Did Something Happen Last Month?

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  1. RonnyLee says:

    Bingo! We have a winner!

  2. Anon says:

    That is an interesting observation! (lol)

    I saw this graph on WUWT the other day and was thinking that the red dotted line going upward should be reversed and colored blue, as the only way that they can continue all of this is by continuing to cool the past. Which might be the only prediction we can be sure of, through recent observation of those controlling the data; the past will continue to get cooler.

  3. Taphonomic says:

    Part of the blame goes to the Fed, too. The rate was basically 0% for all of Obama’s reign. As soon as Trump got in the rate increases started and continue for no good reason; there is no more inflation than under Obama to justify these rapid increases.

    • Don says:

      There were a few rate increases under Yellen and she did start QT.

      • David Reich says:

        Yes, but Yellen did it at a measured and slow pace and had the market’s back. Powell is on a warpath to suck cash liquidity out of banking system and by removing bonds from the FED balance sheet. It is also letting bonds mature and issuing new bonds at higher rates also taking cash out of the system. It was not the fact that the FED raised rates, it was Powell’s statement about the balance sheet running on auto-pilot and not changing that during the press conference that tanked the market below the Feb lows. Powell does not have the market’s back. We are now in a bear market. Most of the blame goes to the FED on top of the prospect now of a leftist Congress desiring to impeach Trump.

  4. David Reich says:

    Yes, and something happened significantly on Wednesday when FED chairman Powell said, “Our job is not to underwrite the equity markets”. Market reversed sharply and tanked 700 points from its high that day closing below the Feb lows. Th and Fri were massive selling days and very ugly.

    • rah says:

      And while Wall Street implodes; Main Street explodes! It will be interesting to see where we end up. Seems to me that sooner or later their has to be an adjustment one way or the other that will bring the two closer in agreement to where the economy is going.

  5. rah says:

    Well the government, or at least 28% of it or so is “shutting down” but most importantly Santa will still be tracked by NORAD.

  6. Andy says:

    You could also argue that the Obama effect has worn off and Trump’s policies are starting to taking effect. But then you would have to believe that a President has a significant effect on the economy.

    • tonyheller says:

      You could also believe in global warming

      • andy says:

        I don’t believe in “Global Warming”. That’s why I visit this site. To get excellent posts that show how people use plots to mislead. In you recent video about the “Fraud In The National Climate Assessment (Part 1)” you talk about a graph that shows US heat waves and how its start point is misleading. I agree. I am sure I could find some Alarmist somewhere who thinks there is nothing wrong with the heat wave start point. Your plot also shows your point “did something happen last month?” You have taught me to question how people display data. A plot showing a longer DOW average doesn’t mean I support Obama. It just shows how you have taught me to question what I read and see.

    • spike55 says:

      “You could also argue that the Obama effect has worn off and Trump’s policies are starting to taking effect”

      Only if you had your head screwed on upside down and your 2 brain cells had fallen out.

      Oh.. is that you, little-andy …?

    • rah says:

      I guess someone that lives in an alternate reality could argue that the boom was because of Obama Policies, but then they would have to explain why it took 8 years for those policies to take effect.

      • Colorado Wellington says:

        People living in that alternative reality also believe that getting rid of oppressive bureaucratic regulations and lowering the tax burden is bad for business. They call themselves “Progressives” and there is no reliable cure for the condition.

    • Colorado Wellington says:


      What “Obama effect” do you have in mind?

  7. David of Aussie says:

    A brilliant essay by Howell W. Woltz

    And no, my first name isn’t Adolf.

    Howell Woltz is an American author living in Warsaw, Poland, whose work focuses on America’s system of justice and the negative effects of Progressivism on free nations and their people.

    I was kicked out of high school twice—first for sellotaping Miss July 1968 to the Spanish teacher’s roll-up screen to surprise her when she pulled it down. She was surprised, alright—as was I.

