The Heatwave And Flooding Of October, 1927

On October 28, 1927 almost 40% of the US was over 80 degrees, including 90 degree temperatures as far north as Illinois. 

A few days later, the worst flooding in Vermont’s history occurred.

This was just as the worst flooding in US history began to recede on the Mississippi River. The Mississippi was flooded for more than six months, and drove hundreds of thousands of people from their homes permanently.

The Red Cross described 1927 as being the worst year in their history.

25 Nov 1927, Page 7 – The News-Review at

You of course won’t hear about this from climate scientists or the press, because factual information wrecks their global warming scam.

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3 Responses to The Heatwave And Flooding Of October, 1927

  1. Mr GrimNasty says:

    You finally found some genuine climate refugees – whose side are you on!

  2. AndyDC says:

    The disasters of 1927 were sandwiched between the 2 great south Florida hurricane disasters of 1926 and 1928. There was also by far the worst US tornado disaster on record in 1925 that killed over 700 people without even hitting a major city.

    All of these major disasters happened when CO2 supposedly was in the safe range. What a joke!

  3. Jeff Jones says:

    Here is a unique idea; don’t build in low areas. Just sayin’ . . . .

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