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Cold Southern Hemisphere Oceans

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Least Extreme Year On Record Continues In The US

The number of daily and all-time record temperatures (maximums and minimums) in the US has been at or near a record low in 2018. The number of tornadoes has been near a record low. And there have been no hurricanes. … Continue reading

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Plummeting August Temperatures In The Midwest

August afternoon temperatures have dropped sharply in the Midwest since the 19th century, as has the frequency of hot days.    August days over 110 degrees in the Midwest were common prior to 80 years ago. but have only happened … Continue reading

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The Missouri Heatwave of August 12-27, 1936

From August 12-27, 1936, afternoon temperatures at Lexington, Missouri averaged 106 degrees, peaked at 110 degrees, and were never below 100 degrees. Unionville, Missouri also averaged 106 degrees, and peaked at 112 degrees. One hundred degree days were common during … Continue reading

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