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Intellectuals And Professors Loved Hitler, Mussolini and Roosevelt

So much of left-wing thought is a kind of playing with fire by people who don’t even know that fire is hot. George Orwell 28 Aug 1933, 3 – The Baltimore Sun at Newspapers.com

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The 1931 Consensus Of the German National Socialist Workers Party

A 100% consensus of socialists. Albert von Brunn: Review of ‘100 Authors against Einstein’ [March 13, 1931] | SpringerLink

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1933 : Progressives Described Roosevelt, Hitler And Mussolini As “Great Men”

In 1933, the progressive Lincoln Journal enthusiastically endorsed Roosevelt, Hitler and Mussolini. 31 Dec 1933, 35 – The Lincoln Star at Newspapers.com In 2016 they enthusiastically endorsed Hillary Clinton. Hillary Clinton is best qualified by experience and temperament to be … Continue reading

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1975 Consensus : Ominous Global Cooling – Causing Droughts, Floods, Hot And Cold

In 1975 scientists knew that Earth was cooling ominously, and it was causing drought, floods, heat and cold. In 2018, scientists know that anything before 1979 never happened, and that drought, floods, heat and cold are caused by global warming. 12 … Continue reading

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US Forest Fires Continue Well Below Average

So far this year, US forest fire burn acreage has been 42% of the 1926-2018 average, and is down more than 90% from the 1930 peak. Spreadsheet The summer of 1930 was extremely hot and dry, so no surprise they … Continue reading

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Plummeting August 6th Temperatures In The US

August 6th afternoon temperatures have plummeted in the US over the past century. August 6th, 1918 tied for the hottest day on record in Maryland at 109 degrees. One third of the US was over 100 degrees that day, and … Continue reading

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Slowest Arctic Sea Ice Melt On Record

Summer is just about over in the Arctic, and Arctic sea ice volume is fifth highest for the date since 2003. The total ice loss since the winter peak, has been the lowest in the Danish Meteorological Institute record. Spreadsheet    Data … Continue reading

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Migrant Fruit Pickers

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