1973 : Brown, Columbia, Oregon State Universities Predicted A New Ice Age

In 1973, the Climate Long Range Mapping And Prediction Project (CLIMPA) from Brown, Columbia, and OSU predicted a new ice age.

15 Apr 1973, 59 – The Post-Crescent at Newspapers.com

In 1975, CLIMPA downgraded it to a little ice age. They said bad weather is associated with cooling, and good weather is associated with warmth.

11 Oct 1975, Page 41 – Daily Independent Journal at Newspapers.com

These same institutions now predict warming. And they say bad weather is associated with warming, and good weather is associated with cold.

The one thing we know for sure about climate science racketeering, is that climate scientists scamsters will say whatever appears most opportune for future funding.

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3 Responses to 1973 : Brown, Columbia, Oregon State Universities Predicted A New Ice Age

  1. GW Smith says:

    Plain as day! Keep it up, Tony!

  2. David M. says:

    Tony, found this nugget buried in ClimateCentral dross.


    The 2nd paragraph devastates the “settled science” and “scientific consensus” claims made since the release of “An Inconvenient Truth”. Following is a sample of the contrary content.

    In 2001, only 22% of TV meteorologists (who replied to a survey) thought atmospheric scientists agreed with global warming theory. 58% thought considerable disagreement existed among atmospheric scientists.

    In 2008, only 20% of TV meteorologists blamed CO2 as the main cause for global warming. 68% blamed natural variability, and solar plus CO2. 50% DISAGREED with the IPCC conclusion “most of the warming since 1950 is very likely human-induced”.

    Wonder what ClimateCentral was thinking when it drew attention to this article? Or perhaps, the fact it did supports your claim a nit wit is behind ClimateCentral.

  3. Andy DC says:

    There was definitely a modern “Little Ice Age” that peaked in the late 1970’s, when temperatures, snowfall and sea ice approached the frigid levels not seen since the actual Little Ice Age. We were VERY fortunate to have some warming from 1980 to 1998 to pull us away from the brink of an actual Ice Age.

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