Record Hurricanes On September 16

On this date in 1928, Palm Beach was destroyed by a hurricane, almost two years the day after Miami was destroyed by a 1926 hurricane. This was after the hurricane killed thousands of people in the West Indies.

17 Sep 1928, 1 – Great Falls Tribune at

The storm then went on to kill thousands of people at Lake Okeechobee, which flooded to an area larger than the state of Delaware.

22 Sep 1928, Page 1 – The Morning Herald at

On this date in 1988,  Hurricane Gilbert hit Mexico with winds close to 200 MPH and an all-time record low barometric pressure of 26.13 inches.

People who say that hurricanes are getting worse come in three categories. – idiots, liars and lying idiots.

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6 Responses to Record Hurricanes On September 16

  1. gator69 says:

    My mother’s father survived the 1926 hurricane while visiting Miami, and spoke of it often until he died. It made quite the impression on him.

  2. RAH says:

    The brother of my neighbor did fine riding out Irma in his trailer only about 2′ above water level at Lake Okeechobee. We were worried about him. Contrary to previous information, he does have hurricane straps on the unit. Apparently the trailer is sighted in a low are with good wind blocks from three directions. He stayed to take care of a neighbor that was in a very poor state of health.

    I would have found some way to get that woman and myself the hell out of there. There is no way I would ever consider riding out a hurricane in a trailer, straps or no straps. But thankfully, it all worked out for them THIS TIME.

    • Doug says:

      Sometimes the line between brave and stupid is very thin. Glad it worked out.

      • RAH says:

        Yea, the way we in SF said it was: “There is a fine line between hardcore and stupid”. Most of us have crossed that line more than once during our lifetimes I imagine. If your lucky your get away with it. If not……..

  3. RAH says:

    Uh oh! Another storm to watch. Right now tropical depression #15 doesn’t look like much but if it develops as Joe Bastardi is saying it will by this time next week it will be a hurricane and have a strong potential of impacting the US and be in the news.

    Hurricane Jose is projected to stay off the coast and TS Lee following behind #15 is projected to turn NW well out in the Atlantic and die.

  4. Nobama says:

    A friend with no science background wrote from Germany to tell of the horrors of klimate kookoo. Included the earthquake in mexico. Sigh….the propaganda is everywhere.

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