A Profession Without Intelligence

Michael Mann, who has a PhD in geology, says 1,200 PPM would create a world without clouds.

For the majority of time life has existed on Earth, atmospheric CO2 has been well above 1,200 PPM. There would be no oceans on Earth if there were no clouds.  How could any geologist be as clueless as Michael Mann?

CO2: Past, Present, & Future – Time Scavengers

Michael Mann also believes Putin controls climate skepticism.

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2 Responses to A Profession Without Intelligence

  1. Bill says:

    I just wanted to point out that the “timescavengers.com” site from which the graph is taken is a global warming panic site.

    Basically, they change the argument in midstream, saying that we are adding CO2 to the atmosphere faster than the ocean can take it in, because they claim that the deep ocean mixing cycle is about 1,000 years. Then, the usual litany of supposed bad effects of climate change is given, then the reader is urged to repent and self-flagellate by changing their evil ways (no car for you, no a warm house in the winter, no meat for you, etc.)

    • Disillusioned says:

      Thanks for resurrecting this post. The alarmist argument is patently absurd. The oceans, lakes, soil and volcanoes are outgassing CO2. Whenever the oceans cool sufficiently, carbon sinking will begin and CO2 levels will drop, regardless of whether humans still exist or not. We aren’t the main reason CO2 is rising in the atmosphere. That’s the way it appears to this disillusioned ex-believer in Big Brother’s carbon fairy tale.

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