A Credible Witness

Susan Ford doesn’t remember where or when the attempted murder and rape occurred. She has no corroborating evidence or witnesses, didn’t tell any of her friends, and left her friends in the house with drunken rapists and murderers.

She didn’t bother to warn her friends, try to get her friends out of the house, or even bother to call them up the next day to see if they were OK.

But 35 years later her therapist has “notes” which no one bothered to check, and she took a lie detector test which no one bothered to check. And according to the press, she was a credible witness.

You really can’t make this stuff up.  The left lies about everything, and then brainless Republicans sit back and let it happen facilitate it.

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  1. RickS says:

    “Republicans sat back and did their best to facilitate it ???


    The “Current” U.S. Republicans, both House & Senate are essentially { Traders } these “lying” PUKES need not keep living, now go home with the SATANIC LEFTIST MARXISTS to the “PIT” that has YOUR-NAME POSTED ABOVE and rot for ever…


    They are the lowest of lives and their “stench” follows them where ever they slither to !

    So slither SOUTH, as in/to the center of the EARTH !!!!!!!!!!



  2. frederik wisse says:

    Kavanaugh came forward with more than a hundred incredible witnesses . Did it make a difference ?

    • GeologyJim says:

      I was astounded to learn that the so-called “lie detector test” consisted of two questions to which she answered “No”

      “Is any part of your statement false?”

      “Did you embellish any part of your statement?”

      Wow! That’s tough interrogation ?

      • arn says:

        First a lie detector Test is supposed to have a minimum of 15 questions to be somehow reliable
        (and they do not work with psychopathic people)
        as one can simply be coached spit out a single yes or a no
        without even listening to the question when the number of question is so low.

        The meanest trick Miss Ford used during the hearing when she started speaking like a 5 year old using a pitty me little girl voice.
        That way she tries to manipulate not just the people who ask the question
        she also makes them look like barbarians in front of the eyes of average joe who got successfully emotionalised if they don’t fall for this trick and stay consequent.

        This woman is 50 year old,
        psychologist and used to speak in front of many people(as this is her job,and as long such corruppt people are allowed to teach students universities will remain shitholes)
        but all of a sudden she is on a mental level of an infant.

  3. Douglas Hoyt says:

    Pathological liars are always very credible. They have lots of practice lying.

    • Johansen says:

      You mean like Senator Feinstein, who leaked the story at the 11th hour after having it for months… and then lied about it?
      We need to start looking at *her* crime racket more closely… didn’t she have Communist Chinese running her office? And doesn’t her investment-banker-3rd-husband’s company do all kinds of business in China? Maybe *she* has her own motives for maintaining a corrupt Supreme Court…..
      Watch Trump’s latest rally-speeches. He seems to be connecting the $1.8 billion in cash to Iran to Sen. Diane Feinstein in my opinion. What if they just printed the damn bills in China, skimmed off a couple $billion for Feinstein and the gang, and then sent the remaining $1.8 on a plane to the Mullah’s. Why does Trump keep mentioning the $1.8 cash and the dishonesty of Sen. Feinstein in back-to-back sentences almost? Why does an 85-y/o woman, who could easily retire in luxury and with almost universal peer-approval, feel the need to stay and ‘control’ the crime scene until she practically stops breathing?

  4. Mac says:

    Once again, I said it immediately: Christine Blasey Ford is lying. It’s not even confusion, or anything benign like that. She’s an out and out liar who is a hired gun, bought by the Democrats to torpedo poor Brett Kavanaugh and ruin his life. Cory Booker, and Kamala Harris, and Klobuchar, and Blumenthal, and Whitehouse are destroying Kavanaugh in order to say to their radical America-hating base, “See, we went out and destroyed a privileged little white preppie patriarch for you. We got him.” Brett Kavanaugh has worked harder to get where he is in life than any Democrat alive. But the corrupt ansd slimy activist Democrats see him only as an example of “white privilege.”

    I read online today (I don’t know if it’s actually true) that Peter Strzok’s sister-in-law works with Christine Blasey Ford’s brother. If true, there’s the answer right there.

    • arn says:

      One does not need to be an expert to know that
      when a desperately needed deus ex machina appears right in time
      that this machina is no coincidence but an artificial creation to benefit the creator.
      This is as coincidental as the permsnent Trump bashing for nothing while Obama set the world on fire and noone cared.

      ((i remember some years ago a very conservative EU country with a very conservative leadership wanted to strengthen the ties with Russia
      and the plane on the way to russia crashed and killed all leading party members.
      A few years later a CEO of a huge french oil company went to visit
      Putin trying to circumvent the oil embargo-his plane hit an airport snow plow
      (though there was now snow anywhere.)

