Hurricane Gilbert : September 13, 1988

On this date in 1988, Category 5 Hurricane Gilbert was about to crash into Playa del Carmen, Mexico – where I plan to be next month.

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  1. Garyh845 says:

    Tony – you might appreciate this Gilbert video, from the 14th of Sept, 1988, in Playa del Carmen, Mexico:

    I was in Cozumel at the same time. Right about here, in the eye, looking around, not knowing yet that we were in the eye. Was soon to find out:

  2. Garyh845 says:

    Here’s flying through the eye of Gilbert, on the 13th:

  3. Tim Hall says:


    Not exactly climate science but I recall hearing all kinds of “news” regarding the growing dead zone in the Gulf. I bet we don’t hear much about it now because there has been some churning of the waters.


  4. gator69 says:

    Good grief. Just watched the video at this link, and could not believe the talking head on the scene actually said that the Keys are in a “humanitarian crisis”, and went on about the aircraft carrier there to assist. Funny thing, I didn’t see one person trying to leave the Keys, but the lines to get back in were long and full of irritated residents.

    The storm is over guys, quit trying to breathe life into it.

    • Gail Combs says:

      I think it depends on the area Gator.

      Sundance is in Lee Co Fl. and part of a civilian team working on recovery.

      His report:

      It does look like they are mobilizing aid fast and getting things back up and running.

      • gator69 says:

        As they should. It was a hurricane after all, but not the monster the liars would have us believe.

        It appears the vast majority of damage is to trailers, boats, carports, and sheds. At risk structures suffer in hurricanes.

        • Gail Combs says:

          I just saw a comment that they had a bad rain storm for three days prior.

          “Lyon says:
          September 13, 2017 at 3:18 pm

          I live in Ponte Vedra Beach (North Florida) and one thing the news failed to report is that we had a Nor’Easter for three days prior to the Hurricane.

          The flooding was brutal but thankfully not like Houston….

          That would not help the situation because the ground would be soft already allowing trees to be uprooted.

          I have had it happen here more than once. A good soaking rain followed a few days later by wind and OOPS there goes another one…

  5. Gail Combs says:

    A decent poem on the state of politics.
    The Complainer

  6. Texas Sharp-shooter says:

    Visit the lighthouse just up the beach in Puerto Moralos. It got tipped over by Gilbert. Watch out for the bad guys in Playa and the guys who are after the bad guys and the drug cops who are after them. If you get stopped at a drug check-point be nice and dont object if they steal your sun glasses.

    Tulum has a very fin de siecle feel to it. It has walls which, unusual for Mayan cities; the last of the Mayan empire getting pushed up against the sea, the walls to keep out whoever it was who was coming to get them.

    Coba is cool, south and inland a bit. You can see remnants of the plaster roads they built to connect cities in the Classic era.

    If you’ve a taste for classic detective fiction get your hands on Cinnamon Skin by John D MacDonald, a Travis McGee story that ends up down there, a neat travelogue of the Mayan Riviera in the sixties.

    The sand is wonderful. Even in blazing sun it is hot only at the surface, cool when you dig your feet in.

  7. Scott M says:

    FWIW, Ill be there the month after, Hurricanes are a fact of life there, much like many places in the Caribbean and the Gulf. If someone has the money and lives there, leave each year Aug and Sept. Modern building codes and some setback from the water make things more stable.

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