Astrology And Climate Science

Forty years ago, the front page of the Chicago Tribune featured astrologer Jeanne Dixon, and a warning that the West Antarctic Ice Sheet was going to collapse and drown us all. That was during the global cooling scare.

January 9, 1977 – Flood threat from polar ice | Chicago Tribune Archive

It was one of the coldest winters on record in the US. It snowed in Miami, and they blamed the Polar Vortex and California drought on global cooling.

The National Geographic Archive | December 1977 | page 1

The National Science Foundation Program Manager said that in 1977 that collapse of the West Antarctic Ice Sheet had nothing to do with a warmer climate.

“We’re doing about the most we can do right now to study the possible collapse of the west ice sheet,” said Dr. Richard Cameron, NSF program manager for glaciology.

‘We’re seeing the West ice sheet on its way out,” said Cameron. “It seems to be dring something completely differ! eot than the east ice sheet. It has nothing to do with a warmer climate, just the dynamics of unstable ice.”


The West Antarctic Ice Sheet retreated 30 miles from 1840 to 1930, when CO2 was below 300 PPM.

21 Jul 1932 – A Warmer World. – Trove

A Warmer World.

SOME great world change is taking place on the Antarctic Continent. Its glaciers are shrinking. Commander L.A. Bernacchi, who visited the South Polar land 30 years ago, says that the Great Ice Barrier which fronts the continent with a wall of ice for 250 miles has receded at least 30 miles since it was first seen and surveyed. Sir James Ross, who went out on the earliest Antarctic expedition of the nineteenth century, and those who fol lowed him, left clear descriptions of this tremendous ice frontage and its position. It was a cliff 150ft. high and 1000ft. thick. But now it appears to be continuing its century-long process of shrinking; and that process may have been going on for centuries.

January 9, 1977 – Flood threat from polar ice | Chicago Tribune

But facts, history and data don’t make any difference to climate alarmists. They have a huge money making scam to maintain, and will say anything to keep their criminal venture alive.

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14 Responses to Astrology And Climate Science

  1. TimA says:

    And Jeanne Dixon’s more credible than Bill Nye!!

  2. gator69 says:

    By 1990 the large orange orchards in northern Florida were bulldozed, as the cooler temperatures made it no longer commercially viable as an orange growing region. My mother lives a few miles from where her family used to buy oranges on their way south from Macon Georgia to Miami, that tourist trap was in the midst of vast factory plantings that are now completely gone.

    If the globe was warming, the orchards would be back.

    • Fred Harwood says:

      The Temple orange, my favorite, also disappeared from our markets a few years back.

    • Andy DC says:

      There is no longer citrus grown in Citrus County, Florida. You don’t need to be a climate expert to observe that the Florida citrus industry has pushed well to the south over the last hundred years. Hint: it was not due to global warming or white man’s atrocities against blacks, gays, Native People and the environment.

      • Colorado Wellington says:

        You are too eager to dismiss white racism and global warming as the cause of the citrus industry migration. Don’t be surprised if even the most unsuspecting Progressives guess that you are a white denier.

  3. Arn says:

    Climate Frau… Science:
    4 decades of failed predictions and proud of it.
    But don’t blame us.
    Blame those idiots who still trust us.

    If there is one thing more rotten and useless than us our predictions
    it is the guys who still believe every word we say.
    As long as they exist we feel compelled to go on and on and on with our lies.

  4. Bulaman says:

    A team had to go out to the hot water drill site on the Ross ice shelf. Up to 2 metres of new global warming has covered the place over winter.
    Still pretty cold at 77 degree south
    Should be in Fort Collins in a week so keep the weather warm for me Tony!

  5. Adamant de-Nye-er says:

    A lot of people read or listened to Jean Dixon, although most of them that I knew who did so regarded her predictions as entertainment, and hoped to catch her out or just admired her doublespeak way of writing. Her “best” predictions were the most outlandish, that opposed what most people thought or against common sense. She didn’t have to be correct, just be able to make a large number of predictions, in a wide variety of fields, that were vague enough to sometimes, in a limited sense, to “come true,” by a wild stretch of reasoning.
    She behaved differently than the itinerant con artist, the rain maker, who would give some sort of performance in an isolated agricultural community, then demand money from farmers if any rain happened — the odds of increasingly in his favor the longer the drought. The key for the con man was to know when to cut his losses and leave before the drought got too long and the farmers thought to take the frustration of a continuing crop failure out on the rain maker.
    Newspapers and other printed publications of many kinds have always been party to either kind of con, and modern news media continue the practice. Any of the possible events; the drought, the rain, the rain maker’s performance and claim on success, absconding at night, or (at best) running the con out of town on a rail, would qualify as news, and still sell advertising, with little reflection on the integrity of the news outlet or the reporter.
    This still leaves it to realists, scientists, and skeptics to put the con men to the pillory.

  6. Alec aka Daffy Duck says:

    OT: The new pause? Nasa just updated global sea level thru June 2017…. a bit of a pause going on:

    • AndyG55 says:

      And that’s after all their “adjustments”. :-)

      They really are having issues making anything AGW actually happen, aren’t they. :-)

      • Marsh says:

        Yes, the warmists need more Heat,, because they are fast running out of Steam.

      • Colorado Wellington says:

        To be fair, Andy, we understand now that it’s not so easy to produce anthropogenic global warming. The early optimism was not warranted but our scientists are working hard to make the world a warmer and better place.

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