Christmas Album

Some of my favorite Arizona photos from the last two days. Click on them to see full size.

Nesting cactus wren in the Phoenix Sonoran Preserve

Nesting herons on Oak Creek, almost directly above where I lived 30 years ago.

I was teaching high school science/math and coaching soccer at a boarding school in Cornville, Arizona, and lived about 15 feet from the creek. The school is shut down now, but everything looks the same – except for no kids.

Also, my dog was bigger 30 years ago. And liked to play soccer.

I used to take Dingo running up here every day, when CO2 was below 350 PPM.  Now that it is above 400 PPM, everything looks exactly the same – except for a lot more neurotic leftists on the trail hysterical about imaginary climate change.

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