Spotless Sun

Best pictures taken yesterday

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  1. RAH says:

    Technically not spotless anymore as of this morning.

    The appearance of that small group on the eastern limb ended a period of 12 straight days with no spots detectable on the visible disk even by SOHO.

    Harvest here in the states of Indiana and Ohio is well along according to the observations of this truck driver traversing that part of the country. Been excellent weather for the harvest so far. Dry in the fields and no grain or bean dryers needed as the moisture content of the harvested corn and soybeans is excellent. But that is about the change. Rain coming in tomorrow and we’re in for an extended period of above average precipitation for this time of year if the weather models are correct. Also forecasted for this area to start getting below average temperatures for this time of year starting about the end of next week.

    I don’t believe NOAAs long range forecast which doesn’t show much deviation from average temperatures or precipitation for our area for the winter. I suspect we’re in for a colder and wetter winter in my area extending east and north east than NOAA is forecasting.

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