Yet Another Climate Refugee

Thirty years ago this month I moved from Sedona to Houston.  Monster hurricane Gilbert was forming and headed towards Houston – after destroying my favorite town in Mexico. A few weeks earlier NASA’s James Hansen had predicted Lower Manhattan would be underwater by 2018.  The summer of 1988 was very hot, very dry, Yellowstone nearly burned up, the Mississippi River nearly dried up, and Gilbert was the most powerful hurricane on record. Obviously Hansen was correct – at least until Katharine Hayhoe erased the heat of 1988.

On my way out of Arizona, my trusty German Shepherd and I stopped at a convenience store and collected my $60 for picking four numbers in the lottery.  That night we slept under stars in West Texas which were so bright you could read a book by them. It was very cold that night, and there was frost by morning.

Gilbert missed Houston, and thirty years later I’m headed back to soon to be RINO-free Arizona – to work for a few months. It has already turned cold in Boulder, and I’m looking forward to the Arizona sun. High temperature yesterday in Boulder was 65 degrees, coldest September 5th since 1929.

Chalk me up as one more climate refugee fleeing to Arizona to escape the cold weather.

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