New York Times Fraud At Mt. Vernon, Illinois

The New York Times claims that the number of 90 degree days at Mt. Vernon Illinois has increased from thirty days per year in 1960, to forty-one days per year now.

How Much Hotter Is Your Hometown Than When You Were Born? – The New York Times

This claim is completely fraudulent. According to NOAA temperature data, the number of 90 degree days at Mt. Vernon has actually declined from thirty-two days per year in 1960 to sixteen days per year now.

Mt. Vernon has had thirteen days above 90 degrees this year – less than one third of the New York Times claim.

Since the 1930’s, the number of ninety degree days is down more than seventy-five percent.

The New York Times projects a large increase in the number of ninety degree days as CO2 increases, when in fact the trend shows the exact opposite.

The next graph overlays the actual data from NOAA on the New York Times graph. Every thing about the New York Times graph is fraudulent. They show a sharply decreasing trend as a sharply increasing trend, they show the current data incorrectly, and they hide the hot years before 1960.

The graph below shows every 90+ degree temperature recorded at Mt. Vernon, Illinois since 1895.  Summers at Mt. Vernon are getting much cooler. They reached 114 degrees in 1936, but haven’t been over 100 degrees in almost seven years.

The reason the New York Times hides all of the pre-1960 data, is because the US was very hot prior to 1960, and that wrecks their fake news about global warming.

On this date in 1953, there were 100 degree temperatures from California to New England. Palestine, Illinois was 107 degrees – eighteen degrees warmer than today’s forecast.

The New York Times never makes any effort to correct or acknowledge their incorrect climate articles, indicating it is their policy to deceive their readers.

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