1980 : New Ice Age May Soon Grip Cooling Earth

09 Mar 1980, 4 – The Dispatch at Newspapers.com

Climate change used to mean global cooling. Now it means global warming. But the symptoms are identical. Both were blamed for the polar vortex.


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  1. Andy DC says:

    After the three coldest consecutive winters on record (1977-1979), I know that many people were worried that our climate was getting out of control. Then winter 1980 produced record blizzards in North Carolina. During the early March 1980 blizzard, Raleigh’s high temperature was lower than the previous low temperature record!

    But even then, there were some rumblings about global warming. Though it was quite muted, because at that point the “experts” knew they would be laughed out of town.
    They waited until a couple of mild winters before trotting it out in its full glory.

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