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Ninety-One Degrees Warming

Between February 8 and February 23, 1936, Ashland Kansas warmed 91 degrees – from -7F to 84F.  And that was just the beginning.  Record floods, tornadoes and heat came shortly thereafter. 20 Mar 1936 – ALL EASTERN AMERICA UNDER FLOOD … Continue reading

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Comparing The Heat Of 2018 To 1936

From August 8-28, 1936, Lamar, Missouri was over 100 degrees every day, and averaged 105 degrees. Peak temperature was 113 degrees. During July/August 1936 Lamar averaged 102 degrees, compared to 89 degrees in July/August 2018.  Peak temperature in 1936 was … Continue reading

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Visualizing Greenhouse Gases

CO2 is invisible, but if you could see it, the one part per ten thousand increase in CO2 over the past century is equivalent to packing an extra two people into Madison Square Garden. You can’t see the two people … Continue reading

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