Rise Of The Police State

General Flynn is the quintessential example of why the innocent plead guilty.

General Flynn knew the FBI had a complete recording of the conversation about which they came to question him. Comey deliberately and oh-so-cleverly dispatched the agents in an ambush interview against all protocols to set him up in their efforts to destroy Donald Trump. In addition, it appears Mueller has suppressed significant evidence exonerating Flynn and destroyed other evidence, as I have written.

Yes, Flynn entered a guilty plea. But like many others, including a disproportionate number of young minority men who have no resources whatsoever, that does not mean that he did anything wrong. All it means is that he — like so many others — saw no other way out.

When the full might and weight of the federal government — especially the immeasurable hubris and endless funding of the “special prosecutor” and his relentless armored team are brought to bear against an individual — there is no choice.

The beating you take with a guilty plea is less than the beating you take if you — like Paul Manafort — dare to fight, find yourself in the literal torture of solitary confinement, and have your friends, family, and business associates harassed, threatened, and indicted. Prosecutions in Mueller’s and Weissmann’s prior inquisitions have extended 10 years. Several defendants pleaded guilty upon threat of facing their third trial.


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