Brutal Winter Weather In The Sonoran Desert

We had a few clouds yesterday, and barely made it above 70 degrees.

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8 Responses to Brutal Winter Weather In The Sonoran Desert

  1. rah says:

    Yea, just keep rubbing it in Tony! Drying up a little now here in Hoosier land after two days of miserable dreary cold rain. At least it isn’t freezing.

  2. oeman50 says:

    I really adore that vividly blue bird photo. Thanks, Tony.

  3. Margaret Smith says:

    Love the pics. Have you got 2 different Blue birds or male and female of 1 species?

  4. steve case says:

    I’ve seen indigo buntings but not around my neck of the woods. Bluebirds are another story:

  5. gregole says:


    Great shots – and it has been simply gorgeous here in the Sonoran desert. Had a hamburger bar-be-que this evening. Lovely.

  6. Psalmon says:

    FYI…Environmental groups are up in arms over potential changes to the Endangered Species Act…AND USING BALD EAGLES TO PROMOTE THEIR OUTRAGE.

    OMG. It’s ok to suspend regulation to build Wind Turbines that murder endangered birds, but don’t change the ESA! We have to save the planet (while we burn hardwood forests in Virginia as “biomass”).

  7. rah says:

    This completely OT but important I think.
    At the request of the British Government, Peter Jackson, think Lord of the Rings, has produced a documentary of WW I and those that fought it using original footage from the time.

    The grainy and too fast images we have all seen from WW I get the general idea across but lack the ability to portray the real human aspect of it all. Using the latest technology the 100 year old footage has been made to look as if it were filmed this year. Jackson reviewed 100 hours of WW I footage and 400 hours of audio footage to put together this documentary. It is amazing. Here is the trailer:

    A point Jackson brings out is that the soldiers of the commonwealth of the time did not believe their lives were being wasted and had no self pity. It is we of the times since then that have characterized WW I as a meat grinder where the youth and lives of so many men were squandered.

    I shall have the DVD as soon as it’s available. The film premiers in England today.

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