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Guardian Breaks Out Their Corn Picture Again

Six years ago, the Guardian announced the permanent drought. Drought may be new norm for UK, says environment secretary | Environment | The Guardian A few weeks later the UK was flooding. One year on from the floods: businesses tell … Continue reading

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2018 : 85th Hottest Summer On Record In The US

The frequency of 95F (35C) days this summer was 85th highest (or 40th lowest) since 1895 The average maximum temperature this summer in the US was right at the 1895-2018 mean, and cooler than fifty-one other summers. Temperatures averaged four … Continue reading

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Daily Fake News Update

Normally the USSR (United States Socialist Republics) news agencies describe John McCain as a fringe hateful racist. Barack Obama – Editorial Board – Endorsement – The New York Times Except when they see an opportunity to use him against President … Continue reading

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Plummeting Temperatures At Bloomington, Indiana

The weather station at Indiana University has been keeping very good temperature records since the late 19th century. Hot weather occurs there much less frequently than it did prior to 60 years ago. The hottest days are much cooler than … Continue reading

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The Gore Effect

Tennessee used to be very hot, but around the time Al Gore slept through his first high school science class, afternoon temperatures in Tennessee plummeted and never recovered.

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Which One Isn’t A Scientist?

Two of these men have outstanding scientific credentials.  One has none.

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