      • Disillusioned says:

        “One does not need to be an expert to know that
        when a desperately needed deus ex machina appears right in time
        that this machina is no coincidence but an artificial creation to benefit the creator.”


    • Phil. says:

      I read online today (I don’t know if it’s actually true) that Peter Strzok’s sister-in-law works with Christine Blasey Ford’s brother. If true, there’s the answer right there.

      It isn’t true.

  5. czechlist says:

    Grassley made a huge mistake. Instead of a prosecutor he should have had a criminal defense lawyer question Ford. So many illogical holes in her tale. A good defense lawyer would have had her so rattled she wouldn’t have been able to stick to her 30+ year old “story”.
    IMO If PhD Professor Ford could not deal with her own emotional problems for 30 years, then she has been unethical in teaching and/or practicing psychology

  6. gregole says:

    Ford is a liar – and not even a very good one. I am simply astounded anyone at all believes her. How can people be such gullible suckers? Oh. Global Warming. Never mind.

  7. Chauncey Chapman III says:


  8. RAH says:

    I’m no lawyer but it seems to this truck driver that Ford is not a witness in the legal sense. She is the accuser. There are no witnesses and not a single shred of any other evidence to back her story. A so called “lie detector test” does not detect lies. It detects changes in the physical state of the person being tested. Such “tests” are not admissible as evidence in any Federal court trying a criminal case in this land.

    I had a very rough week at work this week and I finally had to quit listening to this kabuki theater in congress because it was really getting to me so much.
    Here is the run down of what I was doing this week.

    Sunday drove up to Romulus, MI near the Airport in the Detroit area to help out that terminal.

    Monday checked in a 4 points motel because I was told I would be making short out and back runs into the Canada for the whole week.

    Tuesday morning at 03:30 woken by a phone call. A scumbag driver had called off a run to Seward, Nebraska and they needed me come in take off on that run right away which services the companies longest and most reliable customer. I was told the driver I covered for said he wouldn’t do the run because “the radio in the truck didn’t work”. That’s the way things are now because of a severe driver shortage in the industry. So I was in hurry when I checked out of the motel and forgot my Kindle reader.

    Delivered in Seward at the appointed time at 07:30 EST on Wed. Was live loaded there with freight for delivery to Marshall, MI.

    Delivered in Marshall, MI at the appointed time of 09:15 EST Thursday and then took the empty trailer back to Romulus. Called the motel to see if they had found my Kindle. You know the answer. It’s gone. Was told I would be doing a two stop run for Lear in Windsor, ON on Friday.

    Friday bobtailed to Lear and hooked to the preloaded trailer. Traffic backed up across the Ambassador bridge on Friday morning plus I had to wait for the import paperwork for my freight I had picked up in Canada to clear so I did not get back to the terminal in Romulus after having put the loaded trailer in a door at the Lear facility until 14:30 Friday. Told I would be doing a Lear Logistics run with three stops in the Grand Rapids, MI area on Saturday. Just delivering empty racks and totes to the various facilities with no pickups and after the last delivery I would head right to Anderson with the empty trailer and should be home by 15:00 EST. Went right to bed after eating.

    Saturday up at 02:30 and by 04:30 I was hooked to the empty trailer I was to take the 7 miles to the Lear Romulus terminal. It was then I realized that they had not sent the necessary numbers I needed to pick up at Lear in the messages that had come in on the qualcom while I slept. Lear requires the driver have a route number, route version number, Lear’s load number, and the Penske load number. Yea, your supposed to have all four of those numbers to pickup at that crowed busy hole. I had none of them. So I sat an hour while people burned up the phone lines and internet finding or creating those numbers. Finally they came up two of the four numbers and I drove to the Lear facility. After working with an unusually accommodating individual at Lear we figured out what trailer I was to take so I dropped the empty trailer and hooked to the proper one. At the second stop, which as in Walker, MI they told me they had freight to put on me. Multiple phone calls later it was determined that I needed to pick up that freight. After delivering at my last stop in Grand Rapids I would then take that freight back to the Lear facility in Romulus. I would then bobtail home off duty driving because I would obviously be over my 14 hour duty day time before I got back to Anderson. By the time I fueled and did an extensive post trip inspection on my tractor and parked it at the yard in Anderson last night it had been 18 hour day for me. This was a case of my companies dispatch dropping the ball twice on this run and as always it’s the driver that gets screwed and has to try and make up for their deficiencies. In the trucking business more than most other civilian occupations when the chiefs or desk bound functionaries fail to do their jobs it’s always the Indians (drivers) that suffer the consequences and have to try and take up their slack.

