Monthly NOAA State Of The Climate Fraud Report

NOAA is getting increasingly shameless with their monthly climate reports, claiming the Earth is red rot.

Global Climate Report – August 2017 | State of the Climate | National Centers for Environmental Information (NCEI)

Most of their red hot land data is fake. The gray areas represent missing data, and show that they have very little actual temperature data in Africa or South America.

201708.gif (1052×743)

The fact that they don’t have any data doesn’t stop the criminals at NOAA from declaring record heat in those regions.

NOAA erases almost all of the blue from their maps, and turns many gray areas into record heat. The reason they commit this fraud is because they know they can get away with it, and the press will never question them.

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31 Responses to Monthly NOAA State Of The Climate Fraud Report

  1. spren says:

    How long can this malfeasance be allowed to continue? Imagine if they could show their opponents playing fast and loose with the facts in anything approaching this level of fraud? And just consider how few people are exposed to the information that Tony is providing, but instead just lap up all the nonsense thrown their way?

  2. Ron Hotchkiss says:

    All one has to do is look at the satellite data for August and the fraud is even more remarkable. But satellite data is much more accurate and would blow the scam by NASA clear out of the water, so they ignore it.

    • arn says:

      We do not need satellite data.
      Everyone living in north&middle europe(even pathological hipocrits like Griff) knows that august was much much colder than average(having most of the time temp. around 20 degrees celsius instead of 25+ and just a handfull of warm days in midsummer).
      That”s the reason why i was not able to swim in the nearby lake in august as i usually do-the water was simply too cold.
      This had never happened before here and no some parasitic faceless excrement want to tell me i was wrong?!?
      These regions in Europe has to be very blue in August,bluer than ever before.
      The same in the winter this year- many people in former yugoslawia and sorrounding states had no water for up to 6 weeks as everything was frozen and they had to melt snow to have water to drink and to shover and eventually many ran out of wood for heating because of that.
      But guess what-winter was too warm there.

      As the weather was so extremly shitty and cold in August german MSM was told by its master to use a new narrative and turn attention away
      by claiming in all news outlets ” in 100 years Weather in Frankfurt will be as hot as in barcelona”.
      One could not open a newspaper without being terrorised with this shitty fake news for several days.

  3. John of Cloverdale, WA, Australia says:

    1) Bom Quality lack of QC makes Australia hot.
    One Example: BoM Carnegie station in outback WA.

    2) Published in today’s national The Australian newspaper:
    Smoking gun demands grilling for Bureau of Meteorology
    Maurice Newman
    The Australian
    12:00AM September 19, 2017

    “Enough is enough. The Bureau of Meteorology yet again stands charged with fabricating temperature records.

    This time, thanks to the diligence of scientist Jennifer Marohasy, the bureau has been caught red-handed regulating temperatures to keep them above a predetermined minimum — at least for two NSW automatic weather stations, one located in Goulburn, the other at Thredbo.

    The BOM initially admitted it had set an arbitrary limit of minus 10C for the Goulburn station, but then changed the story to the equipment being “not fit for purpose” — because it got too cold — even though the same instruments are used in the Antarctic. The actual temperature measured was a record July low for Goulburn, at minus 10.4C, so why, if the equipment was faulty, didn’t the bureau leave a blank instead of rounding up to minus 10C?

    Allowing the bureau to defend itself, Environment Minister Josh Frydenberg called for an internal review.

    In 77 pages, it acknowledged that, indeed, Goulburn and Thredbo were governed and, minimum limits were set. This was blamed on a filter being installed into these weather stations 15 and 10 years ago respectively. No limits were imposed on maximum temperatures. Yet implicitly, we are asked to believe that the historical temperature record has not been compromised.

    Before filters were installed, Goulburn recorded minus 10.9C in August 1994 and, in that cold winter, Thredbo went down to minus 13.6C and nearby Charlotte Pass to minus 23C on June 29, a record low for Australia. Charlotte Pass weather station was decommissioned in March 2015.

    Ironically, the bureau’s newest location, near White Cliffs in NSW, home to some of the nation’s hottest temperatures, last August recorded minus 62.5C, due to a “hardware fault”.