    The school suspended me, my father blistered my backside with a hickory-wood paddle, and my older brother pummeled me for helping his favorite playmate escape from under his mattress.

    But the second time they kicked me out of school, it was over the meaning of words and their use out of context—a far more painful but instructive lesson.

    During Church, I imagined what an alien from another world or time would think of our sacrament of Communion. I chuckled thinking how clever my story would be as our row was invited by the preacher to come to the altar and “drink the blood and eat the body of Christ.”

    The horrified alien described a ritual where people knelt under the murder weapon (a cross) that killed the man they were celebrating—by drinking his blood and eating his body.

    “And they called this ritual ‘Communion’.” My writing teacher was unamused and called for my expulsion for ‘blasphemy’, I got a first-rate flogging by Dad and work duty at Church for several weeks as penance.

    Words are powerful, and it only takes a slight turn of the contextual prism to twist them from inspiration to heresy.

    As George Orwell wrote of the words of the Globalist cabal’s imaginary dictator ‘Big Brother’ in his novel 1984., “Political language is designed to make lies sound truthful and murder respectable, and give an appearance of solidity to pure wind.”

    All one has to do is slightly twist the prism of context and a sacrament becomes an outrage. By changing the meaning of words, the minds of the populace can be easily twisted.

    Globalist ‘Progressives’ put my high school antics to shame. These masters of Orwellian Doublespeak are revising time honored terms to advance their agenda.

    America’s first openly Progressive President, Woodrow Wilson, as example, opined in his 1913 book on this philosophy, The New Freedom, that American-style freedom was actually slavery.

    He got away with it because the 26 most influential news organisations in America had already been bought out by his mega-wealthy backer, J.P. Morgan, to advance the Progressive agenda (and Morgan’s own interests).

    The term Progressive itself, is actually the reverse of that word’s meaning as was intended by its 19th and 20th century proponents Herbert Croly, John Dewey, Walter Weyl and U.S. President Woodrow Wilson.

    It implies progress though completely ‘regressive’ in that its intent is to move mankind backwards.

    It is a socio-political construct of feudalism, originally taught in the late 1800s by Oxford University Professor John Ruskin—a wealthy elite Socialist—who instructed his privileged upper-class British students that due to their inherent superiority over all other races and cultures, they must bear the burden of ‘benevolent rule’ of the hairy unwashed of the world (recently updated to ‘deplorables’ by U.S. presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton).

    Professor Ruskin told his young upper-class snobs that such was their ‘duty’ and ruling the world was a burden they must bear as its Elites.

    But there is nothing new or ‘progressive’ about this at all. Wealthy elites have ruled the world throughout most of human history.

    Taking us back to such was not moving our species forward, but rather putting mankind’s actual ‘progress’ into hyper-reverse.

    It took millennia for the ideas of equality, freedom and democracy to manifest—and just one century to put them asunder in so many ways under Globalist “Progressive” rule.

    And though Professor Ruskin was a self-described Socialist, he made it clear to the would-be Elitist rulers he taught at Oxford that he was not a believer in any positive aspects of Marxist Socialism, he simply saw these schemes as best for controlling the masses.

    The fewer choices or opportunities to participate the People have in governing themselves, the more easily they can be controlled by the Elites through a consolidated press and the puppets of their choosing.

    A wealthy minority subjugating everyone else is a concept as old as time and slavery; but giving it a perky Doublespeak handle like “Progressivism”—though wildly dishonest—was quite brilliant.

    Who at the dawn of the 20th century—or 21st for that matter—would not want to be part of anything that had progress in its name? And as for the puppets they choose to put in office, who would not want to be told they were part of ‘the Elite’ rather than one of the deplorables?

    Cecil Rhodes, one of Professor Ruskin’s students, was so enthralled with this concept of modern-day feudalism that he carried the notes from this particular lecture in his jacket pocket for the next 40 years, as he worked to fulfil that dream—becoming Sir Cecil Rhodes in the process—and one of the richest, most powerful men on earth or in history.

