No Trend In Arctic Sea Ice Extent Or Volume

1980 was an anomalously high (sea ice extent) year

– Walt Meier NSIDC

Claims that Arctic sea ice is disappearing are patently false. There has been no trend in Arctic sea ice extent since the start of MASIE records in 2006.

data       spreadsheet

There also has been no trend in Arctic sea ice volume since 2006.

data       spreadsheet

According to the world’s leading climate scientist, the Arctic is already ice-free.

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16 Responses to No Trend In Arctic Sea Ice Extent Or Volume

  1. Gator says:

    The rumors of my death have been greatly exaggerated.
    -Arctic Ice

  2. griff says:

    I recall that someone dedicated a whole web post to how you can’t get any meaningful year on year comparison out of Maisie. specifically aimed at you/this blog, that is.

    • Gator says:

      I recall that you hate poor brown people?

    • Robert Austin says:

      1980 was an anomalously high (sea ice extent) year

      – Walt Meier NSIDC

      Any commment on the Walt Meier quote, Griff?

      • Gator says:

        Nope! Ms Griff refuses to comment on anything that might stop or even slow the genocide her alarmist priests have orchestrated, the genocide that she so dearly loves. I have pointed out to her, many times, the undeniable fact that climate alarmism eats up finite resources that could be used to save thousands of lives daily.

        Let’s try another experiment, and see if she is swayed by pure logic and reason this time. Let’s see just how much she hates poor brown people.

        • Rob Manzoni says:

          “…Ms Griff refuses to comment on anything that might stop or even slow the genocide her alarmist priests have orchestrated…”

          “Griff” is a “she”…??
          It’s hard to believe – most women are far more rational than men, when it comes to reality

    • neal s says:

      Tell me griff, are you a continually failed predictions denier?

      What, if anything, would be necessary for you to acknowledge that the whole doomsday cult of CAGW is wrong? If nothing could possibly change your mind, then you are a religious fanatic as opposed to someone amenable to reason.

      So which one is it? Could anything falsify your ill-placed belief in CAGW or are you a religious fanatic?

      • Colorado Wellington says:

        Neal, this is Ms Griff’s concept of science *):

        “I make scientific predictions derived from my anthropogenic global warming belief and if they turn out to be false, well, I make others.”

        *) With apologies to Groucho Marx

    • sunsettommy says:

      Masie is from the NIC, but supported by NSIDC.

      Masie is very similar to SII as shown here in the below link, where it show a flat trend since 2007.

      November Arctic Ice Recovery

      • Phil. says:

        NSIDC says the following about MASIE:
        “While operational analyses are usually the most accurate and timely representation of sea ice, they have errors and biases that change over time. If one is interested in long-term trends in sea ice or how it responds to changing climate forcing, generally, it is best not to use an operational product, but rather one that is consistently produced and retroactively quality controlled. The NSIDC Sea Ice Index monthly ice extent, and the satellite passive microwave data sets upon which it is based, is one example.”

        “MASIE was developed by NSIDC and NIC to fill a need for an intermediate type of product; one between operational charts and the passive microwave based Sea Ice Index. MASIE is based on the NIC IMS product and gives a daily picture of ice extent that is easy to use and available in several formats. Daily values for hemisphere-wide and regional ice extent are made available in an Excel file of extent values and archived imagery is available for the complete data set. MASIE gives a quick picture of ice extent that is more accurate than the daily Sea Ice Index product and allows users to compare day-to-day changes in extent values. However, in general, it would not be appropriate to compare a recent MASIE extent value to one more than a few weeks old because the data sources and analysts NIC uses may have changed.”

        • pinroot says:

          “retroactively quality controlled”
          Isn’t that just another way of saying “adjusted”?

          • Gator says:

            Just ask Bernie Madoff how those retroactively quality controlled balances worked out for him. Apparently it’s OK to retroactively quality control climate science, but when those “controls” are utilized in the financial field, it is a federal offense.

  3. Carlos Fernández says:

    In response to the Order of Thermal Eviction issued by Mr. Hansen et Al., as Judge, Prosecutor and Defender of the Cause “Wormers against Polar Bears” I say the following: My cave house is in good health, just like me and my family, There is an abundance of fish and if you want me to leave, you will have to resort to more serious arguments. Respectfully, Winny the Poo

    • Deborah Guebert says:

      Did you mean Winnie the Pooh, who lives in the Hundred Acre Wood with Eeyore? Seems to be a case of mistaken identity here.

      • Rob Manzoni says:

        Also – Carlos believes that someone might be trying to eliminate the bears by giving them digestive tract worms…
        Or is that a typo…?

  4. gregole says:

    Plenty of Arctic Ice.

    No trend.

    Been sayin’ this for awhile. Variations in Arctic ice are noise. Arctic ice extent, is headed precisely nowhere.

    From looking at the data, I’m not sure how Griff’s prediction of an ice-free Arctic 2030 is possible. It stands to reason that the maximums have to come down for that to happen so when the melt season comes, there’s a fighting chance to clear out all the ice. Looks like this year is headed for a typical max value… Not sure an ice-free Arctic is possible considering the climactic parameter space we’re in.

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