Extreme Fraud In The National Climate Assessment (Part 1)

Katharine Hayhoe’s and Michael Mann’s National Climate Assessment is laced with fraud, starting in the first chapter where they claim heatwaves are becoming more common in the US.

The Most Chilling Parts of the 2018 Climate Assessment – The Atlantic

The frequency of hot days has plummeted in the US over the past century, down nearly 50% since the 1930’s.

The percent of the US reaching 95 degrees sometime during the year has plummeted, with recent years being the lowest on record.

The average summer maximum temperature has plummeted over the past century.

As atmospheric CO2 has increased, US summer temperatures have declined.

As atmospheric CO2 has increased, the frequency of hot days in the US has declined.

As atmospheric CO2 has increased, the percentage of the US reaching 95 degrees has declined.

Their fraud is centered around hiding data prior to 1960.

Not hard to see why they are doing this.

They blame the hot weather prior to 1960 on farmers in the Oklahoma Panhandle, and use that as an excuse to hide it.

Over timescales shorter than a decade, the 1930s Dust Bowl remains the peak period for extreme heat in the United States for a variety of reasons, including exceptionally dry springs coupled with poor land management practices during that era.

To get a feel of how dishonest this is, compare the area of the Dust Bowl to the area of the 1934 drought.

Dust Bowl Region

psi-193407.gif (690×488)

I overlaid the Dust Bowl region on the drought map, to show how dishonest their attempt to blame farmers is.

Then they claim that the frequency of 100 degree days is increasing in Arizona due to climate change.

In the bleakest scenario of unchecked climate change, Phoenix could have as many as 150 days per year above 100 degrees Fahrenheit by the end of the century

This is another trivial to disprove lie.  Outside of the urban heat island of Phoenix, the frequency of 100 degree days in Arizona is plummeting.

I sat with Hayhoe and Mann at the opening of Naomi Oreske’s propaganda movie in 2015, Merchants of Doubt. Katharine says she won’t debate me and has me blocked on Twitter -because I am too sweet and agreeable.

Of course the real reason she won’t debate me is because she knows that I would expose her as a world class liar and fraud.

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37 Responses to Extreme Fraud In The National Climate Assessment (Part 1)

  1. Norilsk says:

    I my observation once a political decision is made, they will lie to the nenth to support their cause. In the museum/library situation here in Cayuga, the three councillors most responsible all got the boot in the local election, chief among them came in a distant third.

  2. arn says:

    Once i read that decades ago in England they used to build the water pipes alongside the ouside of the house.
    Bately isolated from the supercool weather/climate of the ice age of the 60-70ies.

    Now i wonder why they started to built them inside + much better isolated though temperatures increased so much since AGW.

    This follows the same strange logic as the booming house prizes along the coasts.

  3. Gator says:

    Wow! Hayhoe must have forgotten commandment number eight. That, or she has finally rejected Christianity altogether, and converted to the Holey Church of Grantology.

    • R Shearer says:

      Don’t forget she’s among a select group that nominate and award cash prizes for climate research. In addition, she consults privately on climate related matters.

    • Nutation_discombobulation says:

      You’re spot-on Gator, she’s a fraudulent Christian as well as a fraudulent scientist, although she puts herself up there with Elisha and Elijah.

      Ms Hayhoe claims to be a Christian yet this is what she said
      “Hayhoe herself is most excited by the efforts of Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla Motors and founder of SpaceX. “If I had to pick one person to save the world—and I don’t think any one person will but if I had to pick one—it would be him.”” (sic)
      Jesus is impotent in her mind, she’s an impostor.

      If anyone cares to read screes of dribble and foaming…. https://www.texasmonthly.com/articles/katharine-hayhoe-lubbock-climate-change-evangelist/

      • Johansen says:

        Musk will save the world??? Tesla is going down the financial drain and has myriad problems. Will Elon even be a factor in 5 years?

      • Louis Hooffstetter says:

        ‘Climate Change Evangelist’ says it all!

        Hayhoe is NOT a scientist, she’s a cultist, and she basically admits it. Scientists follow the scientific method, which requires them to collect and analyze data objectively, and share their data and methods with others for replication of results.

        In general, climatologists follow the scientific method while ‘climate scientists’ do not.

      • Louis Hooffstetter says:

        Cultist: Follower of a religious sect generally considered to be extremist or false, who often lives in an unconventional manner under the guidance of an authoritarian, charismatic leader.

    • Nutation_discombobulation says:

      I particularly like this bit….

      “Hayhoe eventually began focusing on statistical downscaling, which was still a relatively new field when she started graduate school, in 1995.” 
      “Statistical downscaling involves combining historical weather observations with global-climate models to better predict what the future could look like in a particular place.”

