WMO : 1940 Warmth “Extraordinary” – Post 1940 Cooling “Real”

Government climate scientists have worked hard to erase the 1940’s warmth and subsequent cooling.


And their criminal cohorts in the press have aided and abetted their crimes.

How the “Global Cooling” Story Came to Be – Scientific American

Unfortunately for the climate mafia, there is enough evidence out on the Internet to hold years of climate racketeering trials.

In 1975, the World Meteorological Association said the 1940’s warmth was extraordinary, and the cooling trend since 1940 was “real enough.”

SCIENCE NEWS interviewed C. C. Wallen, chief of the Special Environmental Applications Division, World Meteorological Organization, at the WMO headquarters in Geneva.

The cooling trend observed since 1940 is real enough, he says, but not enough is known about the underlying causes to justify any sort of extrapolation. Particularly dangerous would be any attempt to generalize from even shorter-term experience, like the bad weather in 1972 and following years, to prognosticate any future weather patterns. On the other hand, the cooling since 1940 has been large enough and consistent enough that it will not soon be reversed, and we are unlikely to quickly regain the “very extraordinary period of warmth” that preceded it. Even this mild diagnosis can have “fantastic implications” for present-day humanity, Wallen says.

Science News March 1, 1975

In 1923, the Arctic was seeing a radical change in climatic conditions, with hitherto unheard-of high temperatures on that part of the earth’s surface. Glaciers were disappearing.

07 Apr 1923 – NORTH POLE MELTING. – Trove

Scientists were forecasting the disappearance of Glacier National Park’s largest glacier before 1950.

29 Dec 1923, Page 5 – Medford Mail Tribune at Newspapers.com

By 1940, Greenland glaciers were disappearing and nearing a  catastrophe.

06 May 1940 – Greenland’s Climate Becoming Milder 

By 1952, the glaciers of Norway and Alaska had lost half their mass.

18 Feb 1952, Page 9 – The Burlington Free Press at Newspapers.com

By 1958, the New York Times was forecasting an ice-free Arctic within a generation.

The Changing Face of the Arctic; The Changing Face of the Arctic – The New York Times

There is overwhelming evidence for 1940’s warmth and subsequent cooling. There is also overwhelming evidence that the most vocal global warming advocates are criminals engaged in racketeering.

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12 Responses to WMO : 1940 Warmth “Extraordinary” – Post 1940 Cooling “Real”

  1. Andy DC says:

    Yes, the “experts” conveniently waited for a 40 year cooling trend to end before starting their sea ice charts in 1979. Greatest cherry pick in history.

    It is impossible to believe that with NORAD and the military importance of the Arctic that there was not very good mapping of sea ice conditions prior to 1979.

  2. Paul Homewood says:

    And there was NOAA’s own magazine, which was published in April 1974 and discussed the cooling climate and its calamitous effects on global food output:


    • R. Shearer says:

      Good reference. It set up another disturbing trend.

      It said, “Grain’s are the world’s basic food.” So, what happened next was the push to burn grains as fuel for transportation.

  3. Paul Homewood says:

    And the UN Courier Magazine in September 1973 came to similar conclusions, with a series of articles about droughts in Africa and Asia, all due to the cooling climate as thoroughly explained by HH Lamb:


  4. Gerald Machnee says:

    Waiting for Griff’s iffy explanation.

  5. CheshireRed says:

    You may want to cross reference your news articles with Wiki’s coverage as I’m sure you’ll be aware of a certain William Connolley and his reputation of selective editing. It may be a fruitful source of conflicting claims.

  6. Lasse says:

    I am looking forward to a paperback book on all these fraud.

  7. John of Cloverdale WA says:

    Like to look up some of these historical characters. Dr. Hoel is very interesting. From Wikipedia: Adolf Hoel (15 May 1879 – 19 February 1964) was a Norwegian geologist, environmentalist and Polar region researcher. The mineral hoelite and the Hoel Mountains in Antarctica are named in his honour. He led several scientific expeditions to Svalbard and Greenland. His focus on and research of the polar areas has been largely credited as the reason Norway has sovereignty over Svalbard and Queen Maud Land in the Antarctica

  8. A. V. Margavio says:

    Is it possible that temp. variability i.e. variance is larger today than in the past? I would like to know if variances of selected stations not near heat islands are comparable.

  9. Andy DC says:

    The minimum temperatures at all three DC area airports have jumped dramatically since the 1960’s. We seldom used to get an 80 degree minimum temperature at DCA, now they happen every summer. Global warming? I don’t think so. A lot of it is urban heat island effect, probably also has to do with siting games they play. Also at times their thermometer was reading a couple degrees too high by their own admission. Did they ever correct the past records to reflect that? Absolutely not!

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