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Arctic Ice Growth Since 2012

Climate experts frequently cite Greenland’s Petermann Glacier as evidence of the coming apocalypse. Unlike the imaginary glacier inside the minds of climate experts, the actual Petermann glacier has been growing about ten feet per day since 2012. 2012    2018 … Continue reading

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Declining August 5th Afternoon Temperatures In The US

Over the past century, August 5th afternoon temperatures have declined sharply in the US. They peaked in 1930 at 93 degrees, with last year about ten degrees cooler. The years 1918, 1930 and 1934 were extremely hot on August 5th. … Continue reading

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New Ice Free Arctic Date

Arctic sea ice volume melt rates have dropped sharply to the lowest level since June 1, so I have had to push my ice-free Arctic forecast out to December 15 at 6:19 pm. Ice volume is fifth highest for the … Continue reading

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