      Is this where they “downscale” past temperatures and computer model “upscaled” future ones?

      The overarching impression I get from that interview is one of a green agenda and a hatred of the fossil energy establishment. These people are like a lot of ungrateful spoilt brats, if it wasn’t for oil, coal and gas where would our civilisation be.
      I wonder how these ignoramuses would go living in a would shack, bathing once a week and wearing either cotton and serge clothing, and wondering if they had enough corn and potatoes to last them through the winter.

  4. Jl says:

    Yes-she’s a member of the Church of Failed Predictions and Data Distortion.

  5. tomwys says:

    Your experience with Ms. Hayhoe says everything one needs to know!

  6. GW Smith says:

    The left’s existence depends on keeping their followers ignorant and their enemies evil.

  7. Mohatdebos says:

    I wonder if she was in Lubbock when the latest snow storm hit.

  8. DCA says:

    Since the heat wave bar chart in the National Climate Assessment says that their data for the 1960s is incomplete, I suspect they had to exclude the first few years of that decade to get the trend they wanted.
    One of the commenters here once said “He who controls the end points controls the trend.” So true.

  9. Anon says:

    Imagine what would happen if Tony shaved off the data and used it plot a cooling trend? They would discredit him in a second, using his exact argument. (facepalm)

  10. feathers says:

    Why doesn’t Trump Fire the those responsible for this garbage and produce an assessment with real science? I’ve been waiting for two years!

  11. AndyDC says:

    I think it is hilarious that they blame Oklahoma farmers (Christian white males, naturally) for extreme 1930’s heat and drought over almost the entire US, plus much of Canada as well. That is right up there with the Salem Witch Trials in terms of ignorance, superstition and scapegoating.

  12. billtoo says:

    none of this makes sense. are you saying the sun insolates more infrared onto the earth during the day than the earth emits at night? unpossible!

  13. frederik wisse says:

    Our friend Jimmy Carter created in his presidential years the SES , an organisation capacitating the US government to hire topquality personel at market-salaries , which are determined by these employees themselves . This was the start of a totally out-of-hand fastrolling corruption intertwined with democratic-party operatives . Especially persons with a law-degree have been profiteering from these unequalled challenges and installed a juridical system that catapulted them in a class of untouchables . At a conflist their defence is clear and easy : Obstruction of justice . Much to my regret i must add that herewith the most unreliable type of people , the lawyers , were rewarded exceptionally , because the study of law implicates that you study the laws and their practical application and forget about the morals , which are only for common people . But not for the socalled new priests-class , whose leading representatives were George W Bush , Bill and Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama . All 4 of them very lightning examples of exemplary moral codes . Hillary Clinton was so sure of the groups superiority that she did not even care to go campaigning in the final run for the presidency . Then Trump comes into the picture and gains the support of the us -electorate . He is a builder and a man of morals , but no sin is strange to him .
    He starts with the slogan : DRAIN THE SWAMP . Now the SES-Paradise is getting nervous together with their buddies in the democratic-party . Unless he does the unthinkable Trump will remain powerless against the club of untouchables running the USA covering the climate-change maffia because the manipulated suits them very well and they are both interested to keep the gravy-train running . Every day extra is giving all of them more money and who cares about the future ? Only fools like us .

    • Robertv says:

      The moment you addict government to unlimited resources ((not) Federal Reserve fiat money printers in the temple) it no longer needs We The People. Now the money changers are in power and therefore elections no longer change politics. Only the most corruptible puppets are now allowed to climb to the top. As long as you don’t stop the blood supply the cancer will grow.

    • Robertv says:

      Therefore the Swamp is everywhere in all parties and power structures. Trump is on his own and can’t trust anyone especially not his ‘own’ party. As long as coining not again is in the hands of We The People there is nothing he can do. Get rid of the money changers of the (private)federal reserve system.

    • feathers says:

      Frederik.. you are very wise!

  14. Disillusioned says:

    Thank you Tony!

    There are many who helped me become disillusioned and helped in the healing of my terrible AGW sickness. Richard Lindzen is one of the earliest. I first followed his radiosonde study, wanted to know about the foretold (but never seen) hotspot, the growing polar bear population, the greening deserts from Australian scientists… all the while looking for reasons why my doubt of AGW would eventually be proven wrong. I was first an AGW believer, then a lukewarmer.

    It took me longer to fully understand the extent of the AGW fraud . Your daily presentation of dissenting graphs and historical news articles were so very helpful in getting me past all that. You are to the point. You are no-nonsense. You are divine.

    God Bless You Tony Heller!

  15. R. de Haan says:

    Know your enemy: About the Technocrats and where they come from:

    And the damage they do rigging our societies:

    That’s why we have to root them out.

