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The company I have been working for as a contractor has run out of new development work for me, and has severely curtailed my hours. Other than (much appreciated) small donations on my blog, my climate research is self-funded and I need work to keep it going.

People who read my blog should be aware that I am an expert C++/Python/Qt/Graphics programmer, because I have distributed a large amount of free open-source climate analysis software (GHCN/Pulling Back The Curtain/Unhiding The Decline) – which has brought into focus the depth of government climate fraud.

You may not be aware that I was a top hardware person for many years at Motorola/IBM/Apple, ST Microelectronics, Hitachi and Intel. Here is an award I got from IBM/Motorola/Apple. My job there was to flush out every last design flaw, which is why I am such a bulldog about eliminating the completely worthless climate research being done by government agencies and academia.

The work they do at NASA/NOAA/Berkeley Earth/Penn State wouldn’t last five minutes in the engineering world. Their climate scientists are wildly incompetent and dishonest technical hacks.

Here is a plaque I got from Intel, where I was on the i7/Itanium design team for five years.

I was the design manager for the ST Microelectronics and Hitachi SH-5 microprocessor and one of the Cyrix Media-GX processors, which (20 years ago this month) brought computer prices down from $2,000 to below $1,000 permanently.

Over the past few years I have been more focused on software than hardware, and have done a number of software projects for the National Center for Atmospheric Research, including porting their weather models from UNIX to Windows.


I accelerated the processing of NCAR’s weather microphysics code by porting it to the GPU.


I also ported NCAR’s radiative transfer models to the GPU, producing 100X speedup. That work was terminated in 2009 when Kevin Trenberth realized he couldn’t account for the missing heat.

The fact is that we can’t account for the lack of warming at the moment and it is a travesty that we can’t.

My resume is huge, but a few other things I have done in recent years include writing image processing software used in military drones and software used by the feds for spying on cell phones. (The software Obama said doesn’t exist.)

I’m an expert OpenGL programmer, RF programmer, image processing programmer, and in fact there are very few computer related fields I haven’t mastered. Over the past ten years I have voluntarily chosen to trade off career in exchange for sorting out the climate scam. I am now blacklisted at many companies over my climate research, and have been fired several times over it. Even after getting stellar reviews for my work. This decision has cost me more than a million dollars in salary and lost opportunity costs. I don’t regret making it, and would make the same decision again. Integrity and faith are the most important things.

Someone at Google saw my resume online last year and bugged me for months to get started with their hiring process – because I had exactly the skills they were looking for in Boulder. After I gave her the thumbs up, a few hours later she got back to me and said “we aren’t looking for anyone with your skill set.” Someone in the process obviously recognized my name.

If you have any work you need done by a top programmer, please contact me at stevegoddardjobs@gmail.com If someone wanted to pay me to do climate research, that would be awesome too! I love doing both.

Much appreciated,


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  1. I have followed you on twitter and appreciate your gift in exposing climate change/ global warming fraud. However the job I am looking for a software developer to do is quite different: to replace YouTube and Facebook with a social media alternative. Not sure if this interests you. I am concerned by Google and Facebook’s censorship and deception, and feel called to offer Christians and traditionalists a clean alternative where they can monetise their work. I have about 178,000 followers on YouTube and many of them are ready to switch when I launch my ideas. Knowledge of the Bible is not required but some familiarity would be helpful as Bible modules will be included in my plan. If you might be interested, please let me know: how much you expect to be paid, and are you a Christian?

  2. sunsettommy says:

    Thank you for the courage and determination to stick to your principles,in a world that doesn’t like having such people, who are freethinkers around to help make for a better life for the rest of us.

  3. oars says:

    Honestly Tony, you are a natural educator. There has to be one college/university in our country looking for real honest research in climatology and earth sciences. I think you would be perfect. Maybe a Hillsdale or Liberty University type. Heck, most don’t know it but Liberty University has a billion dollar endowment, not many universities can say that. Many of the Catholic universities are totally corrupted (i.e., Georgetown, Notre Dame) but there are still a few truth seekers out there.

  4. Rob says:

    Thank you for everything you do and if I were in need a programmer then I would easily throw some work your way.

    That’s unfortunate that many companies have apparently blacklisted you over this yet I honestly can’t say it surprises me given this nutty world we live in.

  5. Walter Graff says:

    Hang in there, Tony!!!! We all think you’re the best!

  6. Malcky says:

    I know someone I can ask for you

  7. Jl says:

    Even with this post I’m sure you’ll still have some clowns accusing you of being on “big oil’s” payroll.

