Hansen Running Out Of Time

The world’s leading climate expert has only two weeks left to melt the Arctic, and the ice is rapidly expanding and thickening.

December 1              December 17

The Argus-Press – Google News Archive Search

Meanwhile, Russia is colluding with President Trump’s global warming denial – at minus fifty-six degrees.

Ventusky – Wind, Rain and Temperature Maps

Don’t let all this ice and cold fool you though.  The Washington Post says the Arctic is super hot.

The North Pole is an insane 36 degrees warmer than normal as winter descends – The Washington Post

And just last week, climate experts announced that Arctic warming is unprecedented in human history.

SCIENCE: Arctic warming is ‘unprecedented’ in human history 

Never mind that the Arctic was ice-free 6,000 years ago.

Less Ice In Arctic Ocean 6000-7000 Years Ago — ScienceDaily

And never mind that 5,000 years ago, forests extended all the way to the Arctic Ocean.

h/t Tim Ball

It is happening, you are doomed, and Fred Flintstone caused it with his SUV.

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