Labor Day 1935 : Most Intense US Hurricane

On Labor Day, 1935 the Florida Keys were hit by a category 5 hurricane with 185 MPH winds. The winds were so strong, it blew a train thirty feet off the tracks. It was the most intense hurricane in US history.

06 Sep 1935, Page 1 – The Express at

This came a few weeks after the worst dust storm and most intense rainfall on record.

On May 31, 1935 Woodward Ranch, Texas set the world record with 22 inches of rain in less than three hours.

Colorado got nearly that much rain a few hours earlier.

Extreme Weather: A Guide & Record Book – Christopher C. Burt – Google Books

Imagine the hysteria if we had a repeat of 1935 now.

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  1. RAH says:

    I’d be looking at the worst storms to strike the East coast of the US. There is now a 50-50 chance that Florence will strike somewhere from the Carolinas to MA as a major hurricane. It is already a well developed TS. The best hope is that it gets caught by the low to the north and recurves but that is becoming less likely every day. If it continues on along it’s current path it will hit the band of warmer than average water off the east coast and is likely to strengthen quickly.

    No matter what it looks like we’re in for a very active second half of the hurricane season. We will be very lucky if the US mainland is not impacted by a couple of bad ass storms in the next six weeks.

  2. Johansen says:

    You would certainly have extensive damage to all solar and wind infrastructure, wouldn’t you…
    1930’s were like the cursed decade or something

  3. Andy says:

    Very good point Tony

    There seems to be some late melt but so weak now that winds have a major factor in matters. So it may go down or it may go up as there are always swings at this time.

    However, whatever happens now cannot sway that 2018 was an average year in the Arctic from 2010 extent wise. No death spiral. Again. Interestingly the winter maximum was low but that does not seem to have helped the summer lowest value so there is still no correlation between winter low extent in the Arctic and summer. A point worth noting. So come a low extent this Feb/Mar you can sharpen your keyboards for all the other websites :)

    Talking of which, whilst bored of beating up XXXX55 on this forum for always mentioning the Holocene, even in polite company, I came across this classics from somebody called Wayne on Neven blog

    His comments, for your amusement

    His claim to be a scientist

    “Isn’t PIOMAS experimental? There is a fundamental difference between my work and PIOMAS, I acquire rock solid data , not subject to errors, PIOMAS is a presentation from data sets, in other words , I interpret from one set of rock solid data, PIOMAS is an interpretation from a mish mash of data bases, which probably needs more work….”

    Neven seems star struck by his scientific pedigree posting on his blog

    “The data that Wayne has, is the work he has done on Extremely High Horizon Refraction (which is the name of his blog). The problem for me, as someone who tries to make things more understandable for a general lay audience, is that it’s difficult to explain, partially because I’m somewhat limited scientifically.”

    Brown nose.

    Then a question

    “Wayne, what do you still expect for this melting season? Do you see it getting close to 2012, come September?”


    “I usually don’t do revisions of my projections, because it is a bad habit, is better studying why a forecast was wrong than to change it. But it looks very much like my April projection was wrong, 2018 is poised to surpass 2012, despite the great cyclone event this date 6 years ago:”

    Doh. You have to laugh….

    I have posted and wonder what he will post explaining why he was so far wrong.

    Will keep you posted


  4. Andy says:

    Doh, after laughing at Spike55 for posting a wrong graph I do this.

    Spike55 feel free to give me a well deserved kicking !! :D

    • spike55 says:

      Sorry you don’t comprehend that temperature and sea ice generally go in opposite direction

      I can’t help you overcome your incompetence and ignorance.

      Sorry that you HAVE to DENY the Holocene to make even a tiny mark as a base-level alarmist.

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