    A BOM-friendly technical forum, part of former minister Greg Hunt’s plan to buy time and “kill off” a proposed Abbott government probe, has foreshadowed “the need for a major revision of the dataset”.

    Predictably, though, it did not address specific claims by Marohasy and others, and seems satisfied the bureau’s dataset is well maintained. Really? This may fool ministers, but for a sceptical public, time has run out.

    British author and journalist Christopher Booker says: “When future generations look back on the global warming scare of the past 30 years, nothing will shock them more than the extent to which the official temperature records — on which the entire (global warming) panic ultimately rested — were systematically ‘adjusted’ to show the Earth as having warmed much more than the actual data justified.” He says this practice has been observed by experts around the world and “raises an ever larger question mark over the entire official surface temperature record”.

    He is joined by John Theon, retired chief of NASA’s Climate Processes Research Program and responsible for all weather and climate research, who testified before congress that “some scientists have manipulated the observed data to justify their model results. In doing so, they neither explain what they have modified in the observations, nor explain how they did it.”

    Take the article NASA published in 1999 showing 1934 was the US’s warmest year. Across the ensuing decade, by cooling the past and warming the present, 1998 jumped five places to become the warmest. Whistleblower John Bates, recently retired principal scientist at US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, described how his agency manipulated data to manufacture a non-existent increase in global temperatures.

    Why should Australia be any different? We remember the Climategate emails from despairing programmer Ian Harris: “Getting seriously fed up with the state of the Australian data, so many new stations have been introduced, so many false references”.

    Science writer and blogger Joanne Nova has raised scandal after scandal concerning the BOM’s record-keeping.

    She refers to historic data being destroyed, and the influence of adjustments on Australia’s warming trend. She reports private auditors advising the bureau of almost a “thousand days where minimum temperatures were higher than the maxes”.

    Taxpayers outlaying $1 million a day for reliable temperature data deserve better than this.

    When Australia’s bureau transitioned from mercury thermometers to electronic sensors more than 20 years ago, to ensure readings from these devices were comparable with the old thermometers and complied with World Meteorological Organisation guidelines, parallel studies were undertaken at multiple sites.

    A key conclusion was that readings from the new electronic sensors needed to be averaged over one to 10 minutes. However, rather than implement practices consistent with their finding, the bureau records one-second extremes (or noise), which can be announced as new record highs.

    Inherent inconsistency aside, this calls into question whether Australian data is WMO compliant. Marohasy discovered this as part of her investigation and believes it is more damning than even the imposition of minimum limits, as it affects the recording of temperatures from all 695 automatic stations.

    Marohasy is a respected scientist, known for her forensic work. While attempts will be made to dismiss her evidence as an arcane academic skirmish over recording methodology, it is a smoking gun that threatens the integrity of global temperature records.

    It affects every Australian. It strikes at the heart of renewable energy policies. Globally, trillions of taxpayer dollars are at stake.

    The government has a duty to inform the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, should it have sufficient grounds, that the bureau is not complying with WMO guidelines. Sooner or later, closed eyes must open.

    Now, with Marohasy’s evidence adding to the credible findings of other experts, there can be no confidence in any future official assurances. Further delay of a proper independent audit, which includes dissidents, can be interpreted only as a cover-up. One way or another, the truth will out.”
    Paywalled link:

  4. Patrick says:

    How does their ARGO data figure into this equation?

    What worries me about the ARGO Program is that the same type of zealots who run GISSTEMP are running the ARGO data.

    It’s nice to have all of the U.S. data sufficiently procured, but all of these new programs (ARGO and the new CO2 Satellite in particular) surely have zealots controlling the documentation of the data for the rest of the world.

    • spren says:

      I remember when they first implemented the ARGO devices and the results weren’t what was desired. The devices weren’t indicating that the oceans were cooling. As I recall, Keith Willis was in charge of them (I apologize if I am not correct in this) and he started taking the devices producing the coldest results and classified them as outliers and removed their data from the record. I don’t recall any devices producing the warmest results similarly being declared to be outliers.

      And now it looks like RSS is going to start messing with their own data and revising their results to better align with surface measurements. I thought the idea was to have different kinds of measuring systems so as to better control for error. Apparently, the desired results are more important than the actual results.

