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7 Responses to Democrats

  1. arn says:

    This pic would be better with a
    “Guess which of my hands i use for cigars?”

  2. Dumbocrats, not Democrats

    Christine Ford lied.

    Christine Ford cried.

    Christine Ford got rich —
    — a $700,000+ (so far) bribe,
    with zero legal bills to pay.

    Evidence of her bad character, and
    the equally bad characters of Dumbocrats
    who used her, and left her rich, at my blog:

    • Johansen says:

      $700,000 raised in her Go Fund Me account?
      I heard Kavanaugh’s mother (a judge also) ruled against Ford’s parents in an unrelated case a few years ago….

      • Martha Kavanaugh’s, Brett’s mother, was a judge and
        she was in charge of a 1996 foreclosure
        case for Christine Blasey Ford’s parents … BUT
        Martha ruled in favor of Ralph and Paula Blasey,
        and they must have settled with the bank,
        because they remained in their house.

  3. RAH says:

    Democrats? Thinking or replacing the Gadsden flag that flies under the stars and stripes currently on my 30’pole with a TRUMP flag. I love the “Don’t Tread on Me” flag but the TRUMP flag would piss more of the miserably SOBs off I think.

    • Johansen says:

      If I did that my flag pole would be torn down within 24 hours and my front yard probably torched, as well. Just flying a big US flag gets the message across in S. Calif

  4. Josh says:

    Give me a break. I am with her. Let her keep speaking against Kav. I hope this drags on longer so normies can see the bs that is the democrat party. Nothing is better than seeing bs by these libtards on how no evidence means someone will soon be in jail. Lovin it.

    #Red Wave incoming

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