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The Heatwave Of Autumn 1939

From September 1 to October 9, 1939 – Madison, Indiana afternoons averaged 95 degrees, had thirty-one days over 90 degrees, and eleven days over 100 degrees.  On October 8, 1939 is was 100 degrees in Indiana.  Imagine the global warming … Continue reading

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NSIDC Losing Their Ice Cubes

NSIDC shows no ice north of Barrow, AK. N_20180817_extn_hires_v3.0.png (1461×1740) But visible satellite imagery shows lots of ice (red) there. NASA Imagery Unlike the fraudsters at NSIDC, the Danish Meteorological Institute correctly shows the ice. DMI Modelled ice thickness I’ve … Continue reading

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Plummeting September Temperatures In The Midwest

Summers are getting much shorter in the Midwest, and September is getting much cooler. In 1897, thirty percent of Midwest summer days were over 90 degrees, but in 2009 there were no 90 degrees readings. One hundred weather was common … Continue reading

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New Ice-Free Arctic Date

Arctic sea ice volume melt rates have slowed to close to zero, so I am pushing my ice-free Arctic date out to December 23, 2019 at exactly twelve noon. Spreadsheet    Data

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