  5. Andy DC says:

    It is amazing how they were able to get away changing populated places like Japan, northern Europe and SE Australia from cold to warm. Like they think no one will notice?

  6. gregole says:

    What looks like western Brazil and northern Argentina is record hot with no data… Makes no sense. And more than likely, sparsely populated and rarely visited areas.

    • gregole says:

      My bad, northern Bolivia, not Argentina. Still a remote area.

      • Gail Combs says:

        E.M. Smith had an article on Bolivia data that was very good.

        GHCN – GIStemp Interactions – The Bolivia Effect

        “…One Small Problem with the anomally map. There has not been any thermometer data for Bolivia in GHCN since 1990.

        None. Nada. Zip. Zilch. Nothing. Empty Set.

        So just how can it be so Hot Hot Hot! in Bolivia if there is NO data from the last 20 years?

        Easy. GIStemp “makes it up” from “nearby” thermometers up to 1200 km away. So what is within 1200 km of Bolivia? The beaches of Chili, Peru and the Amazon Jungle.

        Not exactly the same as snow capped peaks and high cold desert, but hey, you gotta make do with what you have, you know? (The official excuse given is that the data acceptance window closes on one day of the month and Bolivia does not report until after that date. Oh, and they never ever would want to go back and add date into the past after a close date. Yet they are happy to fiddle with, adjust, modify, and wholesale change and delete old data as they change their adjustment methods…)

        Change the altitude of the thermometers and you change the climate you are measuring. Yes, that is “man made climate change” I can believe in. ;-)

        This report shows the percentage of thermometers in any given altitude band (in meters). So we see that Bolivia began with 25% of it’s thermometers above 2000 meters (in the snow zone) and with 75% between 500 and 1000 meters in the decade ending in 1919. It ended with 100% of them at that 2000 meter+ altitude in the last reported year of 1990….”

        E.M. also looks at other areas where Tony is showing grey -no data.

  7. Bill says:

    I would cut their budget by 50%, then reallocate to middle and working income tax relief.

    • arn says:

      If we would punch them 10 times in the face for every fake prediction and forgery.
      Within 3 days we would run out of climate “scientists”

      But as long as there is no punishment they will keep on and on and on
      just like every other orhanised parasitic(=criminal) group that takes from others while gives nothing.

    • Luther2017 says:

      This entire issue is driven by money and political correctness. Most major companies and much of Europe has announced they will eliminate all reliance on fossil fuels by 2040 to “fight” climate change; they have entire departments of people making well into 6 figures promoting “sustainability” and rabid environmentalism; many have a Chief Sustainability Officer like Walmart as discussed in the attached. There is no search for truth, no desire for truth, only group think and rewards for being a good “environmental stooge”……

  8. Steve Case says:

    Very interesting that their map
    shows the eastern United States blue and most everywhere else red. Considering that the United States has the best weather records in the world, they are wanting us to believe that the United States is an outlier.

    “They” as my Dad used to say are full of condensed owl juice.

    • Arn says:

      The reason the USA is blue
      and not red like the rest is simple.

      Trump has now the say,
      and though the “science departement” is full of AGW cultist
      the guy at the top is not part of them.
      If he discovers that data in his country is fake
      and cries out loud many people will listen
      and he can’t be silenced.
      And this guy can cut off the money supply for NASA,UN and others from parasites incorporated.

      Therefore he gets in his country data that is close to the truth
      while they pull numbers out of their butts for the rest of the world.

      Another reason is many people themselves experienced in the USA how
      cold it was,and many in the USA are fed up with global warming BS and they do not want to make even more people leaving the AGW cult.
      As it gets colder and people in the USA get poorer and many can barely afford heating those people have not much tolerance left for AGW Bullshit and are on the brink of saying FU AGW.

    • RAH says:

      My Grandpa said “slicker than owl shit”. A good sized owl produces a lot of it. When I was 13-14 years old my dad had 13 acres of land along the Tennessee River in Hardin County, TN. Helped my Grandfather build a 2 bedroom slab house on that land that was way back in the sticks. Grandpa had found a good sized injured Barred owl and put it in a cage he built with a stump in it for the owl to sit on. Shot black birds to feed it. So I know a little about owl juice.

