Erasing The Medieval Warm Period

In 1981, NASA’s James Hansen showed a Medieval Warm Period – based on temperatures in Greenland, California and England.

In 1981, NASA’s

Global temperature trend is based on temperatures in central England, the tree limit in the White Mountains of California, and oxygen isotope  measurements in the Greenland ice (W. Dansgaard of the Geophysical Isotope Laboratory, University of Copenhagen, pers. comm.), with the  temperature scale set by the variations in the last 100 years


The 1990 IPCC report showed the same thing.


Overlaying Hansen’s 1981 graph on the 1990 IPCC graph, it can be seen that they are almost identical.

This research was reported in Nature in 1975.

24 May 1975, Page 12 – Ames Daily Tribune 

The Medieval Warm Period has been known for over 80 years.

January 22, 1934 –

The existence of the Medieval Warm Period wrecked the global warming scam, so professional climate fraudsters like Michael E Mann decided to get rid of it.

U.S. Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works

And by 2001, the Medieval Warm Period had been officially erased by the fraudsters known as “climate scientists.”


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36 Responses to Erasing The Medieval Warm Period

  1. steve case says:

    There’s always this one:

    “We have to get rid of the Medieval Warm Period!”
    You Tube

  2. arn says:

    Wait another 10 years and the Medieval warm period will be called a conspiracy theory.

    • Mac says:

      Yes, that we all read about on Breitbart or Infowars, no doubt. The document from the Senate committee will be dismissed as an “alt-right” Photoshop job.

  3. bru92 says:

    Perfectly logical.
    But clicking on your deplorable link to the “1990 IPCC Report” produces a “404-ERROR, Page Does Not Exist” page.
    Simple Internet search for the 1990 report doesn’t seem to lead anywhere, either

    Didn’t see it here, either

  4. bru92 says:

    TAR-02 link also 404-ERROR

  5. Chewer says:

    Unfortunately, that was the optimum and the odds of growing barley/corn again during this interglacial are slim to zilch.
    Thankfully we’ve fully prepared for the next glaciaion stage as this interglacial ends-:)

  6. Davide says:

    Reports are all there.
    They just changed the website, so if you want to use old links you can add “archive” at the url beginning: “” becomes “”.
    Otherwise, you can find them in the new website.
    About medieval warming period, Winston Smith is not doing a good enough job.
    @arn: in 10 years you will be prosecuted if talking about this.

  7. Douglas Hoyt says:

    They also want to erase the Eemian inter-glacial that was warmer than present with less CO2.

  8. On Feb 13, 2018: The judge dismissed all charges in the lawsuit brought against Dr Tim Ball by BC Green Party leader Andrew Weaver. It is a great victory for free speech.
    ‘The Deliberate Corruption of Climate Science’.
    “Human Caused Global Warming”, ‘The Biggest Deception in History’.

    • Bob Tisdale says:

      Hey, Tim.

      HAPPY HOLIDAYS to you and yours,

    • Dr TCH says:

      Dear Dr. Ball:
      I’ve much enjoyed your presentation on the “Biggest Deception in History.” I’m still shaking my head–baffled at how we– PRACTICALLY DAILY– hear that not only is there a “climate crisis,” but that it’s “Even worse than we thought!!” (Huh?!!).This campaign has all the earmarks of religious doctrine-dogma…rather than legitimate scientific research and discourse. Yet, I would like to suggest that we’ve seen other major issues (and report of historical events) such as AIDS and the Pearl Harbor attack (and even the terrible “9-11” disaster) that have been covered in much the same way. I would have you reflect on the fact that this kind of behavior smacks of the gov’t handling of the news in the Orwell novel “1984.”


      Dr. T.C. Halle

  9. Bob Tisdale says:

    And a Hey to you too, Tony.

    Too bad David Deming didn’t say who wrote the “get rid of the MWP” email.

    HAPPY HOLIDAYS to you and yours,

  10. Ronnie says:

    Merry Christma/Good Yuletide.