    Rhodes and his upper class ‘Network’ as he called this cabal, organised the Boer Wars to seize the gold and diamond mines of South Africa to fund their cause. The booty did not go to the British Government or public treasury that fought and paid for these battles—no—it was used to control them and the press instead.

    In fact, George Orwell was once part of the Network through The Fabian Society—a Rhodes construct—until he realised that there was nothing ‘benevolent’ about so-called “Progressivism”.

    His incredible novel, 1984, was what he imagined as the endgame of their plan for world domination. It was the Rhodesian cabal’s design taken to logical fruition by a prodigious writer who knew it from actually being in the group.

    As if to live out Orwell’s predictive story, Rhodes-backed governments, revolutions, and politicians were responsible for the deaths of nearly 100 million human beings in the last century.

    ‘Benevolent rule’ has not worked out well for the underclass—but it made the Elites richer and more powerful than ever before as the tentacles of their regressive Order and transnational corporations wrapped themselves around the structures of power worldwide—both political and informational.

    Just a handful of such corporations today—Disney, Bertelsmann, GE, NBC, Time-Warner, Viacom and Sony, to be precise—control over 80% of the content of all information sources worldwide, and over 92% in the U.S.

    According to famous Washington Post journalist, Ben Bagdikian in his book The New Media Monopoly (2016), just 15 of the richest men and women on earth—all but one, a publicly avowed Globalist Progressive—control our public debate. Accident? Not hardly.

    Since 2000, U.S. Presidents have threatened, harassed and jailed dissenters—including me—in service to these Globalists, citing ‘national security’—security from truth, I suppose, as I’ve yet to write an unverifiable fact but spent 87 months in prisons all over America, though never convicted in or by any court of jurisdiction for any crime.

    Only now that an outsider—Trump—has come to power, has this assault on freedom of the press ceased.

    He doesn’t like the press and says so on a daily basis calling them “Fake News”, but unlike his predecessors, Trump does not put people in jail for disagreeing with him or use the press to misinform the public as the Progressives have for a century.

    ‘Progressive’ U.S. president George W. Bush used DoubleSpeak when he spoke eloquently of “exporting freedom” while he drove the United States from #1 in freedom of the press to 29th.

    His successor, Obama, spoke sweetly of “hope and change” while hopelessly plunging the United States even further to 49th place in service of Globalism under his unapologetically ‘Progressive’ administration.

    In fact, most Progressive presidents since Woodrow Wilson have twisted words into lies to start wars for resources or to create unholy alliances to advance Globalism, while abandoning ancient allies when they became uncomfortable associates in the One World Order scheme.

    Franklin D. Roosevelt, as example, abandoned America’s oldest ally, Poland, to curry favour with the Progressive-inspired Soviet empire—originally funded by the Rhodes Network as well—a little discussed fact today, but one of historical importance.

    Leon Trotsky was actually in New York being wined and dined by America’s Progressive Elites—just one of whom (Jacob Schiff) contributed over $20 million to the ‘revolution’ Trotsky was credited with starting—but never attended.

    Trotsky was sipping champagne with J.P. Morgan, John D. Rockefeller, and Paul Warburg while the blood was being shed in St. Petersburg—all paid for by their ‘Round-Table Group’, which later became the Council on Foreign Relations. Why didn’t you hear about this in school? Good question.

    Like President Wilson, Franklin Roosevelt preferred murderous dictators and Progressive Elite-chosen brother-in-arms such as Joseph Stalin to America’s historical allies, just as President Bush chose Saudi/Muslim dictators for his wars, and Obama chose his Iranian Islamic friends over Western Civilization’s only true ally in the Middle East—Israel.

    Freedom has eroded in equal proportion to Progressive’s successes. As example, the Administrative State in America has outlawed 314,000 human behaviours—most of them during my lifetime.