  16. Buck Turgidson says:

    “Downscaling” sounds pretty darned sophisticated — in reality it is an exercise of futility. It simply magnifies and perpetuates meaningless results from junk science global climate models. Has never produced one useful result for decision makers, ever. Waste of time and taxpayer $$.

    • Robertv says:

      But who makes the decisions for the decision makers ? The US and most (Western) countries are broke and only money printing keeps them floating. It’s a Fake economy.

  17. John says:

    Hayhoe’s Twitter profile:
    “Im a climate scientist and a hypocrite. I do not debate anyone that doesn’t already agree with me. if you ask me questions I will block you. Beyond parody.”

    • Gator says:

      It gets worse. From her own bio…

      I am also the founder and CEO of ATMOS Research, where we bridge the gap between scientists and stakeholders to provide relevant, state-of-the-art information on how climate change will affect our lives to a broad range of non-profit, industry and government clients. We work with a broad range of organizations, from Austin Water to Boston Logan Airport, to assess the potential impacts of climate change on their infrastructure and future planning.


      She is no scientist. Katharine is a salesperson, an activist, and a liar (the last point is redundant).

  18. Gamecock says:

    ‘Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion’

    So the entire Climate Industrial Complex™ is unconstitutional.

  19. Ty Spiller says:

    Every day when I look up in the sky and witness the assault on our planet from “science experiments” it really is hard to not wonder if those behind these programs are the dictionary definition of a sociopath. Every morning we see the heavy barrage of chemicals (e.g. aluminum, barium, strontium etc.) being sprayed in the skies above us, then get called conspiracy theorists because the bought and paid for media and weather channel cover it up – for money. Exactly why should I trust the scientists, the deep state that carries out these programs, the bankers that fund them, and the propagandists who cover it up, when we cannot have an open and honest conversation about it?

    Seriously think about it! These programs have been going on in our skies for many years, with a dramatic escalation in the past five years to what I consider to be panic spraying in recent years. Let’s talk about carbon emissions – how much carbon do these planes that blanket our skies with toxic chemicals produce and do those fake clouds block gases from leaving and create an artificial warming? Could it be the deep state is blocking heat from escaping on purpose to justify their sociopathic desires to go to Mars? Why should we trust these sociopaths when they cannot be honest about what they are doing?

    Now please do not discredit me because of these questions. The fact is when you are openly dishonest with the population, that is inevitably going to lead to conspiracy ideas that could be true “conspiracy” that is far from reality. The fact is many of us no longer know what to believe, as the cover-up and lying from those carrying out these programs is astonishing – truly astonishing!

    I find it interesting that in recent months the scientists behind the programs at Harvard have gone public that they would like to “test” the idea (e.g. the balloon, etc.). Test the idea? They blanket the skies every day from planes – starting before sunrise, by 10 am the sky is a toxic soup of chemicals! If that program is non-existent, I would hate to see what is going to happen when these sociopaths start “experimenting” openly and honestly – God help us!

    When I hear the word “terrorist” the picture in my mind is those behind these programs. They are terrorizing us from the skies on a daily basis and it is off the charts depressing! In fact, perhaps we need to have a conversation about the massive increase in antidepressants that are being prescribed? Could there be a correlation between this and the “sun blocking” programs? How about autism? Any correlations there? And the violent storms? Could mother nature be telling us she is tired of the toxic soup and HAARP? The fact is when you lie about programs, what do you expect logical thinking people to believe?

    And let’s talk about the Weather Channel. Previously owned by the Rothschilds banking family, now owned by IBM, each day when I see the forecast as “partly cloudy” I can be sure we will be rained on by chemicals all day. The level of conspiracy and cover up is astounding, and your ilk chastise the population for believing “myths?” Seriously?

    I ask you to please consider that If you want an honest conversation about climate change you need to start by being honest about what is going on above our heads – the billions in funds that are spent but buried as military operations, the weather predictions where “partly cloudy“ almost always correlates with heavy spraying. Those behind the cover-ups do not engender trust, so why shouldn’t we believe any and all “myths.”

    The bottom line is perhaps your ilk should consider also writing a paper about morality and honesty. I am willing to bet if your colleagues would be honest about what they are doing in our skies those of us that can see it would be more supportive of the effort assuming it makes sense. If you cannot sell the program on merit, it should not be done! Yes, it will be an uphill battle, as we have many scars from the years you have openly lied about it – but if humanity is to have any hope, we first need to be honest because I can assure you carrying out these secret programs and then lying about it is not the way to earn the publics trust and confidence!

  20. Ty Spiller says:

    Picture speaks for itself

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