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In Case You Forgot – The Democratic Presidential Candidate Hated Americans

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Nick Stokes : Busted

Nick Stokes, like all climate alarmists, spews mindless gibberish without doing any fact checking. The NCAR graph is not from Newsweek, 1975. It was widely published in 1974. Here are a few examples. There are lots more out there. Click … Continue reading

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Summers Getting Shorter In The US

Autumn arrives several days earlier in the US than it did a century ago. This shouldn’t surprise anyone, because autumn snow cover is increasing and is at record highs – indicating that Arctic air is intruding further and further south. … Continue reading

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Autumn Sights In The South Boulder Wetlands

The University of Colorado plans to destroy all of this habitat. They were out with their giant drone this morning.

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Latest Fraud From Heidi Cullen

Nobody is more consistent and cynical with their climate fraud than Heidi Cullen’s Climate Central. Now they are claiming that summer is lasting longer in Minneapolis, based on a trend started during the ice age scare in 1970. A look … Continue reading

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The New York Times Responds

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September Soccer – And Climate Skepticism

January 2006 was the warmest January on record in Fort Collins, Colorado – and much of the US. The average January maximum temperature was 52 degrees, and I spent much of the month in a short sleeve shirt. In February … Continue reading

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Depth Of Field Mode On The Drone

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Just When You Thought Climate Scientists Couldn’t Get More Dishonest

Higher than 2016, 2015, 2012, 2011, 2010, 2008 and 2007 is now the third lowest on record. Arctic ice once again shows ‘considerable melting’ | Daily Mail Online And a 40% increase in ice over the past five years is … Continue reading

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Tom Karl And Kevin Trenberth Say The New York Times Is Lying About Sea Ice

The New York Times claims that satellites were first used to study the Arctic in the late 1970s. We Charted Arctic Sea Ice for Nearly Every Day Since 1979. You’ll See a Trend. – The New York Times In 1990, … Continue reading

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