Bring Back Our Tornadoes!

the reality is climate change just makes everything more extreme

The Independent   December 23, 2018

We had an extremely low number of violent tornadoes this year – zero.

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette on Twitter: “2018 will be the first year with no violent tornadoes

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47 Responses to Bring Back Our Tornadoes!

  1. Mr Sir says:

    The fact that there were no tornadoes is good news to be sure, but that doesn’t change the fact that there were still a bunch of heat waves this year.

    • tonyheller says:

      The percent of days above 95 degrees was far below average in the US this year. But thanks for parroting the fake news.

    • rah says:

      Almost all time record low tornado incidence when there were supposed to be more violent storms due to “climate change” and Mr. Sir, like the typical leftist, wishes to talk about something else. Really a great example of the cognitive diarrhea that is a defining characteristic of the type.

    • spike55 says:

      Poor slir.

      Have you notice that every time you comment you are immediately debunked by actual REAL DATA.

      Its quite funny to watch your ineptitude, really it is :-)

      I strongly suggest that you stop being a mindless parrot, and start actually looking for real facts before you comment.

    • Mr GrimNasty says:

      No Mr Sir, there was a lot of hysterical media coverage about local weather designed to whip up support for whatever hellish plans for controlling us and taking our money that the next COP nonsense came up with.

      NASA global temperature data showed Feb 2016 to Feb 2018, temperatures dropped >0.5C. During your summer ‘global heatwave’ UAH shows global LTT anomalies were consistent around +0.2/0.3C (from a previous peak of almost +0.9C). Patently that is not a global heatwave in new extremes.

      The UK 2018 ‘heatwave’ had 1 day over 30C in the CET, in 1976 it was 9. The average daily max in 1976 was 3/4 of a degree hotter. The declaration by the usual suspects that the UK summer was the equal hottest by some opaque combination of criteria is highly suspect.

    • sunsettommy says:

      Mr. Sir,

      there were heat waves in 1970-71 in my area that hasn’t been matched since. 21 consecutive days over 100 in June 1970 and 17 consecutive days in July 1971 that reached a RECORD high of 113 degrees. How do you explain this?

      Meanwhile I notice you post only once in most threads you appear in, you afraid to back up your comments?

      • rah says:

        This summer, like the last was pretty mild here in central Indiana. Neither year saw us hit 100 deg. F. What was particularly notable this last summer here were the much warmer than usual night time lows during the meat of the summer in late June through July. CO2 didn’t do that. Water vapor did.

        • Squidly says:

          Here in Nashville, according to the Murfreesboro weather station, we have only hit 100°F just once in the past 10 years and not since 2010. We got close a few times this past summer at about 98-99°F .. by contrast, when we first moved to Memphis (shithole) in 2008, we had three full weeks of over 100°F .. since then, I believe Memphis has only hit 100°F maybe a dozen times since 2010.

          Further, according to USHCN data (Murfreesboro station in particular), thanks to Tony’s wonderful little application, it shows that temperatures for Nashville area have been declining for decades. So, if Global Warming Climate Change® is such a problem, you can just move to Tennessee as we are not experiencing any “Global Warming” whatsoever.

          And if “heatwaves” are such a problem, then how does one explain this chart?

  2. rah says:

    I posted it elsewhere but will say it again. I don’t get the “violent” classification. An EF-3 is plenty violent.

  3. Steven Fraser says:

    Tony: Thanks for the update on the conspicuous LACK of EF-4 and EF-5 tornadoes this year.

    And in keeping with the ‘lack of’ theme for the day, DFW is experiencing a ‘lack of’ the ‘permanent drought’ that was forecast so prominently several years ago. I measured 3-3/8″ in my rain gauge today, and at DFW Airport (the official location) we have had (preliminarily) 3.8″ this month so far, bringing the 2018 total to 55.22″ of precip to date. This brings the year’s accumulation to #2 in the records that have been kept since 1899, only exceeded by 2015.

    • Steven Fraser says:

      And, BTW… it is still raining. The storm is likely to clear the area by 6:00am, so should have a better idea where things stand.

      • rah says:

        We here in Hoosier land are in for a all day rain today. Just started.

        • TimA says:

          We had 9″ of fairly wet snow (my back hurts) in White Rock/ Tony land…

        • Squidly says:

          Raining here in Nashville as well (as usual). Our annual precipitation has been very steady for decades. Pretty much 54″ per year average. Rated 7th wettest place in the world. We are forecast for rain off and on for the next couple of weeks (as usual).

          You would be hard pressed to start a wildfire here even if you had a tanker truck full of diesel fuel to get you started.

          • rah says:

            Glad I’m not driving down there. Crashville is not my favorite place to drive at any time but when it rains it’s even worse. As you have probably noticed by the number and length of my posts, I’m not on the road. Haven’t gotten the call. That is typical for this time of year. Things should remain pretty quiet through the New Year.

          • AndyDC says:

            DC broke its 129 year old yearly rainfall record by quite a wide margin. Old record was a little over 61″, we are now close to 66″ with one more rain event forecast for New Years Eve.

            The amazing thing was that we got all of this rain without any big tropical event. It started raining in mid-May and it just seemingly kept raining for the rest of the year.

          • Disillusioned says:

            Just the opposite of the IPCC “desertification” projections are occurring throughout the world. You can believe the opposite of practically everything the climate change idealogues tell us – they’re wrong 97% of the time.

