The Time-Line Of Climate

Time Magazine 1947 – global warming.

10 Jul 1947, Page 18 – The Minneapolis Star at

Time Magazine 1974 – global cooling.

TIME Magazine Archive Article — Another Ice Age? — Jun. 24, 1974

Time Magazine 2007 – global warming

Climate is cyclical, as is climate reporting. The reason that people don’t understand this is because criminals working at NOAA, NASA and other government agencies tamper with the data to remove past warm periods. The raw data reflects the Time reporting timeline. The adjusted data doesn’t.

Data.GISS: GISS Surface Temperature Analysis

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5 Responses to The Time-Line Of Climate

  1. John Smith says:

    So now it is no longer just Climate Change! The politically correct mob now attack “pure science”, e.g. the Queen of Science: Mathematics!

    An Illinois professor argues in a newly published book for math educators that the ability to solve geometry and algebra problems perpetuates white privilege!

    • Arn says:

      As a non-white i’d say:When such dumb perverts who can claim such stupid things can become Professors and are even allowed to teach others than your society has reached the lowest lows.

      There are universal laws in this world,so universal that they can be called a universal language as these laws are everywhere the same-
      the laws of maths and physics.
      Being able to know these laws and solve problems has nothing to do
      with privilige or skin color or racism but with analytic and intellectual skills.

      Perpetuating white privilige has nothing to do with it
      as already a long time ago east- asians have skipped past white people a long time ago in math etc by winning majority of scientifical awards/competitions at universities.

      You know:those asians who are(besides white males) the most discriminated people in the USA.
      Noone is kissing their butts,(because progressives haven’t been told to do so)
      Unlike other groups they don’t need racist quotas which allow them to study when they are not skilled enough.

      The reason for their success?
      The same as for the black immigrants in the USA who earn in average 30% more than black americans
      though they have to cope with far worse conditions(=coming from very poor backgrounds&extreme low education systems,speak bad or no english)

      But these people have structure in live,
      motivation to work,culture and know the values of families and education-and they are grown ups=self responsible.

      Their minds have not been corrupted and perverted with parasitic communistic BS & vitctimhood((though they have been enslaved for a much longer time(1400 years) on a much larger scale(millions of square miles)
      Their butts haven’t been kissed all of their lives by progressives.

      This has nothing to do with privilege
      but with awarenees and the right attitude and the will to learn.

      At least not with white privilege-as a lady who is talking such horrible crap can only become professor by privilege.
      Usually people with such an intellect end up cleaning toiletts and not as professors.

      But what is the hidden message of this dumb claim?
      pretty simple:
      Be stupid
      dont be able to solve math-problems,
      being dumb is good and tolerant,
      being smart is so whitey,raciss and privilege.

      So children read her crap and decide:
      instead of sharpening my mind and educate myself
      i’d rather stay dumb,as being able to solve math problems as this may make me a nazi.
      (=another victory for the “dumbing down american people on purpose” group)

    • What a coincidence. German cognoscenti and intelligentzia theorized from 1920 through April, 1945, that altruism was an innate, or “blood” trait absent in certain non-Christians. Their attempts to systematically purge the race of selfish egoism by exterminating “jewishness” have lately been updated. Today’s cognoscenti strive for ecological (not racial) purity, but the hobgoblin of selfish, money-appreciating egoism remains the focus of their boiling wrath. Only the pretext has shifted.

  2. Arn says:

    So-global warming killed us all in 1947?
    thx god Griff isn’t here anymore.
    She would be shocked to find out that she’s been dead for 70 years
    and that she has not to worry as climate was already killed in 1947-
    ((in 1948 the book 1984 was released))

    The “good” thing about cycles and rewriting history is
    that most people have no clue about cycles(though cycles are universal and almost everywhere to be found)
    and that those cycles can erased by tampering data.
    That makes it so easy to fool people-especially superficial ones,with low concentration spans and low education skills who are obsessed with themselves and are running after every hype and political correctness.

  3. Cam says:

    The U.S. Navy is disappearing the thicker ice. Here is the last ice image from the ARCc0.08-04.6 Ice Thickness on 17 October:
    And here is the replacement (which is the only one being updated now) GLBb0.08-92.9 for the same date:

    Virtually all the 2 meter thick ice has disappeared

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