    This is the way it has been for me and it’s not just me. It’s been that way for all six of the us salary drivers. I expect this pace to continue for at least another couple weeks. Little home time and since dispatch is under as much pressure as the drivers during this time of transition with new routes of loads and customers being added I expect the problems to continue for awhile before they get it the wrinkles ironed out.

    Out of the last 6 weeks I’ve had 4 with two overtime days, 1 with no overtime, and 1 with a single day of overtime. My breaks have all generally been about the minimum legally required. My friend and neighbor mowed my lawn for me last weekend because I needed to rest before going out again.

    • Johansen says:

      RAH, thanks for reminding us what hard work is. I taught 45 private high school students this week. Pretty exhausting, but these are the ‘good’ kids.

      I finally had the chance to watch “The Soviet Story” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=La81qM-vvU8&bpctr=1538325257 (thanks to whomever recommended this on this forum a while back).
      I’m going to work this into my Economics class this year, somehow, as today’s kids are somehow enamored with Communism. This documentary ‘explains’ what is going on in America right now, and if you have a human soul it will wake you up in the middle of the night a few times

    • Disillusioned says:

      Wow. You do have a friend in your neighbor.

      RAH, I hope your next week is better.

      • RAH says:

        It’s a two way street. We help each other. Earlier that day I went with him to pick up 32 wooden fence sections. I helped building his big barn and his picnic shelter in the back field. He has helped me in so many ways I can’t remember them all. That’s the way I like it and the kind of environment I want to live in. It was a blessing the day we picked this house and bought it and I’ve never thought otherwise. To be honest, I think if I hit the lottery tomorrow I would keep this place. That’s how big a part of me this place and my neighbors have become. It’s old school. The way it should be IMO.

        • Disillusioned says:

          Great to read that. I am blessed to have good neighbors next door also. He cut my grass when I had shoulder surgery several years ago. I feed and watch their dogs when they’re on vacation, etc.

    • Colorado Wellington says:


      What a perfect clusterfuck starting with one scumbag.

      Labor market circumstances put selfish and incompetent people in positions they should never be in. Then the decent and competent ones must fix it after them (you and the other salaried “fixer” drivers, the “unusually accommodating individual” at Lear, your friend and neighbor).

      I’ve been there before. Many times.

      I always enjoy your road stories. Every time I see other drivers behave stupidly around 18-wheelers I wish they would read about your experiences. And also when I see Boulder’s comfortable “Whole Foods progressives” who don’t have a clue and don’t care how things they want get to them so they have leisure time to put stickers on their cars showing how much they care.

      I know what you are made of and that you don’t need this from me to carry on but I’ll say it anyway:

      Hang tough.

      • RAH says:

        As my dad told me. This two will pass! Or as one of my old team sergeants use to say. They can kill us but they probably won’t eat us.

      • RAH says:

        too instead of two of course..
        It’s nothing but a thing. There days one remembers but for the most part in a few weeks it will be forgotten. Ancient history. You know the deal. Just put your nose down and grind away and more often than not it all works out.

    • RAH
      Thanks for a very interesting story.

      I got tired just reading it.

      As a Michigander, I feel sorry
      for you after reading:
      “Traffic backed up across the Ambassador bridge
      on Friday morning.”

      Do you have any logical explanation why,
      with an alleged shortage of truck drivers,
      that orders of Class 8 “Big Rig” Trucks
      were booming this past summer?

      The last article I read on the subject is here:

      I write an economics newsletter and
      can’t figure it out.

      • Colorado Wellington says:


        I read the same article a few weeks ago. I will defer to RAH who understands the business but my read on it was that the trucking companies don’t have a choice if they want to capture the expected growth after the leaner years.

        I reckon they know they have a driver shortage problem and that they will have to deal with hiring, compensations and incentives as business grows.

        I expect it will also get reflected in what reliable and experienced go-to drivers like RAH are taking home.

      • RAH says:

        Yes the demand for new big trucks is probably higher than it ever has been. Orders to most of the major manufacturers now won’t be delivered for about 8 months.

        The US trucking industry was about 35,000 drivers short BEFORE Trump was elected. Have not seen new figures but it would make sense that it’s getting worse. At the same time the freebees like food stamps and unemployment are drying up. So the dregs are being forced to go out and find a job now.

