Time To Give Something Back

Readers have been very generous with their donations over the last few weeks. In order to pay you back, I’m going to start sending a mounted, signed 8×10 glossy print of any image from my blog to all donors who request one, or a 19×13 print for donations over $100 (19×13 prints are fairly expensive to make.)

In your donation message, please include the URL of the image (from my blog) you want printed, and a shipping address. I figure top choices will be wildlife photos, or graphs of data tampering!

My health is improving every day, and God willing, I am on my way to a full recovery.

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13 Responses to Time To Give Something Back

  1. Steve Case says:

    Hi Tony – Glad to hear you are on the mend. I already ripped off my favorite of the coyote in the weeds some time ago. (-:

    Your videos must be over .25 million views by now. Not as good as “Cute Kittens” and “Popping Blackheads” but darn respectable. Keep up the good work – but get well first.

  2. Jack Langdon says:

    God Bless, Please take good care of yourself. I greatly admire all that you do and feel a distant connection to you as I worked at IBM Burlington and was a big fan of the Power PC thrust.

    • tonyheller says:


      I see a donation from you, but no URL to a photo. Did you include that? I need to know if this system works.


      • Jack Langdon says:

        Thanks Tony, We are downsizing and are over-run with art. I admire your pix on the web and that’s enough for now. Happy to just take my reward by reading your blog. Jack

  3. Mark Voorhees says:

    hello I stumbled across your website by accident actually by providence !, and I wanted to pass along some very current info from a prof at U of A in Tucson his name is Farro , like Pharaoh in pronunciation he is involved in writing his doctoral thesis he is atmospheric/ physics dept and his thesis is on the glacial expansion in the Western Himalayas , he is from India and he and his associates have been collecting data on this for a long time and his explanations are very common sense , but obviously the big boys want nothing to do with a very simple undeniable verifiable fact, and it only serves to contribute to the mounting compelling evidence that these climate criminals are lying through their teeth and their reasons for so doing are evil in the extreme and , despite their pagan assertions they first deny God then they turn right around and try to play God….which is in and of itself insane in the extreme, and they are are actually being set up by the very God they deny….Jesus is going to lower the boom on these one world boys in the hopes some will abandon their devil worship and turn from the sure sentence that awaits them, for if they do not they will surely drink to the dregs the cup of His terrible displeasure….retribution comes….you guy are doing good work and of a surety it does not go unnoticed …you can contact Farro at the U of A atmosphere and physics school I just talked to him about three weeks ago….again thanks !

  4. Mark Voorhees says:

    If you want or need just request and I can likely get his email address for you and other pertinent information maybe he will allow you to publish his data he is a really good guy I was trying to find an answer pertaining to am astronomy question and met him by accident, providence!, and he happened to be typing on his laptop and I asked his explanation of the thesis and he was only too happy to find an interested person …..we discussed many different topics in what amounted to a two hour conversation….the government may consider him another minor annoyance but as people begin to see the preponderance of evidence their interest will grow and your aggregation of data will take on far greater significance, and will appear in it’s true value….truth and light leads to penitence and hence nobility of character…the blessed hope !

  5. Triver86w says:

    On my phone the ad in your post is for Hillary Clinton at Belloc theater in November. Too funny

  6. Jimmy Haigh says:

    Godspeed to full health Sir!

  7. wert says:

    Good to hear you are recovering!

    Keep spirits up!

  8. Tom Bakert says:

    Thank you Tony, but it is we who are giving something back. Many thanks for your dedicated work.

  9. Squidly says:

    I am so relieved to hear you are recovering well. Thank God!

    All the best to you Tony!

  10. Bill S says:

    Still – I think I will keep on praying.

  11. Laurie says:

    So pleased you’re doing well, Tony. Praise the LORD for his grace and kindness, and thank you for the updates. Stay well!

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