Desert Sunset

These people bought a beautiful home on the edge of the desert, and sit and watch garbage on their giant television in the living room.

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  1. Margaret Smith says:

    What a gorgeous sky. You can’t beat nature for wonderful sights. Just yesterday late afternoon I was driving 25miles up the motorway to the theatre. All the way, with weather of sunshine and showers, a beautiful and intense rainbow arced from one side of the m-way to the other. There was a bright secondary rainbow above it. Of course I couldn’t stop to photograph it (not allowed on a motorway).
    Thanks for all you pictures – I thoroughly enjoy them.

  2. Jason Calley says:

    Kill your TV.

    I unplugged and removed mine about 25 years ago and have never regretted it. I now occasionally see them blaring in waiting rooms or small shops and am always amazed at the lowbrow quality of so much of the programming.

    Like quitting any drug, you may experience anxiety and discomfort during the first week or two, but believe me, you will be glad you kicked the habit!

  3. Dr. Helge H. Fischer says:

    Dear Tony,
    I wonder how you get the scans of the really old newspaper clips you present. Could you help me with that…?
    I’m a geoscientist who worked and lectured in mineral exploration, applied geology, mineralogy, petrology and volcanology (Mineralogical Institute, University of Hamburg and Bonn, National Institute of Gelogical Sciences, Manila. Against this background I would like to draw your attention to some geolgical phenomena related to geological processes, such as the fact that the Scandinavian Shield is rising since the melting off of the km-thick ice cap by which it was loaded until about 10.000 years ago. So someone living in Northern Sweden might for whatever reason complain that the Sea Level along the Baltic Sea is falling…
    Funny enough, due to the lifting of the continental shield in the North, landmasses surrounding it are bound to sink: I myself live at the North Sea in Germany and here measurements indicate an apparent rise in the Sea Level (not due to global warming but to the sinking of the landmass that forms a huge sedimentation basin in Northern Germany !). Similar effects are to be taken into consideration in the areas surrounding Hot Spots in the Atlantic, Indian and Pacific Ocean: as the volcanic islands created above the stationary so called “Hot Spots” gradually move away from its feed due to the movement of the oceanic plates, the newly generated volcanoes are being cut off from its feed and are thus being transported away from the hot spot into deeper waters, whereas a new island is being formed above the stationary hot spot. Consequently again it may appear to its inhabitants over generations that the Sea Level ist rising, while in fact the island is sinking. This can be clearly traced along the island chains originated by the hot spot of Hawaii, Galápagos or the Marquesas islands, just to name a few. Definitely it’s not our fault that such islands are gradually submerged, because it is only an apparent rise in Sea Level… Still we are being blamed for it the climate change alarmists.
    I would be grateful if you or anyone else would be able to collect published pertinent data on such movements of the crust with the search tools and techniques familiar to you, that unfortunately are not at my disposal.
    May I add in this connection that I very much appriciate your work an am fascinatend by way in which you present your findings, including your calm and convincing narrative… :-)

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