  8. Steven Fraser says:

    I remember when the 604 appeared in the IBM RS6000 desktop and deskside models. They were a vast performance improvement over the POWER units which preceeded them.

    Glad to know that you were key to making it work, Tony.

  9. I gotta believe if you post all of those keywords in a resume, your phone is going to be ringing off the hook! Very impressive.

  10. Squidly says:

    Tony, please send me a personal email at squid at thixo.com … We should setup a phone call ASAP! .. I may be able to help you tremendously with employment in a multi-national company with an excellent reputation. We need C++/Java/Python resources. It is an excellent company!

    Please send me email quickly! …


  11. Squidly says:

    TONY !! … send me email ASAP !!!
    squid at thixo.com …

    I mean it ! … please send me an email right away!!!

    • AndyG55 says:

      I hope you can, would be wonderful…

      , but it is 2:49 am over there ;-)

      • AndyG55 says:

        That’s probably totally wrong.

        I actually have no idea what time it would be where Tony is.

        Sleepy public holiday down here , and I was going on blog time, whatever that is.

        • Squidly says:

          If Tony is in Colorado at this moment, then it is 8:56pm

          He needs to contact me immediately!!!

          I have the perfect job for him on our team. We are looking for people exactly like Tony ! … it is a great company with good pay and excellent benefits. The team I work on is the best I have have worked with in my life. It is an awesome team and Tony would fit in perfectly! … he really really needs to contact me as soon as he can. I need to speak with him on the phone right away!!!

        • Squidly says:

          Further, if you know of any other way to contact him, other than this blog, please forward this message on to him. Have him send an introductory email to squid at thixo.com so we can link up properly. I need to get his resume and information to my manager and director right away. I would preferably like to have it for tomorrow morning.

          • AndyG55 says:

            Best I can do is send an email giving him a heads up.

          • AndyG55 says:

            Which I have just done.

          • Squidly says:

            I sent an email to the address he listed above too. Hopefully he will contact me. I think he would be a great fit on our team. I believe we are still looking for a few individuals for our Gateways and Energy Servers team.

  12. Jean says:

    President Macron in France said that all U.S. Climate scientist are welcome to work in France, he promise work for all of them. Since you are one of the best real climate scientist, I am sure it won’t be to difficult for you to find some work over there. :)

  13. Steven says:

    I know some people who work for Micron in the Boulder/Longmont region. One used to work at Intel and is a Software Eng. Let me know if you want their contact info.

  14. Andy DC says:

    I wish you the best in whatever endeavor you pursue! You are a very brave man and a true hero. The work you are doing to debunk the global warming myth in a simple, easily verifiable manner is vital. You have the opportunity to go down in history, as one man that defeated a massive army of true evil.

  15. shempus says:

    Wishing you the best. I am sure you will be flooded with project offers shortly, God willing.

  16. Lee Christal says:

    I have read all the comments on this posting, and it is clear that we, as a group, just don’t get it. Tony has thousands of what I would hope to be loyal followers. He also has a method for which we can assist him financially. See “Donate” on his home page.

    You can set up a regular, monthly donation that will charge your credit card each month. For the price of a hamburger a month, we, as a group, can eliminate Tony’s constant worry about where his next job will come from. Oftentimes that worry is generated by the excellent work he is doing on climate research. I have known Tony for years and I know that everything he has said on this post is true.

    So, why don’t YOU consider giving up a hamburger a month for Tony. If you are like me, it will do you both some good.

    If you decide to help Tony, please post a comment letting people know of your decision. Maybe that will help inspire others to do the same.


  17. daveR says:

    I’m very skint but have no problem in forwarding a measely $50 towards your great enlightenment. Spend it as you see suited.

    Best to you,

  18. Kent Clizbe says:


    Software Developer for Scientific Applications (NoVA)
    Experience in any of the following is a plus:

    Cross-platform software development on Linux, Windows, Mac
    3D graphics using Open Scene Graph and/or OpenGL
    User interface development with Qt, Java Swing, Gwt
    Supercomputing, OpenMP, threads, MPI, GPUs
    Microsoft Visual Studio, Qt Creator, Eclipse
    Google closure or similar tools for large-scale javascript development
    OSGi, orekit, commons.math
    Image processing, imagery analysis, or computer vision
    Aerospace vehicles, orbital mechanics, electromagnetics, space situtational awareness
    Directed energy modeling and simulation
    Computer aided design (CAD)

  19. Eric Simpson says:

    Tony, I still recommend that you write a book.

