This week I am ranked tied for eleventh place in this ranking of climate and energy influence – without funding, and without anyone in the press willing to talk to me.

SustMeme Climate & Energy Top 500 | SustMeme

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5 Responses to #11

  1. Menicholas says:

    I notice that they list you after McKibben even though it is a tie.
    Man, there is truly no justice in the world.
    McKibben is an honest to goodness dolt.

  2. steve case says:

    So from that list, what do Elon Musk, Steve Goddard, and Al Gore have in common? Only their names appear, they need no introduction (-:

    The reader is expected to know who they are.

  3. steve case says:

    I followed the Akismet link at the bottom of the page, it says:

    As of January 2019, Akismet protects over 6 million websites and has blocked over 450 billion spam comments.

    I followed that link because sometimes my posts are delayed or don’t show up at all.

  4. GW Smith says:

    When you have thoroughly hoodwinked the people you can get away with doing and saying anything you want and they will believe you. Which begs the question, why are they even listing you here?

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