        I meet plenty that actually like it but there are plenty of others that don’t and are there because they figure it’s the best way to make a buck with minimum effort. I mean really, until you do it truck driving looks like a pretty easy gig! Thankfully almost all of the worst of the dregs, like the drunks and druggies won’t even pass muster to get the training because of arrest records, DUIs and such. BUT there are plenty of drivers that many companies in the past, including the one I work for, would not hire in order to keep their insurance rates down but they are hiring them now. I would say the proportion of women drivers, the majority middle age divorcies, and retirement age drivers is higher now than it ever has been since I’ve been in the business also.

        Now to get to your question directly. There will be drivers. The pay and sign on bonuses will continue to rise until their are. A former salary driver that worked out of the Vandalia, OH terminal in our company now works for Schneider National. He got a $12,ooo sign on bonus (usually paid in quarterly allotments over the first year) and does a dedicated run 5 days week where he drives from Dayton to Medina and back twice a day and is making more money that he was as a salary driver. he sleeps in his own bed every night. (I’m on track to make over $70,000 this year). Drivers hiring in with WalMart will make $70,000 their first year and it goes up from there. Trains, planes, and ships just can’t do what trucks do and the freight has to move so right now drivers are in the drivers seat so to speak.

        As for new truck demand. Newer trucks are more fuel efficient and with the DOT standards being what they are today, much more likely to pass muster when inspected. Most new drivers these days aren’t even trained in a manual transmission truck and so automatics dominate now and that’s important for companies that need drivers! So many companies that once had the less expensive manual transmissions in their trucks are buying new trucks with automatics. I was trained on a manual and drove one for my first 18 months as a driver but I love the automatic I drive now. They have during my 14 years as a driver come a long way in efficiency, safety, and reliability. There will always be a need for manuals for certain trucking applications but for general freight automatics are the way to go.

        And the simple fact is that equipment is a big factor for a driver. Newer trucks with the bells and whistles attract drivers.

        Hope I have helped answer your question.

  9. Robert Austin says:

    Always interesting to read of your adventures on the road. Take care and don’t burn yourself out.

    • RAH says:

      Thank Robert but I have little choice in the matter. They call the tune and I have to try and dance to it.

      I learned long ago though that I, and most other people are capable of performance far beyond what they believe possible. It’s just a matter of mental attitude but in trucking because of the isolation and time to think it is easy to get into a negative mindset and dwell on the negative and lose perspective. It is a characteristic of the job that is recognized but not addressed as much as it should be IMHO. One has to work sometimes to maintain perspective and realize things are not a bad as they seem. This extra tough period, like everything else will pass.

  10. Thank you for this view — I thought I was alone
    in finding so many obvious Ford character flaws,
    and flaws in her story.

    I’ve already written about seven articles for my politics blog,
    where I specialize in rooting out lying and lawbreaking
    — I don’t care which party is involved — as a libertarian
    since the mid-1970s, I’m not a Dumbocrat or Republican.

    Every time Ford “remembers” new details of her (fictional)
    story, it becomes less believable.

    Are we to believe that Ford was upstairs with two boys,
    leaving her girlfriend and a boy (who must have lived there,
    since one of the five alleged to be there must have lived
    in the house — the five didn’t break into a stranger’s house !)
    to awkwardly stare at each other
    and wonder why they were alone downstairs,
    while three others were upstairs …
    which neither one remembers,

    And Ford was getting attacked,
    but she kept her clothes on,
    had no physical harm,
    and was allowed to get away,
    so she left the house
    without even telling her girlfriend
    there were two “rapists” there,
    and insisting that she must leave too!

    Who would leave a girlfriend behind
    as “fresh meat for two lions”?

    Only a person with a bad character,
    or a liar who didn’t think about her lies
    for long enough to create a credible story!

    My articles are here:

    Christine Ford lied.

    Christine Ford cried.

    Christine Ford got rich!

    Over $700,000 so far and
    zero legal bills to pay !

    • Phil. says:

      Are we to believe that Ford was upstairs with two boys,
      Or perhaps believe what she said, that she went upstairs to the bathroom and was followed and pushed into the bedroom?

      And Ford was getting attacked,
      but she kept her clothes on,

      Due the the difficulty in removing her one-piece bathing costume that she had been wearing at her diving practice. Not the easiest to remove under those conditions.

      Only a person with a bad character,
      or a liar who didn’t think about her lies
      for long enough to create a credible story!

      Actually very similar to a friend of mine’s description of an attempted rape of her when she was a college freshman, so I don’t find it that implausible.

      Over $700,000 so far and
      zero legal bills to pay !

      But as she said it will help pay for the security detail that she has had to hire and the costs of not being able to live in her own home.

  11. Douglas Hoyt says:

    The Russian Hoax.

    The Ford Hoax.

    The emoluments hoax.

    What’s next?

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