    These carefully contrived statutes against once-normal behaviours are selectively used to punish enemies of Progressivism. Have you released a mammal from a net? (used to target conservative self-sufficient outdoorsmen, hunters and fishermen).

    Have you collected rainwater off your own roof? (used to target rural conservatives). Have you ‘mistreated a mailbag’? (used to remove non-Progressives from the federal workforce). Have you tried to drain a mud puddle on your own property? (used against non-Progressive landowners to seize or control their land under Obama’s “Agenda 21”).

    Have you ever mentioned thinking of committing one of these heinous acts to anyone else? If so, then you are guilty of ‘conspiracy’ which often carries a longer sentence than actually violating one of these “laws” designed solely to trap the enemies of so-called Progressivism.

    Am I overstating the case? Can it really be this bad? According to a Harvard Law School study cited by Attorney Harvey Silverglate, in Three Felonies a Day (2009), the answer is “Yes.”

    The average American violates three of these ridiculous laws a day and doesn’t even know it. Why? Because they are so obscure and ridiculous, no reasonable person could suspect the activities outlawed to be ‘criminal’.

    This leaves Progressive prosecutors free to simply choose their targets and then fill in the crimes, which is perhaps the best description of the American system of ‘justice’ today, (and why that nation elected a non-Progressive outsider like Trump to undo this horrific mess).

    The Trump Administration is thankfully undoing these outrageous grabs of sovereignty and freedom at an incredible rate of 22 repeals for every 1 added—which has infuriated the “Progressives” of both parties who spent a century undermining the American Republic to establish rule-by-Elites.

    Trump is taking away their tool of mass-incarceration-through-bureaucracy, which is why they are violating every law and principle themselves to destroy him.

    Progressives have robbed over 71 million American adults—approximately one in four—of their constitutional rights of citizenship just since I was in high school using this malignant form of rule by ruin.

    When more human behaviors are forbidden than allowed, ‘freedom’ is nothing more than a useful myth and when ‘law’ is used selectively as a tool to remove dissent and dissenters, it has become dangerous in and of itself.
    Our beautiful word Nationalism is just the latest victim of Doublespeak wankery by Globalists. Their unhinged “Progressive” followers in the State of California recently suggested making it a crime to describe oneself as a Nationalist.

    Just one president ago, they might have gotten away with it because Nationalism is defined as “Devotion and loyalty to one’s own country, patriotism,” which was certainly not President Obama’s sentiment.

    Progressive pundit/puppets now claim nationalist is somehow a racist term, though every federal employee and Progressive president in America swore an oath to put their own nation above all others as did yours—that’s their bloody job—yet this term has been tragically twisted to mean hating one’s fellow citizens rather than loving his or her own nation—which is a lie.

    ‘Nationalist’ was intentionally disparaged by Progressive French President Macron recently, saying it was the exact opposite of its actual meaning—patriotism—likening it to treason instead.

    Perhaps President Macron is rethinking his intentionally misleading words now that Paris is in flames and his own tenure as the head of the French Republic he seeks to subdue to EU rule, is in ruins.

    “War is Peace”; “Ignorance is Strength”; “Freedom is Slavery”;—and now “Nationalism is Treason.” Too stupid to merit serious contemplation, but a dangerous practice in the hands of Globalist ‘Progressives’ like Macron, Merkel, May and others, whose Globalist Masters control 80% of the world’s press and are leading the charge toward One World Order—under them.

    And the new media of social platforms are under the control of Globalist Progressives as well. The world’s (almost) exclusive search engine—Google—recently redefined ‘Fascism’—typified by the Left-Wing Italian Marxist Party policies of Benito Mussolini—as a “Right-Wing” construct.

    They did this so that the term could be screamed at President Trump by domestic terrorist groups such as Antifa and Democratic Socialists of America, even though Trump’s philosophy is its antithesis.

    Next, the EU will be calling the Yellow Vests in Europe, “Fascists” for wanting to keep their own nations and ways of life.