    Tons of money can be made that way, and I think you got what it takes to put together a top seller.

  20. Winnipegboy says:

    Our program is still in strategic development but we are looking at developing an over the counter options trading platform for our cash grain customers. This is a ground up endeavor and our management team has doubts about internal IT talent being even close to pulling it off.
    Likely 7 figure budget.
    If you are interested and available, please email me.

  21. “The work they do at NASA/NOAA/Berkeley Earth/Penn State wouldn’t last five minutes in the engineering world. Their climate scientists are wildly incompetent and dishonest technical hacks.”

    I doubt if your statement above will help you get work.

    The government bureaucrats who play computer games for a living
    are not scientists.

    They may be wildly incompetent and dishonest technical hacks,
    but merely having a science degree does not
    automatically make someone a scientist.

    Good luck getting work.
    If I was not retired I’d hire you without an interview
    based solely on this excellent website

  22. LexingtonGreen says:

    How in the world has Tony not been hired to rewrite NASA’s evidence of Climate Change website. I would love to see Tony rewrite that keeping the specious crap and just augmenting it with the facts.

  23. Jasper says:

    Tony, would you be interested in setting up a Patreon account?

    Doing a one off donation every now and then is fine but I’d be happy to sign up for a monthly donation for your efforts.

  24. Hivemind says:

    Best wishes in your search for work.

  25. KP says:

    Long timer lurker here…
    I can’t help with employment, but have chipped in $100.
    Thanks for all your hard work Tony.

  26. Gary Seymour says:

    How about sheep herding? I hear New Zealand doesn’t have enough sheep fuckers. You are perfectly aligned to fuck your herd, and as a bonus, they will bleat whatever you sow. “Oh, Tony, you are so clever, show us how wrong climate scientists are…” , bleat, bleat, bleat.

    You are an engineer. I totally love your input. But you are not a scientist. Let the real climate scientists decide what is real. That is called the scientific method. If you have a problem with what the New York Times published in 1979, then take that up with the “media”, not with real scientists. Yes, there were a few ‘real scientists’ back then that thought we were entering a global cooling period. They were wrong. Get over it.

    The current ‘misinformation’ is government funding of greedy scientists? Are you talking about the US government? China? Turkey? UK? Ireland? Australia? Every civilized county on the planet?

    Tony, get real. This is Alex Jones. This is real.

    • AndyG55 says:

      “I hear New Zealand doesn’t have enough sheep fuckers.”

      Ahhh… so you want to move to NZ, do you. !

    • AndyG55 says:

      You really are a base-level little squeeze out of a troll’s arse, aren’t you GS.

      You wouldn’t have a clue about anything to do with science..

      …. even your inner tape worm would have more intelligence.

      It is noted in your mindless rabid chihuahua style yapping that you have produced ZERO science to counter anything TH has put forward.

    • Squidly says:

      Wow, rarely see this level of stupidity from a single individual. Fits the Saul Alinsky method quite well however. If you have a coherent rebuttal to Tony’s articles, then why the rudeness, name calling and personal attack?

      Answer: because you have nothing.

      • Colorado Wellington says:

        True, but that doesn’t account for the whole phenomena. You must consider a mental disorder to fully explain Seymour’s writing.

  27. Dave says:

    You should try to go to back to school for Meteorology/Physical Oceanography, that way you could add actual rigor to your claims instead of just PDFs of second hand graphs and articles, then paraphrasing them without understanding statistics or the science behind them.

    • tonyheller says:

      Like Holocaust deniers, climate alarmists are determined to erase history.

      • Richard says:

        and unfortunately if there are not more individuals like Tony that are able to expose this new priesthood pseudoscience (specifically in climatology)than they might get away with it and rewrite it indeed and erase(modify) all previous historical data like ISIS did with ancient cultural sites and artifacts.

    • Colorado Wellington says:

      It’s blind partisan followers like you, Dave, who give science a bad name and undermine the public trust. Pompous talk about scientific rigor and sending others back to school without saying anything of substance is one of the reasons why people who pay the bills have had enough of your kind.

    • gator69 says:

      You should try to go to back to school for Meteorology/Physical Oceanography, that way you could add actual rigor to your claims…

      What Dave really means is that he wants to see scientific rigor mortis, like that displayed by the pushers of the failed hypothesis of CAGW. Dead ideas, shared by dead heads, creating dead bodies.

      Way to go Davey.

  28. Nicholas Schroeder says:

    Being good at one’s job can make more enemies than friends.

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