Progressives Believe Arithmetic Was Invented in 1960

“Modern record keeping began in 1960.”

Forest fires are down 80%, but climate fraudsters want to push their scam, so they announce that humans didn’t know how to count before 1960.

2015 wildfires burned a record-breaking 10.1 million acres

The people who designed and built the atom bomb in 18 months during 1944-1945, were actually quite good at counting.

October 9, 1938 – NYTimes

There seems to be no limit to how much fraud climate alarmists are willing to push, or how dishonest they have to be to push their scam.

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7 Responses to Progressives Believe Arithmetic Was Invented in 1960

  1. Andy DC says:

    These recent Napa fires burned 115,000 acres, which obviously horrible for anyone inhabiting those acres. But in a historical perspective, that fire was tiny compared to the 1910 Idaho fire and the 1825 Maine/New Brunswick fire that each burned close to 3 million acres.

  2. RAH says:

    The California “Perma-Drought” was caused by “climate change”.
    Then the heavy precipitation that busted the “Perma-Drought” was caused by “climate change”
    The heavy precip resulted in heavy growth of vegetation. Much of the vegetation has dried out making excellent conditions for wild fires.
    So wild fires get started for what ever reason and are blown by fall winds. And this is the result of?
    The sloped areas that have been burned will be more susceptible to mudslides in the event of heavy precipitation due to the fact that the vegetation was burned and their supporting root structure will die. And, no doubt, some will say it’s all mans fault.

  3. Steve Case says:

    Tony – Your 1938 clip the the NYT was about Forest Fires – We have Wild fires now, and they are a whole different animal.

    Try to keep up to date.

  4. RAH says:

    My work called me out to try and do the impossible. There was no way I could make it on time and told them so. They turned me around and had me bring the load back to reschedule the load. So now I’m assured of a good nights rest in my own bed instead of driving all night to try make the 736 miles to the Walmart Distribution Center in Johnstown, NY .

    So dispatchers sometimes can’t do basic arithmetic either because if they had they would have never even bothered to call me. WalMart won’t take you if your an hour or late and will reschedule the load. Sometimes they reschedule it for days later.

    Of course the dispatchers and drivers wouldn’t be so hard pressed if the load planners could do basic analysis. Every driver and dispatcher that has been there for a year or two knows that this time of the year we get slammed with Nestles loads as the warehouses stock up for the Holidays. Every year the load planners continue to take elective loads without accounting for the quadrupling of Nestles loads that occurs every year starting at about the middle of October. And then they wonder why they can’t get loads covered. It all seems so stupid. The same thing, year after year.

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