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Oldsmobile Knew!

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Declining August 3 Afternoon Temperatures In The US

August 3 US afternoon temperatures peaked in 1930, and have been declining ever since. On this date in 1930, it was 113 degrees in Nebraska; 112 in South Dakota, Oklahoma and Kansas; 111 in Missouri, 110 in Iowa and Arkansas, … Continue reading

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Terrifying Sea Level Rise In Sydney Harbor

Over the past 60 years, sea level in Sydney Harbor may have risen as much as an inch.  Or perhaps less. Sea Level Trends – NOAA Tides & Currents

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Sailed To The North Pole Five Times

Loli tells me she has sailed to the North Pole five times, and that I should spend $10,000 to cruise through the  Parry Channel two weeks from now. What could possibly go wrong? Link VentuSky

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Lying About The Climate For Billions Of Dollars

With US major hurricanes at a record low, Swiss Re declares them to be the new normal. Major hurricanes now once a decade — not once a century, top insurance firm says NOAA data shows the exact opposite, US major … Continue reading

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Sanctuary States

Republicans accuse Democrats in places like California of letting illegal immigrants vote. But regardless of whether or not they actually go to the voting booth, they all vote in the electoral college – which is determined by census. The more … Continue reading

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Fossil Fuel Powered Sunset

Smoke from the California fires gave us a spectacular sunset this evening. Last summer we had a similar sunset, but there was one big difference last year – sunspots. This year there aren’t any. Just in case you forgot what … Continue reading

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