    Who in global media caught this sleight of hand by Google? Apparently none. Either out of ignorance or complicity nothing was said and I only noticed it because I’ve been tracking these changes, but overnight just weeks ago, Google sua sponte revised the meaning of Fascism from Left-Wing Socialism—as defined by its founders in the 30s and 40s, to ‘Right Wing’ allowing the press, as if on cue, to apply the term to their conservative enemy of the moment—Donald Trump.

    Globalist news parrots such as CNN in the U.S. and Bertelsmann-owned media in Europe now spit this re-labelled term “Fascist|” at any who do not toe the line of DoubleSpeak, making themselves the real Fascists of press and power.

    This once-unimaginable Orwellian world is now upon us. Consolidated media and social platforms under the control of a handful of self-anointed Elites have become ‘Big Brother’ in every Orwellian sense.

    But the tides may be turning. A disruptor intent on wresting America back from them became President of The United States against all odds, and those of his nationalist ilk are seizing power throughout the world as the huddled masses (deplorables) are once again yearning to be free.

    They are choosing freedom and love of their own nations over the dark practices of Elite-rule known throughout most of the human experience, even as the high Priestesses of ‘diversity’ condemn them for wanting to remain—well—‘diverse’.

    The Globalists were about to win the end game—until Trump. His brash style and refusal to bow to the Elites has infuriated them, but it has also sparked a revolution that is spreading throughout the world.

    Since he became president, Italy, Austria, England, France, Sweden, Czech Republic, Holland, Slovakia, Hungary, Poland—even Germany—have begun feeling the winds of nationalism stirring once more and a pride of homeland swelling in the hearts of those who do most of the living and dying in those countries.

    And none too soon. When Big Brother starts re-writing the dictionary, the history books, tearing down statutes of heroes, and changing the meaning of words that have served us well for centuries, it is time to wake up as the house is on fire.

    The dangers of allowing this usurpation of language are the most severe in my opinion, so I will end by saying that I am a proud nationalist—not a racist, not a bigot, not a homophobe or a misogynist—I simply love my country.

    That is all the word nationalist means—loving your nation and putting its interests above others. I will continue to use the word proudly, as such, as should all of us.

    Howell W. Woltz,

    Author of “The Lawyers Guild” (a novel released this week on Amazon, where Globalism is defeated!)

  8. LOL@Klimate Katastrophe Kooks says:

    Even the first dip in the DJIA from its peak can be attributed to the smart money either shorting or selling out in the face of what the Democrats were calling a “blue wave” (which turned out to be a mere spit-dribble from the corner of their slack-jawed maws).

    The only reason the democrats won in many jurisdictions is their rampant electoral fraud, as recent news stories attest. Sans that, they wouldn’t have even met the historically average gain in seats for an out-of-power party during a midterm election.

    They’re hell-bent on destroying the economy of this country as a means of gaining power and enriching themselves. The only way we can stop them doing so is to demand en masse that the voting process be reformed so they can no longer game it.

    When we do so, you can be sure they’ll fight back… as they’ve done with voter ID requirement laws, labeling any proponent of voter ID laws as ‘racist’ (whilst tacitly admitting that they believe black people are too stupid to get an ID, which just shows who the real racists are).

    They don’t want rule of law or fairness, they want to be left alone to do their chicanery without transparency. Rats have an advantage in the dark… at least until an orange tomcat comes along and eats the rats.

    They depend upon an uneducated and uninformed populace for their very existence as a political party (as example, reference Bill Clinton’s remarks about wanting to keep people uneducated while appearing to support education)… this is why they continue to shill for open borders and Common Core.

    Unfortunately for them, it is easier than ever for people to become educated and informed. And those they wish to import are generally fleeing an economy ruined by the socialism they wish to implement here.

    Thus, their aims will fail. We’re beginning to see this even now. The only thing sustaining them is their momentum, which is waning.

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