    It appears the IPCC altered or eliminated their original mandate.

    The mandate originally read:

    The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) was established by World Meteorological Organization and United Nations Environmental Programme (UNEP) in 1988 to assess scientific, technical, and socioeconomic information that is relevant in understanding human-induced climate change, its potential impacts, and options for adaptation and mitigation. The IPCC does not carry out original research, nor does it monitor climate or related phenomena itself. Rather, it assesses published literature including peer-reviewed and non-peer-reviewed sources.”

    • Ronnie says:

      Ok. I found the original wording. No longer identified as a *mandate* …it has been archived on a page labeled “history”:


      “…to assess on a comprehensive, objective, open and transparent basis the scientific, technical and socio-economic information relevant to understanding the scientific basis of risk of human-induced climate change, its potential impacts and options for adaptation and mitigation. IPCC reports should be neutral with respect to policy, although they may need to deal objectively with scientific, technical and socio-economic factors relevant to the application of particular policies.” 


      The following appears to be recently added verbiage which prefaces the above quotation:

      The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change was created in 1988. It was set up by the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) and the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP) to prepare, based on available scientific information, assessments on all aspects of climate change and its impacts, with a view of formulating realistic response strategies. The initial task for the IPCC as outlined in UN General Assembly Resolution 43/53 of 6 December 1988 was to prepare a comprehensive review and recommendations with respect to the state of knowledge of the science of climate change; the social and economic impact of climate change, and possible response strategies and elements for inclusion in a possible future international convention on climate. Today the IPCC’s role is as defined in Principles Governing IPCC Work,

      This recent addition changes the IPCC’s reason for being as it was established in 1988 …to access the “risk of human-induced climate change”.

      • Ronnie says:

        To clarify:

        The last three lines of my previous post we’re my thoughts:
        “This recent addition changes the IPCC’s reason for being as it was established in 1988 …to access the “risk of human-induced climate change”.

        Sorry for any confusion.

      • Gator says:

        It also lies about their original reason for being. But who here is surprised? Winston Smith lives!

        Happy 1984 everybody!

        • Dr TCH says:

          Dear Mr. Gator: With all the “alarmists” abroad (as they used to say), you are SURELY “on the money” with your remark about Winston Smith. “Managed News” (and Managed Reality”)!! Yet, we have seen the very same “phenomenon” with the coverage of diseases like cancer and AIDS. As it happens, cancer is NOT the tumor, but a fundamental derangement of cellular metabolism (well established by Nobel laureate Dr. Otto Warburg (nearly a century ago!)..and further elaborated by other researchers over roughly the last twenty years). Experienced virologists (such as Dr. Peter Duesberg) have taken issue with the AIDS=HIV “formula.” This is not science, but pseudo-science (AKA, BS, bald-faced propaganda).

    • The Ugly Israeli says:

      Now in Israel we have very cold winter. I am really sick of the fake news, so thank you very much for the article. I had a debate with one alarmist which claimed that in the middle age temperatures were colder than nowadays. So as I see, governments are just brainwashing us and rewriting the history. We definitely should get rid of this and get out of these liars!

  11. Betty says:

    Every single encyclopedia and reference site/source includes an entry on the MWP – why on earth are you claiming that its being erased?? Easily available information in easy to understand language all over the internet and in every library-you do realise that libraries have books going back centuries so it actually doesnt matter at all if some idiot changes information online.

  12. Dr TCH says:

    Folks looking for “alternative viewpoints” on AGW/GCC may find it a bit more difficult these days. For anyone just arriving here, I’d like to assure you that there is some EXCELLENT content here..and a nice source for rebuking the “junk science” we hear virtually EVERY day from gov’t sources and main-stream news outlets (courtesy of the “Alarmists”). Legitimate scientific research and discourse are terribly important, but there has been a huge departure from this, with regard to certain fields of study, topics and issues. Dr. Ball’s material is just DA*NED refreshing.

    (Site Administrator: Hope this comment was OK: No intent to cause any problems) ; )

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