  1. RAH says:

    Maria sure looks serious. CAT 5 they say now with 160 mph sustained winds. As with Irma, the track Maria will take is very difficult to forecast at this time. At least there is a chance that the remnants of Jose will help steer it away from the US homeland. All very ify. But at least it seems that Jose, which is minimal CAT 1 and projected to continue to weaken will not have a significant impact on the US.

    If Maria tracks to the north staying away from the US shore then people in Bermuda will have to start paying attention.

    Sure has been an active season but there appear to no new waves coming off the African coast. So possibly from now on the focus will be for more close in development in the Gulf or Caribbean. There is even a potential for a Pacific hurricane to arch up through Mexico towards Texas according to Joe Bastardi.

    • Latitude says:

      Those poor people….they are getting hit again….news says there was 70,000 without power already

      • Andy says:

        Jose certainly has been an unusual storm on it’s path.

        It’s lost most interest compared to bigger storms at the same time but actually it has been very interesting. The computer models cannot figure it out still !


        • RAH says:

          Joe Bastardi had it figured out days ago. It’s doing what he said it would do. Bottom line is Jose is going to attract Maria.  The question is will that attraction be enough to keep Maria off the US coast. 

          Maria struck Puerto Rico as a CAT 4 with 155 mph winds.  It is the worst storm on record to have struck that island. The island has been lucky in the past as the strongest storms have missed it.  Prior to striking the island Maria was a CAT 5 with pressures lower than Irma and a very small intense eye that was less than 10 miles in diameter.  After it’s interaction with the mountains in Puerto Rico Maria will probably come away as a CAT 2. 
          The question though it where does Maria go  and how well does it recover from here?  Most think that Maria will get back up to CAT 4 strength once it leaves Puerto Rico behind.

          Jose up off the coast of New England has crossed the path of the Gulf Stream and entered the much cooler water to the north of that stream.  It is pretty certain it will loop around in that area while it degenerates some more into what is essentially a Nor Easter.  What Jose is doing is providing a low pressure trough between two ridges of high pressure.  We here in the Midwest  and those to the east are under one of those ridges and the other is out in the Atlantic SE of Jose.   Maria is expected to follow the trough caused by Jose between those ridges and that is why it is forecast to turn more to the north now.  If Jose was not there the two high pressure ridges would have joined making a wall that would have directed Maria directly onto the US coast line.   

          Florida is out of the picture as a target for Maria it seems but the big question is will Jose cause Maria to deviate it’s path far enough to the north to miss the US.  The Carolinas are the most likely area to get struck if it doesn’t.  

          Tropical waves coming off of the eastern coast of Africa into the equatorial Atlantic which is known as the “Main Development Region” where these big hurricanes have come from have now weakened considerably.  But we aren’t out of the woods yet.  There is still plenty of hurricane season left and the waters in the Gulf and Caribbean are still warmer than average.  During the second half of the season typically hurricanes develop in closer to the US in the Gulf or western Caribbean and they also can be powerful storms.  There is even the possibility of a Pacific Hurricane cutting across Mexico and going into the Gulf.  

  2. David A says:

    Rah, you may like this site…

    Open the layers for many selection choices including storm tracks, and opacity. Some Islands just got clobbered ant Puerto Rico looks to be in a world of hurt, but may get the weak side on their Northern shore. Jose cannot be a hurricane now, or for some time from the images I see.

  3. David A says:

    So far she is taking the more southern route, not good for Puerto Rico.

  4. Andy DC says:

    September 1933. Separate major hurricanes hit Florida and Texas on the same day! Just 2 weeks earlier, hurricane caused death and destruction from Norfolk to DC.

    What kind of hissy fit would alarmists be having if that very same thing happened in 2017?

  5. RAH says:

    Thank you David A. Was driving all day so just got back in and had a chance to get on the computer. Long day. 350 miles of rain, and thunderstorms going down to Smyrna, TN. Then 350 miles back though dry. Despite the rain and going through Indy, Louisville, and Nashville, going both ways, I got the driving done in 10 hours and 58 minutes. But it took 13 1/2 hrs to get all of the work done on the run.

  6. Andy says:

    Any historical links to Puerto Rico?


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