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Great Bird Day

Off to the snow in New Mexico tomorrow, but a great day in the desert today.  

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Teddy Bears

Teddy Bear Cholla cactus spines fold over after they get under your skin, so pulling them out is like pulling fish hooks out. One day in 1976 I went to the emergency room in Superior, Arizona with hundreds of them … Continue reading

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Bring Back Our Tornadoes!

the reality is climate change just makes everything more extreme The Independent   December 23, 2018 We had an extremely low number of violent tornadoes this year – zero. Pittsburgh Post-Gazette on Twitter: “2018 will be the first year with no … Continue reading

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Mainstream Media Apologizes For Getting Caught

“Early in life I had noticed that no event is ever correctly reported in a newspaper.” – George Orwell Der Spiegel apologizes for getting caught doing what they do every day – lying and fabricating stories in order to push … Continue reading

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Christmas Album

Some of my favorite Arizona photos from the last two days. Click on them to see full size. Nesting cactus wren in the Phoenix Sonoran Preserve Nesting herons on Oak Creek, almost directly above where I lived 30 years ago. … Continue reading

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Climate Terrorism At Christmas

The UN, mainstream media and some well known climate scientists are sending a special Christmas present to the world – scaring children into crying about an imaginary climate apocalypse in twenty years. dire climate reports are intensifying the mental health … Continue reading

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Santa On His Way To New Mexico

Santa Claus is bringing a special Christmas gift tonight to Santa Fe. Directly from the North Pole – the polar vortex.

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Alternative Funding

I testified before the Washington State Senate last year, and at the 45 minute mark Democratic Senator Kevin Ranker weighed in, saying that my thoroughly documented historical presentation of largely New York Times articles – was “alternative facts.” Here is … Continue reading

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Exxon Knew

Had Exxon only listened to climate scientists 40 years ago, they could have saved us from global cooling and the coming ice age. In 1974, the Polar Vortex was caused by global cooling. But now it is caused by global … Continue reading

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New Video : Ten Days Left For The Planet

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