      I also know a little about drilling into concrete using only a star drill and a hammer. I put every single one of those holes in that slab for anchoring the walls. All by hand. I also hung most of the side sheeting which was 1/2″ marine plywood salvaged from concrete forms. Put in using hand driven nails on 4″ centers running down every single stud. I’m not sure an F-3 tornado could have taken that little house down.

  9. Neckbeard93 says:

    This image is quite illuminating. It’s as if NOAA lives in a different world.

    • Neckbeard93 says:

      Image not posting for some reason, but here is the link:

    • Gail Combs says:

      That image is also interesting because it shows ‘heat’ beating feet to the poles where it gets booted into space while the area of incoming heat, the equator is not as ‘warm’. That is indicative of a COOLING not a warming planet.

      Also note that the interior of the USA, Africa and Eur-Asia are all quite cool.

      Land warms (or cools) quicker than the oceans with the same change in radiative input— specific heat capacity being the main reason. This is not a controversial subject. Think of the oceans as a giant hot water bottle/radiator that moves the heat energy imputed at the equator to the poles to be ‘outputed’ to space. The water, on its way to the poles is warming the shore areas until the ocean warmed air is blocked by mountains.

      Frank Lansner goes into this in depth: The Original Temperatures Project

      The amount of data gathered by Realists showing that CAGW is nothing but a hoax is incredible. Only with the wholehearted support of corrupt politicians worldwide and the even more corrupt fake-news agencies and schools could a hoax of this magnitude exist for this long!

      I would love to deport the entire lot of them, politicians, climAstrologists, Yellow Stream Media urinalists, teachers, lecturers and professors to Antarctica for life. It is a fitting punishment for their scam and lies.

  10. Rob says:

    I like in Ontario, Canada and my city *might* just catch the light red they show. If so, what a complete farce as the last 10 days of August had temperatures in the mid teens and temperatures before that weren’t anything special for August. It’s been warmer during these last 9-10 days of freakish heat than it was in August.

    Speaking of this heat, I can’t wait to see the September data if what I’m experiencing is similar for many as the propaganda will be through the roof. First week was incredibly cool where I had to wear a jacket and we even had some overnights that got to about 4-6C. Then boom, 25-28 during the day and 16-19 overnight since then. It’s like the last part of August got flipped with this part of September. The rest of the month is forecast to be as warm or warmer. Weird stuff.

    • Gail Combs says:

      Not really weird.

      It is the hurricanes moving warm air/water north and sucking cold air south. Your temperature is going to depend on where the off-shore hurricane is located. As the hurricane travels north, your temperatures are going to alternate.

  11. Roger F.Olsen says:

    Sigh. If people would only bother to find out how science works and do so critical thinking and research on their own.

    NOAA is 100% open about whats going on on their own web site. (Some hoax). And there is a 100% perfectly ordinary and boring explainantion:

    Land surface temperatures are available from the Global Historical
    Climate Network-Monthly (GHCN-M). Sea surface temperatures are
    determined using the extended reconstructed sea surface temperature
    (ERSST) analysis. ERSST uses the most recently available International
    Comprehensive Ocean-Atmosphere Data Set (ICOADS) and statistical methods that allow stable reconstruction using sparse data. The monthly
    analysis begins January 1854, but due to very sparse data, no global
    averages are computed before 1880. With more observations after 1880,
    the signal is stronger and more consistent over time.

    Here is another simple explaination:

    The most obvious difference is that as the name implies, the ERSST
    includes data from over the oceans. These data are gathered by buoys,
    ships, and satellites. A not so obvious difference is that NOAA’s merged
    land–ocean surface temperature analysis incorporates GHCN-M land-based
    stations that are not used in the GHCN-M land-only map. The locations
    and ages of the 7280 Global Historical Climatology Network (GHCN)
    stations are depicted below. Note that the vast majority of the stations
    in Africa are less than twenty years old.


  12. This is super informative! I’m glad I spotted your post because it’s an improvement on similar posts I’ve seen from most people on this subject. Can I ask you to elaborate? Maybe give an additional example? Thanks :)

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