            Oh, I remember Robert Felix in an old interview stating he believes ice ages begin with increased precipitation (and that they occur quickly). Dunno.

            What I do know, what we were told to expect – and what I once believed – is not and has not been occurring. And, that they’re changing the rules (and the record) to try and keep up with a completely uncooperative Mama Gaia. They have no integrity.

        • Steven Fraser says:

          It was a geographically bodacious storm, extending from the Gulf of Mexico all the way into Manitoba, and developed additionally after it left here, it grew farther northward, and now extends to Hudson Bay.

          We got an additional .26″ from it early today. Oh, and yesterday’s rainfall was a record for the date.

          • Steven Fraser says:

            Two beautifully clear days in DFW, with chilly nights.

            The December rain now stands at 4.09″, ranking it #20 in the 119-year long weather records for Dec precip. The total for 2018 (so far) is 55.51″, ranked #2. We will likely have more rain the last few days of the year, but the record is not in danger unless one of the storms forms 100mi to the west of its forecasted location,and hangs around longer than expected.

  4. DCA says:

    Why must everything be linear? Looks like there will eventually be none at all, forever.

  5. arn says:

    I blame global warming for the absence of violent tornados.
    This hasn”t happened before and when such things as tornados can go extinct
    as result of global warming polar bears and arctic ice will follow soon.

  6. Gamecock says:

    ‘the reality is climate change just makes everything more extreme’

    A No True Scotsman fallacy*. It is just an assertion. No evidence for it is provided.

    *Just one of many fallacies used by the Climate Industrial Complex.

    • The Argument From Intimidation dodges fact and attacks the ethical values of the individual: “only a grotesque genocidal monster would ignore the prophesies of dozens of nameless scientist-impersonators.” A fave for attacking Tony and his chart comparisons goes like: “Only the primitive-minded can fail to realize that clarity is oversimplification.”

    • arn says:

      Yes-even the lack of tornadoes and hurricanes iy more extreme these days.
      Before global warming-during the ice age scare- the absence of catastrophic events was 97% less dangerous than it is today.
      The annual sea level rise of 3mm a year was just the most normal thing
      but nowadays your annual 3mm sea level rise is a leathel threat to
      polar bears,hurricanes,tornadoes,islands,beach resorts,common sense in science
      and especially your wallet,liberty,personal freedom and individiality which can not survive in non sovereign countries with no boarders.

    • gregole says:

      ‘the reality is climate change just makes everything more extreme’

      Here in Southern Arizona, as Tony has amply documented in photography, the weather is more extreme. Extremely nice. I bar-be-qued tonight. Roast beef. It was extremely good.

  7. John B() says:

    Mr Sir picked that comment out of the article itself

    The article ended with this dire confusing comment:

    Despite the downtrend in annual numbers, studies continue to find that more tornadoes are happening on fewer days. In that light, it is certainly possible this drought won’t last much longer.


    • DCA says:

      They must be counting on the Jibberish Equals Wisdom Effect.

    • Cam says:

      I think they’re trying to say when tornado outbreaks occurs, even though they happen less frequently, more tornadoes occur in those outbreaks. I’d take 5 EF1’s over 1 EF5 any day. But remember, you must keep the fear ratcheted up despite the evidence.

      • rah says:

        I’ll raise your 5 EF1s to a dozen or more. EF5s have been known to actually pull the asphalt up on roads. The one that hit Joplin, MO back in 2011 actually pushed the Hospital there off it’s foundation.

      • rah says:

        EF 0,1, and 2s make up an ever growing proportion of the count. That is because more of them are detected due to the advances in the technology and coverage of Doppler and ever increasing dispersion of a growing population. That makes the fact that we had a near all time record low count this year all the more remarkable.

    • arn says:

      thats sounds like a rhetorical trick(to keep the narrative that everything becomes more extreme alive) and maybe even not a lie(mathimatically)

      The number of tornadoes drops by 20%
      while at the same time the number of days tornadoes happen drops 22%=more tornadoes on fewer days.

  8. rah says:

    Manitoba Canada had a single EF4 so that is the only “violent” tornado recorded for N. America this year. That EF4 was the only “violent” tornado in Canada since an EF5 was reported in Manitoba in 2007.

    • arn says:

      Wait-no violent tornados in Canada for 11 years
      and then one in a single day?

      That”s some global warming proof.
      I bet there are some “experts” already at work to make some 97%
      consensus which is proof that co2 increases the decrease of extrem weather events in an apocalyptic way.

  9. JCalvertN(UK) says:

    Re: “the *reality* is climate change just makes everything more extreme”.
    There we go again, the post-modernists at the Indy, manufacturing their own version of ‘reality’.
    They remind me of Lewis Carrol’s version of Humpty-Dumpty . . . “When I use a word,” Humpty Dumpty said, in rather a scornful tone, “it means just what I choose it to mean—neither more nor less.”

  10. GCsquared says:

    Further down in the tweets in the Pittsburgh Gazette link, Tony had another post that I thought was worth bringing up, to be used the next time some alarmist friend panics over some overblown disaster report:

    “It doesn’t take a lot of time studying history to learn that there has always been extreme weather. The @RedCross said 1927 was the worst year in history, with 111 disasters – including 29 tornadoes, 24 floods, 9 hurricanes and 23 fires …”

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